Monday , 25 January 2021

Submit Your Etsy Items

Handmadeology has been helping creative business owners run their business for over 2 years. Millions of visitors have read articles, downloaded business tools, and interacted via social  media.  Through the Handmadeology Market, creative business owners are now going to be able to directly benefit from the daily visitors on Handmadeology.

We know that exposure is the number one thing that drives an online creative business. Without traffic, you will not have sales.  We also know that most everyone is on a tight budget and there is not much money left to pay for advertising.

We are proud to announce that we have just launched the Handmadeology Market.   It is FREE to add your items to the Handmadeology Market.

handmadeology market


  1. Thank you for the incredible opportunity to submit my best Etsy items to Handmadeology. Being new on Etsy seo & tags remain tricky and my views low. Being featured on your incredible site will give my keepsakes much needed exposure.

    • What a great find this site is! My shop has been open two months today and I’m loving every minute of it! I added my first coupon code today for 20% off everything in my shop. Let’s hope it helps to get me some more traffic and ultimately sales!

  2. Thanks you once again for being such a great mentor and sonderful person to learn from!!

  3. Thank you Tim for this opportunity! I am always learning something new every time I come to this site.

  4. What a great opportunity! Thanks so much, I hope you do choose to feature my little tile ornament.

    For some reason google has stopped finding me in the “handmade tile” search I have as an alert. I also don’t get any results through the handmadeology site, which is confusing to me….any suggestions?


  5. Thanks for offering this great opportunity!

  6. You are welcome everyone! Tons of great items are rolling in!

  7. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

  8. Thank you for the opportunity to show off our items!

  9. Thanks Tim for this great opportunity. I would be thrilled if any of my items were included.

  10. As always, you are ever supportive!

  11. Definitely a big Thank You to Tim for always stepping out to help others! We really appreciate you!

  12. Thanks so much for the support, education, and opportunity.

  13. Thank Tim I hope you like my Tea cosy enough to show it. I do. I would. :+)Go on be a little tinker.

  14. Thank you Tim for this incredible opportunity!

  15. Thanks for such an exciting opportunity!

  16. Thanks for offering this.

  17. thanks for the great opportunity! your blog is always great to read.

  18. Many thanks for this opportunity! Oukassa

  19. Thank you very much Tim!!

  20. This is a great idea~ Thank you Tim for giving us this opportunity to be featured~ :)

  21. thanks for giving us the opportunity!!:^D

  22. Thanks Tim I don’t know where you get the time to do this. You are a pal. Pam

  23. This is such a great way to get people to LEARN their story…Writing is a very powerful branding tool and once you can put your clear story on paper (or on screen?) then you can start to incorporate your story elements into your shop/brand. Every item should tell a story…

  24. My apologies…I submitted an item and as soon as I did it sold. Will try again with something else now :)

  25. Thanks Tim for this great opportunity! This website is fantastic!

  26. I have just plucked up the courage to ask for 2 of my items to be featured. It’s a great idea so fingers crossed me. :) Rachel

  27. Thank you for all the great info…and the opportunity to submit Treasuries and items. I beleive it will take me months to read all your helpful hints etc. but what the heck! Thanks again, love your site, glad to be a part of it. Lila

  28. Thank you for the opportunity, I hope I will get picked!–Thanks a bunch–Amy

  29. Thanks for the chance to give my little item some exposure. I really love Handmadeology and have learned so much. Thanks again!

  30. My first time requesting to be featured…Fingers crossed

    Thanks for the opportunity! You guys are awesome!!

  31. Thank you! Your articles are always so helpful!

  32. Thanks for all the help you give us!

  33. Thanks for the plethora in amazing info. you offer!

  34. I can’t wait to see how much other people love my Gemini bath salts! Thanks for the venue!

  35. This is a wonderful site and I’m surprised I didn’t fine it sooner. Well, now I look forward to diving in and leaning for this great community. Thanks for the opportunity to submit our Fedora Alpaca Hat.

  36. Getting your items featured can be difficult so thank you for the opportunity to submit my items.

  37. This is so exciting! Thanks for the opportunity to share my item on your website!

  38. I am proud to request a shop feature. You have given me that opportunity. Thanks so much! Karen

  39. Thank you very much for this opportunity! This is fantastic! Your site never ceases to amaze me!

  40. I really liked your Power of Three article and went right to my shop to change up to what you said. I am trying this opportunity to present my item that sells best in my shop my padded book holder lap rest.

  41. If it weren’t for your book, I don’t think I would be where I am today with my Etsy shop. I owe so much to you. Thank you!

  42. Thank, I have promote my products, and never been ordered yet. Hope Etsy is one the best choice

  43. Thank you so much for your insight and information. Great tool for ETSY shop owners. Happy 2012.

  44. Hi there,
    I love your site and am so grateful of the opportunity to share my Etsy store. Please help…I’m having trouble submitting an item. I complete the form and then I get a message saying it failed. WHat am I doing wrong?

  45. I’m having the same problem. I would love to share my Etsy site as well, however everytime I fill out the form and click send it says that it failed to send. Can you please work out this glitch so that we may submit items? Thanks so much!

  46. A wonderland of information found here.. If I felt lost, it is here I have found. Thank you for existing,

  47. Here’s hoping this gets more traffic to my etsy shop. Thank you for the opportunity to list one of my items.

  48. Thank you for this opportunity!

  49. Thank you!! This is so unique to your site!

  50. Thanks for the opportunity to share with your fan base! Have a Happy Day!

  51. Thank You for giving us the opportunity to show off our
    shop items. Have a great Evening!
    Lydia :)

  52. Thank you for showcasing my yellow oval Wedding Vows plaque in your recent Etsy treasury!! My shop has been doing so well lately!

  53. Thanks for the opportunity to show my handmade jewelry.


    This is by far my most popular item on etsy as well as wholesale. It’s a true boho long turquoise necklace, each bead handwrapped individually by me. An ornate cross adornes this beauty.


    This is by far the most popular tea in my shop, I have a wide range of teas in my shop, White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Pu-erh Tea and herbal infusions! Lots of Tea and Lots of LOVE!
    i opened my shop on Aug 9th 2012, by now I have 20 sales, I am pretty happy with the results, I believe my tea shop is a great idea for busy people to have a break! Please feature my listings and my shop thank you in advance!

  56. Thank you for this opportunity:)


    Calendar necklace:
    Personalized calendar necklace to commemorate any special day!

  57. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    Snowflake Winter Bridal Sash/Belt:

    This item is an off white lace sash/belt with sequins, ivory lace applique, and an ivory and grey satin kanzashi snowflake that is embellished with a rhinestone brooch. This sash is finished on the ends with metal snaps/domes to close.

    I’m very proud of my work on this sash and I’m pleased with the end result. What makes my items so special is that they’re unique, made completely by hand and affordable. My work is typically geared towards brides who want something different than what you would find in a bridal shop. I have worked with brides on many custom orders and have only had positive feedback.

    It would be greatly appreciated if my item was featured on your site :)

  58. Thank you so much! (a little bit about me) (62 – Colors 100% Pure Wool Felt (Thick Wool Felt 1.5mm) (100% Italian Cotton Ribbons) (and of course got to have Thick Baker’s Twine =D)

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! ♥

    Claudia Rapp

  59. Hi! Awesome idea, have just submitted something to be featured. Thanks!

  60. Hi! I have just submitted an item! Thanks for offering this :)

  61. Thanks for the opportuntiy to submit my shop especially because I am now offering new color chalk blocks.

  62. I make handmade, one of a kind jewelry pieces. I am currently offering a summer sale in my etsy shop. Just use the coupon code: KASUMMER to recieve 10% off at checkout!

  63. THank you for this opportunity I would love to be featured in your blog.
    I have also started my own blog

    Thanks once again

  64. Would love to have my new etsy shop featured-I make Scandinavian fabric doves.

    Colourful, unique, handmade, hand embroidered boho chic messenger doves. Let a dove send a special message of peace and love to someone which they can keep forever! 100% handmade by me in my tiny studio. :

  65. I’ve been selling on Etsy now for a little over two years and it seems like each week I discover new and interesting ways to expand my reach and improve how I sell — which is always a challenge! Thanks for this opportunity!

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