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Save Money And Don’t Go To The Post Office Again

Mail Photo Print- 5x7

Mail Photo Print- 5x7 | By: katymadecreations

Tips for avoiding the Post Office hassle.

Archivia says:

I live in a busy city neighborhood where the PO has cut down on clerks, every day is literally like the Christmas holiday rush (I’m not kidding), and just recently they’ve cut down on the hours its open, too! Since I don’t have hours of time to wait, naturally I want to avoid the Post Office like the plague.

I used to use, and know about, but I’ve since figured out ways to get around paying for these services without having to step one foot into the Post Office.

Here are the things I’ve come up with to avoid Post Office hassles:

A) SAVE TIME and $ with Domestic First Class, Priority, Parcel Post, Media Mail, & Priority International:

1. If you use Paypal already you probably know that you can print shipping labels right from your transaction page, but you may not know that your transaction doesn’t have to go through Paypal at all in order to print your shipping through Paypal. Here is the PP Click-and-Ship backdoor link:

2. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can always use the USPS Website click-and-ship page:

(both methods above have DISCOUNTED postage rates, FREE or DISCOUNTED Delivery Confirmation depending on which method you ship—shipping rates are actually HIGHER at the Post Office!)

B) First Class LETTER Rate, Domestic & International
Unless you use a metered service, it seems there is no way to send flats via electronically printed mail. For these I often just weigh and get an estimate; then affix stamps and send. It’s cheaper than First Class Parcel Rate.

The caveat is letter rate does not permit Delivery Confirmation. If I MUST have DC I eat the extra few cents and print out the label as a First Class PARCEL through USPS or Paypal (above). For International Flats you must send as a PARCEL (below) or go to the PO. Remember that letter rate requires that the flat can bend, so no cardboard.

C) The Secret Way to Print First Class International without using Pay-Per-Month metered mail services:
First Class International, unfortunately, does not print from either of the methods mentioned above. Here’s what I do:

1. Buy a bunch of stamps in various dollar and cents denominations from which are delivered to you by mail

2. Download Shipping assistant from

3. Mac users can now use Shipping Assistant, too! (Thanks, Knotworkshop, for the info!):

4. Once you have the Shipping Assistant program, you can print your label. NO EXTRA CUSTOMS FORM NECESSARY! Everything prints on ONE simple page, with the shipping amount indicated.

5. You will have to choose an Exemption/Exclusion Legend for exported goods, which is located at the bottom of Customs Information. Use the “Select” button to view the choices. Any shipments valued over $2,500 require an export license.

6. DON’T FORGET to affix the postage stamps to your label, as it prints without postage attached. I use a calculator to help me figure this out and always DOUBLE CHECK.

7. You may want to insure your First Class International packages through or First Class international packages are not trackable or covered under Paypal’s Seller Protection and you want to be sure you are covered.

8. First-Class Mail International allows cards, letters, large envelopes (flats), and packages (small packets) under 4 lbs. Over 4 lbs and you must bump up to Priority.

Check out even more tips about saving money and avoiding the Post Office HERE!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I’m always looking for ways to save money.

  2. Thanks so much!!! These are very helpful tips. Our post office is extremely small, one or sometimes two clerks available, and limited hours…..these helpful hints will surely come in handy!

  3. I just downloaded Shipping Assistant and am looking forward to using it. Thanks for the great tips!

  4. I have been printing my postage with the click and ship for all of my priority mail boxes, but did not know of an easier way to do 1st class or international. Thank you for sharing your tips.

  5. I didn’t know about the insurance for First Class International! Thank you so much!

  6. wow- I’ve been looking for info re: 1st class int’l shipping for a while and no one has been able to give me the info until you! I hadn’t realized there was a mac version of SA! Thanks!

  7. great tips. definitely bookmarking this one!

  8. O my gosh, extremely helpful! This is the best by far. I’m downloading the Shipping Assistant for my Mac – I’ve looked everywhere and do not understand why none of the other services work with Macs. In this day and age, that is ridiculous! So thanks for all the helpful links and tips!

  9. Thank you…thank you…thank you…this is most helpful!

  10. Great Tips! Thanks for the info.

  11. Such great information as the fall/holiday shopping season is upon us!

  12. Thanks for sharing this information – I have noticed the reduced hours of the local PO around me, too. All good advice.

  13. Bookmarking this one. And yes, my local post office has cut employees also, BUMMER!!! The lines are super ugly here and they will only get worse as the holidays get closer. Thanks for posting!

  14. Thanks! I just came from my local post center, which I prefer to go to over the post office, but they charge more! So I’ve been thinking of increasing my shipping prices, which I really don’t want to do. I’ve seen the option on Paypal to print a shipping label but never checked into it because I assumed they would charge more! But now I know!

  15. Great tips! Wish I had seen this last week. Had a custom order to ship that didn’t go through any of my shops or paypal and couldn’t figure out how to print a paypal label. Now I know! Thanks!!

  16. Thanks! Great info! Love the pick up service for priority mail and now I’ll be adding ‘regular’ items too!

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