Tuesday , 22 May 2018
You'll have some bad days but you'll also have some amazing days. Overall (at least for me) I make 10X more on Tophatter than on Etsy.

Successful Etsy Sellers Finding Success on Tophatter – Insomnia Studios

insomnia studios

When I stumbled upon Tophatter about a few months ago I knew it had potential to really grow in to a powerful selling venue for artists.  I am starting a new series here on Handmadeology called ” Successful Etsy Sellers Finding Success on Tophatter”. I have found some successful Etsy sellers that are successfully selling their handmade goods on Tophatter, and  interviewed them!  They will be sharing their insider secrets and tips on what they love about about Tophatter, and tips for new seller looking to start selling.

Successful Etsy Sellers Finding Success on Tophatter

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Today’s featured Etsy seller up in the series is David from Insomnia Studios.

Q. Tell us a bit about your Etsy shop and the items you make.

A. I take broken vintage watches and turn the movements into SteamPunk jewelry. I make brooches, necklaces, cufflinks and rings, but lately I have been focusing on ring making. You may notice that there are few or no rings in my shop right now, that is because since I have started selling on Tophatter.com they have been selling just as fast as I can make them.

Q. How long have you sold on Tophatter?

A. I made my first Tophatter sale on February 14th. And now I think I have an addiction.

Q.  How exciting is to see your products being bid on in a live setting?

A. Very, It can be disappointing when no one bids, but I enjoy the suspense of a good bidding war. I like it better than Ebay because there’s no checking back over a period of days. It’s just a minute and a half of adrenaline.

Q.  What do you like best about selling on Tophatter?

A. I like it because it’s real exposure. On Etsy I have to hope that people find my work, and even then if they like it they may not come back for days or weeks, but on Tophatter It’s displayed in front of a crowd. I think my jewelry sells better there because people know if they don’t bid now it’s gone. I think on Etsy people have the mentality that if they don’t want to buy now they can always come back for it later, and then they forget about it.

Q. Do you have any tips for Etsy sellers just starting out on Tophatter?

A.  My advice would be to make yourself known in the community. When people see you there often and you have a relationship with the crowd, they might be more likely to bid or help you get out of standby.
Also, don’t be discouraged if one of your items sells for dirt cheap, it happens sometime, it all depends on the crowds mood, the time of day or the time of the week, It’s very hard to predict how the trend is going to go on any given day. You’ll have some bad days but you’ll also have some amazing days. Overall (at least for me) I make 10X more on Tophatter than on Etsy.

Keep an eye on my shop, I should have enough made soon to have a surplus that I can actually post on Etsy. But if not, I have rings scattered in different auctions throughout the day.

David currently has 81 sales on Tophatter and his sale prices range between $40 and $60

David’s Shop

David’s Tophatter Profile  (not signed up for Tophatter?  Here is your NO wait invite)

Here are some of the items that David’s has sold on Tophatter!!

insomnia studios

Here is what some of David’s Tophatter customers are saying about his items.

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