Friday , 20 July 2018
If you are ready to learn how to decrease the amount of time you spend promoting your Etsy items and at the same time maximize your results, the Social Media Blitz 2.0 5-day ecourse is just for you!

Social Media Blitz 2.0 | FREE 5 Day Social Media Marketing Ecourse


Social media Blitz 2.0

Being an Etsy seller I know how hard it is to get any views from just listing your items on Etsy.  Marketing your Etsy items outside Etsy is a must in these days.  I am excited to share this FREE  ecourse with Etsy sellers , because I have been using these 10 steps for years and I have seen great results.  I have increased my traffic to my blog and Etsy shop, moved up in the Google ranking, and have even seen my customer base grow.

If you are ready to learn how to decrease the amount of time you spend promoting your Etsy items and at the same time maximize your results, the Social Media Blitz 2.0 5-day ecourse is just for you!   This is the newest version and there a ton of new info…. things change over the course of a year.  If you have signed up for the original blitz, I highly recommend signing up for 2.0!!

New for 2012:

1. 5-day Pinterest Ecourse Bonus Ecourse

2. New Facebook Timeline info

3.   All updated info

4. More ways to save you time get more out of your social media marketing

Here is a screen shot showing the amount of traffic Handmadeology generates in on month using the methods taught in the Social Media Blitz 2.0

As you can see Pinterest is currently beating Facebook in referring traffic!



Social media Blitz 2.0



(Remember, Handmadeology will never sell or abuse your email address—I hate spam as much as you do).

What others are  saying about our Ecourse:


Katherine DaSilva There is so much information here it’s hard to believe that it’s free. I am constantly looking for information on how I can improve my Etsy shop and get more traffic and sales and this is the first time someone has laid it all out in plain English. I have no doubt that if I follow the plan that Tim has laid out for me I will see improvement. He gives you the keys you just have to follow them and be consistent. I really needed this. Thanks so much!

Nancy Welchon I am very happy and excited! I am on page 1 of the Google search for one of my items!!!! I’ve only been using Social Media Blitz this week and did my 10 steps for my “Skeleton Key Necklace” only two days ago. I am at the bottom of page one! I don’t show up for “Lucky Penny Charm” or “Swarovski Lariat Necklace” and probably won’t.
Thank you very much for the Handmadeology website and all that you do for us.

GrapeVine Ceramics and Gifts If you haven’t signed up DO! – I’ve just tested it on my first item and the results were AMAZING! I had 62 views in less than twelve hours. I usually get 15 a day for a new listing. It took a while to go through all the steps but I can see it getting much faster as I go on.

Jewelry by Nala Thanks for sharing your Internet marketing experience and expertise with the rest of us, Tim. Your common sense approach is straight forward and strategically sound. I’m already doing some of the things you recommend and plan to implement the rest of your suggestions with my next new listing.
Thanks once again for the Handmadeology Social Media Blitz Five Day eCourse … ;)

Jenelle Montilone I just finished up my 5 days, and as always there 1s a wealth of great info and tips along the way! Thank you so much!

Eileen Grobeck I’m in the middle of doing this right now – it’s been so helpful! thank you yet again Handmadeology for making this available to us struggling Etsians!

Brenda Thour Thank you so much Tim! It’s incredible how much I am learning that I did not know. Thanks again!

Melanie Cronyn this was an awesome ecourse. Tim took what seemed like a very overwhelming list of things to do and removed the fear & loathing that can sometimes go hand-in-hand with marketing and social media. I’m actually excited to put into place everything I’ve learned. thanks for making things easier – I am always amazed at the things I learn from you Tim! You are a wealth of information in the true sense! thank you!

Judy Goddard I started my internet sales adventure exactly 3 years ago. My number one problem was effective marketing. I read every book I could I find and became more and more confused as I read on in each book. I am a very linear thinker. Too many options just left me reeling!
What I needed was someone to tell me,
“Follow these steps”

Thank you Tim!
I have completed the email tutorials and have begun to implement the steps. This makes sense and I’m feeling really good about it !

Warm Regards,

Tim Adam ( & TimothyAdamDesigns

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  1. As usual tim is providing tons of quality and well thought out content – 100% FREE.

    Amazing work. Enjoy this one everyone!

  2. Sorry, but am i going blind! I just can’t see how to register / download this course.

    Hope you can help

  3. Not seeing that sign up box below the blinking arrows either Tim!!!

  4. Tim—I don’t see the blinking arrows, etc. or sign up box. Now what?

  5. Thanks Tim for the refresher course! Can’t wait~!

  6. Thanks so much for this helpful info. I am a business newbie and every little bit helps!!

  7. Thanks Tim, I need to do this. I’m still working through one of your other lists but I get there eventually!

  8. Thanks for the refresher course Tim. I did this last year and was adamant about it through the end of the year. Love the Shop Marketing Helper. Thanks again :)

  9. Just Color Hand Made Accessories

    I have deleted my day 5 e mail by mistake. Can you please e mail it to me again?

  10. The course was interesting, but I always FB and twitter which has never gotten me any views on my website. I did not understand how to bookmark sites at all. When I go on them, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to post even though I am signed up. I really do appreciate your taking the time to work on this and wish I could have benefited from it.

  11. The Blitz has been very clear and informative, far more than I would expect from any free course on promotion! Thank you, Tim!
    FB is not my thing and I’m keeping away from it but I’ll implement all the other resources, hoping to get the best results possible. I’m staying tuned :)

  12. How do I improve? I’ve (and am doing) Facebook, Etsy, a blog, and Twitter, I’m not sure what else to do ??? I know that people respond to in-person “stuff” – that is, if they see my jewelry not only do they buy it, but they give me great feedback… I’m soooo at a loss as to what else I need to do??? Any, HELP is appreciated!

  13. thanks for this great course! I’ve learnt a lot.

  14. Charlotte Gabriele

    This was a wonderful 5 day class!!! There was so much information… I thought I knew a lot about marketing but I learned so many things I didn’t know!!!

  15. Thanks for the great PDF, they’re very interesting. But – I didn’t get the Pinterest one for some reason, is it possible to send it to me even though the blitz is finished? I’d be very grateful if you could!

  16. Thanks for the fabulous info Tim! The information provided helped clarify how to tie it all together… I knew there was a way but didn’t know how to get there… I highly recommend this e-course to anyone new to online marketing…

  17. Thanks Tim,

    The course has been really useful (haven’t gotten around to day 5 yet) and I1ve already started putting many of the pointer into practice – they do work! At least as far as traffic goes, but I’m taking babysteps :).

    I’ve also started not one, but two blogs! :D But haven’t yet shared them or anything, all this takes up so much time and yet it’s much more fun than I’d thought it would be :)

    So thanks again for the great ideas put together in a very easily comprehensible way :)

  18. What an insight, thanks Tim for getting me up to date with the likes of Facebook, twitter, Blogs etc.
    I always overlooked the full potential of networking. I’ve learnt loads back linking, book marking, Pinterest plus lots more.
    I’m still working my way through the course, and updating my vocabulary, (I had to Google URL, to find out what that meant!) I sound ancient reading this back, but no in my 30′s just never kept up with the virtual world.
    I opened my Etsy shop earlier this year, and was expecting my beautiful items to sell themself, but now realise if nobody knows where to find them, how are they going to sell! Promotion is just as important as the crafting.
    I look forward to future e-courses as my new business grows.

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