Tuesday , 18 February 2020

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Never Run Out Of Blogging Ideas

There can be great benefits to keeping up with a consistent blog and building up a gradual loyal following. But what about when you don't know what to write about? Here are some go-to ideas to use when you're feeling stuck: Read More »

Submitting Your Work To Blogs

I attended a bunch of session at The Summit of Awesome -a three day crafty conference held in Portland, OR a few weeks ago. I was fortunate to meet Kim Werker from Mighty Ugly and Jena Coray from Modish. They co-led a session on how to submit your work to blogs. When you submit your work to mainstream magazines, keep ... Read More »

Open Forum – Get Your Questions Answered About Selling On Etsy

Here is a great opportunity for your to get your burning questions about selling on Etsy answered.  I just opened a forum thread HERE in the Handmadeology Forum. Stop by and ask your questions about anything marketing, blogging, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, photos,  you name you ask it. Make sure you are a registered Handmadeology Forum user:  Learn how to sign ... Read More »