Tuesday , 26 May 2020
Success on Zibbet – Branding Your Creative Business On Facebook

Success on Zibbet – Branding Your Creative Business On Facebook


Your brand needs to flow and be consistent from your Zibbet shop to your Facebook fan page and beyond. Facebook has made this easy, but you need to know the proper sizes for the images you are uploading.  Without the proper sizes, your images will be blurry and cropped, and they won’t show your brand in the best way possible.

In this video I will share with you the proper image sizes you need  for Facebook.  I have also included a handy cheat sheet!


When you are designing your graphics you will need a quick cheat sheet to refer to, so here you go!


cheat fb image-size


We created our drag and drop tool  Creative Fan Page Designer when we saw how many people were actually struggling to create graphics for their creative business.

Start designing graphics for your creative business  with this drag and drop software today!!

Check out Creative Fan Page Designer!





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One comment

  1. Hi Tim! Thank you so much for all your knowledge sharing (I was a student of the BCB fall and look forward to your creative business social media class too!). I have a question. I manage social media for a Non Profit Organization with lots of programs and we post on a daily basis. I am a graphic designer and I am pretty familiar with Illustrator and image management.

    I have been making my promotional images squares because they don’t get cut off on the browser or the mobile app and the end user can see all the info in the image at once. Usually the posts call for action to go register for something or an event or program link, which I always add on the description. I noticed in some of your posts that the image you used was linking directly to the website. Is this related to the image size? or is this related to making the post an image post or a link post with an uploaded image of a certain size?

    I would really appreciate your advise!

    Thank you,

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