Tuesday , 21 January 2020

Refurbished Vintage Industrial Chair

I love finding vintage industrial chairs that no one wants.  I bought this chair for $3.  I was immediately drawn to the simple design and it’s complex functionality.   I grabbed it up and knew exactly how I wanted to restore it!

vintage industrial chair

The first step was to tear down the chair as far as I could.  I removed the seat, and back rest.  Just a few screws and nuts.

vintage industrial chair

Then I sanded the old varnish or poly off with a sander.  You have to remove all of the old product of the stain will not stick, and penetrate the wood.

vintage industrial chair

I used the same stain that I used to refinish the floors in our house.  I love the dark walnut color!

vintage industrial chair

Here is the wood after a few coats.  After the stain was dry I applied a spray polyurethane.   I applied 4 coats.  Make sure each coat is dry before applying the next.  I also painted the base with a metallic silver spray.

Here is the finished product!  Check out the color of the floors!

vintage industrial chair

vintage industrial chair

vintage industrial chair

vintage industrial chair


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  1. Brilliant job! You gonna sell it or keep it?

  2. Looks great. Looks like it rotates. Wonder what it’s history is – where it was originally used. That walnut stain colour is one of my favourites too, though more as an ink I apply to paper and cardstock, quite a different medium to you.

  3. It looks so fresh and rich with the new stain. I share the same passion although choose ones I can re-upholster too

  4. Great job….hope someone gets lots more good use out of it!

  5. Wonderfully done.

  6. Beautiful job. I have an old 1950s step stool type chair in my shed. I am inspired to take it out and sand it down and spray paint it.

  7. I have recently come into possession of an old fashion school desk… two student kind made of real wood… real wood people, not Ikea stuff and REALLY need to do something like this, but it needs SO MUCH sanding, still highly encouraging.

  8. Cool. Very nice.
    Ich arbeite auch oft mit Holz, baue entweder Regale oder funktioniere alte Schubladen um, wie die hier zum Beispiel: http://www.handmadekultur.de/projekt/der-schub-laden/
    Einen Stuhl habe ich mir noch nicht vorgenommen.
    Grüße aus Hamburg

  9. Where did you find this chair?

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