Wednesday , 26 February 2020

Ten Minute Miracle Social Networking

ShannyBeeBo on Etsy: Eco Recycled Magazine Clock


If you don’t have an Etsy shop, you can help your business each day for about ten minutes of your time if you have these four things set up ahead of time. This will take you about a maximum of one hour to set up all these things, then you are done for good!
1. A blog. WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr give you free starter blogs!
2. A Twitter account.
3. A Facebook account (preferably with a page for your business)
4. A Pinterest account. (Find a friend, request an invite!)
Step #1 : Use a service to link your blog, Facebook and Twitter together so that when you do a blog post, it gets posted to your Facebook or Twitter automatically and you don’t have to be bothered. These are free to use, and I use Networked Blogs, but there are many different services out there.   You only have to link this one time, and then you are good to go.
Step #2:  Link your Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter under your Pinterest Profile Settings. It should automatically ask you if you want to share your pins to your Facebook timeline, and your answer should be YES! As for Twitter, you have the option of which items / pins to share.  After all, you don’t want to be spammy, but clever.
Gas station sign from SalvageNation on Etsy!


First Eight Minutes:
  • Create a short blog post featuring and discussing your new product.  Make sure your new product and relevant keywords are in the first five placement words of the blog post title.  Remember this will auto-post to Facebook and Twitter, so your title is key. This post should be 200 words, but can be more if you so choose.  (Hey, guess what, that little bit was 58 words!)
  • Don’t fret, once you write a few sentences you are already there.  Make sure you have links on where to buy the product in your post . These should look like this:  Go here to Handmadeology Etsy Shop to find this cool product!
  • Now, make sure to litter the blog post with great keywords in the label or tag section, as well as within the body of your post.. For instance, if you are discussing a handbag, you should use like words like purse, clutch, tote, or whatever applies.
  • Now,  **Add a photo.**

Ninth Minute:

  •  Share your blog post picture to Pinterest. The best way to do this is to have a “pin it” toolbar in your browser so when you are done and “publish” your post you can pin the photo. I use Firefox and they make an add on for you that is free. In your Pinterest description write your description with HASH TAGS in some of the keywords (example here is a retro glove mold):

Vintage Industrial Glove Mold  #industrial #retro #antique #porcelain so on and so forth like this:

handmadeology pinterest photo
Here is what I mean by using hashtags on Pinterest.

Why am I using hashtags?  (These things # # # are #hashtags ?) It is a time saving trick. Since you have set your Pinterest up to auto post to Twitter. The first post to Twitter was networked from your blog and only showed a link to your blog post and a title.  This post will show hashtags which are searchable on Twitter.

handmadeology photo
Note the difference being hashtags are searchable on Twitter.

Tenth Minute: 

  • Pat yourself on the back. Breathe a sigh of relief. You have done it! You are a social networking genius!


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  1. Never thought I’d see the day where the symbol # meant more than just declaring, ‘I just lost 5#!’
    Okay, I completely suck at using hashtags on Twitter. Never thought to add them to listings on Pinterest, either. Yikes, I need an assistant! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Very nice tips! thank you for sharing. If I don’t have my shop on Etsy will this application work for me? I’ve got my own site ..

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m gonna start this right away…. this is gonna make my life SOOOOO MUCH EASIER!!!!

  4. Thanks for this great information! I never use #hashtags, but will start now :)

  5. Great article, I have a Facebook page and Twitter account, now I need to get Pinterest and a blog set up. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  6. Sounds like a great idea! Will give it a try. Thanks.

  7. Hmmm… I need to do this. Many thanks!

  8. Great tips! Thanks so much. I have all of the social network sites, but just need to link them together. I’m still having trouble getting my pinterest on to my toolbar. If you have any tips, I’d really appreciate it. I will definitely start using the #hashtags!!

  9. so helpful. Thanks for these timely tips.

  10. The hash tag! I need to use it more often! I use shopmarketinghelper and I can see my views have doubled!
    Thank you for the really great tips!

  11. The best tool I have ever used!!

  12. Great ideas! I’m learning even more by taking that social media course that you are offering for free. This post seems like a condensed version of the e-course.

  13. This is one of the smartest promotion posts I’ve read that genuinely lives up to the title! Thank you!

  14. Hoping to reach someone about Shop Marketing Helper. It says I have no items to promote when I try to hit the promotion tab. I hit refresh and same message. I’ve emailed Clay but no response. Anyone else having trouble?

    • same here….nothing, nada, zip!!!

      Been using it for a couple months without incident. suddenly it does not work, tried multiple times…same result. BLANK PAGE!

  15. Re: Shop Marketing Helper – the service of late is worse than horrible. If I were you, I’d revisit this application and do more researach – you’ll find A LOT of very unhappy customers.

    The Helper was awesome when it first came out, I agree, but it’s taken a downhill spin since and is getting worse. I just cancelled my subscription, though it pained me to do so because it will mean less traffic to my etsy shop. Why? Because it only took 10 days for the owner to address and fix a listing refresh problem, the same problem he’d been able to fix in a matter of hours when the app first came out, the same problem that crops up almost every time I refresh my listings. A problem which prevents me from using the Helper until it is fixed.

    It’s a shame, really, and such a waste. Here’s an app that Etsy sellers desperately need. An app that brings in traffic and hence, sales. It’s just that the customer service is really beyond piss poor, and the owner has a really bad attitude. Read about it in the etsy forums – just search for Shop Marketing Helper. It will open your eyes.

    Oh, and also, Etsy has removed Shop Marketing Helper from its suggested applications. What does that tell you?

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