Saturday , 23 June 2018
Here is your chance to get your handmade and vintage goods in front of hundreds of ready to buy buyers! Harness the power of the Handmadeology's network and let us drive the buyers to you!

Sales Ahoy! Announcing the Handmadeology Live Auction

handmadeology tophatter live auction

I am sure you have all seen all the auction shows that are popping up on TV these days (I love them!!). From storage units to million dollar cars, auctions are exciting for the buyers and sellers.   Handmadeology has teamed up with to bring you Handmadeology’s first live auction!   Here is your chance to get your handmade and vintage goods in front of hundreds of ready to buy buyers!  Harness the power of the Handmadeology network and let us drive the buyers to you!

“Tophatter is an e-commerce experience. It also happens to be the world’s most entertaining live marketplace. Merchants with remarkable items can sell them in a real-time, live & completely virtual online auction.”

You can find the TopHatter terms here.


Handmadeology’s Live Auction Auction | April 19, 5pm PT

Make sure you  RSVP to attend the auction! 

We are looking for your handmade and vintage items to be sold in our upcoming live auction.  Fill out the submission for below!



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  1. Holy Baloney. I am SO excited about this. Timothy what will you do next???? I’ve been all over the social media with this. I couldn’t possibly be the first to FB and Tweet and Comment…but it sure looks that way. Looking forward to another SUCCESSFUL sale.

  2. Wow this will be fun- I can’t wait~ and happy to be the 2nd to comment! Thanks Timothy!

  3. Thanks Timothy! This is awesome. I have tweeted about this just now!

  4. OH MAN! So excited about this! Submitted my shop, tweeted, facebooked, tumblred, and pinned! :D
    I literally just signed up for Tophatter this morning to try to get an auction set up, it sounds like so much fun!
    Looking forward to seeing all the lovely curated items! (: Thanks again for another great innovative idea and opportunity, Tim!

  5. I’m so glad to learn about this and anxious to learn more and hopefully be a part of it! Have tweeted, facebooked, pinned, and tumbled and stumbled.

  6. Excellent idea but I’d like to know the terms and conditions. Will there be reserves? What is your commission? How are the successful sellers paid? What are the terms for waiting for payment to clear or be authorized?


  7. Wow, fabulous idea. Sharing and applying to join in the fun, thanks so much! Deb

  8. I’ve signed up and it sounds like a great idea. I do have the same questions as Patricia, and would like to know the terms and conditions? Will there be reserves? What is your commission? How are the successful sellers paid? What are the terms for waiting for payment to clear or be authorized?

    thanks for the opportunity!

    • No reserve. If an item does not sell, you owe nothing. If the item
      sells, you are invoiced for a 10% commission. All sellers are paid
      directly from the buyer, either via Paypal or credit card. Basically,
      payments work in nearly the exact same way as Etsy.

      Tophatter terms:

  9. Like Patricia and clay I’d love to know more about terms and conditions on this auction as well.

    Have signed up and think it’s a great idea and opportunity.

    Thank you so much for making this wish come true.

  10. Awesome signed up and tophatter is so cool!

  11. Wow this is too exciting! Another opportunity for the handmade & vintage community!

  12. Love this idea! I just signed up and shared on my facebook and pinterest. Hope to be a part of it!

  13. Thank you for the invite,Timothy! I tweeted,stumbled,tumbled,pinned. All the best to everyone!

  14. Great idea, Tim! Going forth to share!


  15. Very interesting! Just tweeted and posted on facebook. Some questions: who picks the item to be auctioned? Does the auction starts from a low price? or sellers choose an item and a start price? Only one item to be auctioned? Thank you!

  16. This is going to be SWEET!! Tophatter is such a fun venue :) I’ve been to a few auctions, but haven’t bought or sold anything yet… Can’t wait! Hope I get picked :)

  17. Ha! I’ve been reading your blog for a while (friend from Washington turned me on to you!) I just now read your bio in the sidebar! You’re from GR? Are you still in town? I’m from GR too! Small world!

  18. This sounds great. I’ve tweeted and pinned.

  19. this is a great idea Tim! I saw the Tophatter site not long ago and was considering participating – now I will definitely try to get in!

  20. Wonderful. If anyone can hold a successful Handmade Auction, it’s Handmadeology! I pinned this page for now, but I will pin the actual auction when there are images to pin ;)

    You can see a pin board I did for another auction here:

    I will do the same for this one!

    Thank you Timothy!

  21. Sounds exciting! Just tweeted, FB, Pinned & blogged! Here’s the blog post:

    Off to sign up for Tophatter now. Thanks again for sharing all your great ideas and discoveries.

  22. Do we as individuals need to sign up with Tophatter?

  23. WOW this sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait!

    I just signed up for TopHatter a few days ago and am already having a blast!

    One question though..I think that bids need to be at least half (or less than half) of the retail price to be accepted into an auction. Will it work this way for this auction also?

    Can’t wait!

  24. forgot one more question Timothy!

    If our shop is selected will it be completely up to us to choose what will be auctioned or will some suggestions be made? Possibly to round out the auction with all kinds of different items??

  25. obsessively checking my email with fingers crossed :)

  26. I’m new to Handmadeology, and I totally love what you do! Thank you. Just saw the auction post today for the first time, and noticed I this thread you mentioned that choices would be made at the end of the weekend…..hope I’m not too late!

  27. I would like to know what your criteria were for selection, for obvious because I didn’t get selected. I am thinking it is because my pictures are all that great, but I sure would like to know for the next auction.

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