Wednesday , 21 August 2019

Spotlight Feature – CAPow Art & Design

CAPow Art & Design

The CAPow! etsy shop has evolved pretty far from where it began. Crystal (aka CAPow!) grew up loving photography, but never thought she’d be able to make a living on art. After finding out about Etsy, Crystal flexed her crafty muscle and opened the CAPow shop to sell handmade wallets. After about a year of dismal sales, Crystal decided to list some photos and the shop slowly began to grow and evolve away from the hand sewn items. Then one day in a Wal Mart checkout line inspiration struck for the Hometown Hearts series as Crystal was waiting to buy a box of candy conversation hearts and spotted an atlas. Hometown Hearts has grown in popularity over the past year to become the driving force behind the CAPow! shop. The CAPow! shop thrives on custom orders, so please feel free to send a message with any project you have in mind! 

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  1. Crystal’s shop is also going to be featured on on May 2nd.

  2. Thanks so much for the feature!

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