Friday , 1 August 2014

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3 Critical Changes to Your Fan Page Timeline

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If you have not heard, Facebook is making changes to your fan page timeline once again.  The changes started to roll out back in March.  There are 3 critical changes that you can prepare for now before your page switches to the new layout. #1 Make Adjustments to Your Cover Image This is the biggest of all the changes you ... Read More »

Never Run Out Of Blogging Ideas

There can be great benefits to keeping up with a consistent blog and building up a gradual loyal following. But what about when you don't know what to write about? Here are some go-to ideas to use when you're feeling stuck: Read More »

Handmadeology Product Photography Contest Winner


We want to thank all of our amazing fans that entered our product photography contest!  There were over 600 entries, and a little over 3000 likes/votes. The picture with the most votes was submitted by Ariane C Arsenault of Product Photography should be number one or at  least high up on your list when it comes to running your ... Read More »

8 Steps to Creating the Perfect Craft Tutorial for Your Blog


There is something inherently generous about sharing your knowledge or talent with others, and in the craft world, that generosity is often rewarded by a loyal blog following. But it's not just an effective way of building an audience. Having a few ready-to-go tutorials stored up is also useful for those days when you're all out of blog inspiration. Read More »