Friday , 19 October 2018

Thanks for Signing up!

Thanks for signing up for the Handmadeology Business Identity E-course. .  Before we can get started with your first day, you will have to confirm that you signed up.  Check your in box for an email from the Handmadeology team!  Click the confirmation link and your first lesson will be emailed to you shortly.



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  1. Thanks a lot, Tim! I’m looking forward to learning more of your great tips!
    Mary Ann

  2. I clicked the link in my e-mail & it brought me back here. I hope that confirmed the sign up. Thank you for offering this!

  3. Thanks Tim. I’m looking forward to these quizzes and hope I learn a lot about myself.

  4. Hi Tim,
    Just signed up. Thanks for doing this for us. Looking forward to starting now.

  5. Thanks Tim just signed up :)

  6. Thanks so much Tim. Look forward to getting started with this and learning something that can help me to better promote my business.

  7. Look forward to getting started. Have learned a lot from your site already.

  8. Thanks Tim,
    You are always sharing wonderful and helpful ideas.

  9. Looking forward to finding my “inner self.”

  10. looking forward to learning more about myself and our business. Thanks for the opportunity Tim.

  11. All signed up and ready to learn!!

  12. Can’t wait! Just signed up! Amy

  13. Thanks much Tim! All signed up and ready to go…can ‘t wait to get started.

  14. The link in my confirmation e-mail brought me back to this page — I hope this means ‘I am in’. Thanks for this opportunity to learn from your experiences!

  15. Thanks, Tim. It’s always a pleasure to learn with you.

  16. This seems so interesting. Can’t wait to start! Thanks so much!

  17. Thanks, Tim, you always have great info, looking forward to this!

  18. Thanks Tim for all your great tips and advices.
    I wish you the best for your future…

  19. Looking forward to doing this.


  20. Thanks Tim – you are an inspiration! =)

  21. Thanks Tim, I’m looking forward to this new adventure!

  22. I could really use this! Thanks for offering it!

  23. I like quizzes, so looking forward to this!

  24. Looking forward to improving myself and my Etsy shop!

  25. Found a link for this ‘class’ on Facebook. I’m glad I did because it looks really beneficial, especially since I am in the beginning stages of building my business.

    Thank you :D

  26. Thanks Tim… this has come just at the right time for me…. Im really looking forward to getting into this

  27. You give such wonderful gifts to the Etsy community! Thanks so much!

  28. Thanks for always looking and sharing so many ways to help us succeed.

  29. Looking forward to starting this course. Sounds very informative and exciting.

  30. Just signed up and want to thank you, Tim, for once again sharing your valuable insight.

  31. Thanks Tim. I just signed up. I think we are always tweaking something in our business. It never hurts to evaluate yourself and your business as a whole.

  32. I just signed up and am looking forward to finding out more about myself and my business aptitude. You have provided me with a wealth of information already and I thank you for that.

  33. Thanks a lot :)

  34. Thank you for your help once again and above all your generosity!

  35. Looking forward to the great opportunity! Thank you!

  36. Thank you Tim! you are always helping others.

  37. I, too, rarely pass up “free”, especially when it just might provide the glue that will help me solidify my business approach. I’m looking forward to this, Tim. Thank you for doing it!

  38. Thanks Tim! This is so exciting and your timing is perfect…with the new year started I have been struggling on where my business goes from here… looking forward to learning with your help!

  39. Tim,
    Thank you for sharing you valuable information with us. There is so much yet to learn.

  40. Thank you Tim! Really looking forward to this!

  41. Thanks Tim!

  42. Thanks Tim. Look forward to getting started.

  43. Thanks, Tim. I’m always happy to learn something new especially if it will help me and my business grow.

  44. Thanks Tim – yes, ditto, keen to move my arty business along and grow further this year.

  45. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  46. Thanks so much for all that you do!

  47. Thank You! Thank You!

  48. Thank you for your caring.

  49. Thanks Tim, clicked the link and came back to this page, hope that means I am signed up.

  50. I clicked on the conf. link and it brought me back here.
    Tim thanks so much for all you do!
    Mojowoman Jewelry

  51. I am looking forward to getting better at this. Onward!

  52. Thank you I am looking forward to it!

  53. Thanks Tim!
    Interesting insight on the first lesson. Apparently my extroverted personality has changed to a little more introverted over the last couple of years.

  54. Thank you – all signed up looking forward to seeing what it is all about

  55. I clicked the link in my e-mail & it brought me back here. I hope that confirmed the sign up. Thank you for offering this!

  56. Thanks so much Tim!

  57. Can’t wait, so much to learn so little time:-)

  58. I am so excited to get started…I know I still have so much to learn! Thank you Tim for offering this invaluable info and insight to us!


  59. Thanks Tim. I am looking forward to this.

  60. Thanks, Tim for sharing your insights. I always learn so much from you.

  61. thanks for the free e-course -I’m anxious to find out what my style is!

  62. Thank you, I am raring to go!

  63. Thanks Tim, this looks like Fun!!

  64. Great timing, Tim-thanks for the opportunity!

  65. Thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to start.

  66. So great when other entrepreneurs share their insight on their success. I too try and help others if I have an answer. Success is about giving back also. So thank you for doing a great deed!

  67. Denise Althea Graham


  68. Let my future begin!

  69. Confirming! I’m looking forward to the course.

  70. I just signed up!!!

  71. Thanks!~ I just signed up! Confirming!

  72. I was already thinking what an awesome thing you’ve done with the handmadeology team. What a resource! And now this! Thank you Tim.

  73. Thank you Tim for all your hard work.

  74. Hi Tim
    Thanks for this and for handmadeology.

  75. Just signed up … thanks

  76. Clicked confirmation and it brought me back here.

  77. Thanks for all your great ideas Tim. I don’t know how you get all of this done and keep creating your own work too! Do you ever sleep?

  78. Thank you so much for all you are doing to help all of us!

  79. Thank you for sharing. Your generosity is much appreciated, and I hope one day to pay it forward!

  80. Yeah! I so need to learn how to do this stuff the right way. I’m already good at the ‘wrong’ way. LOL Looking forward to getting your book very very soon. thanks, PJ

  81. Thanks! I totally need this.Kat

  82. I am so glad I found your site. I am looking forward to the course and the opprtunity to allow my small online business to grow!

  83. Hello there Tim! Finally got round to doing what I promised and have joined everything highlighted in your initial e-mail to me! Some of it may not be relevant, but equally, all of it may be! So, here goes – and thanks for the opportunity! Isobel

  84. Very generous of you! Can’t wait to get it!

  85. Thank you so much!! :)

  86. I have learned so much from you. I know this will be just as great! TY

  87. Thank you so much. I need all the help I can get.

  88. Can’t wait to use these quizes to enlighten me as to the strengths and weaknesses I will be bringing into my business startup. Thank you.

  89. I am excited to get started. I always love learning things that will help my business and myself personally.

    Thanks!! :)

  90. Just signed up! Can’t wait for the class,Tim!

  91. I really, really need this help. I’m very shy and could use a kick in the courage part of my mind. I’m looking forward to learning from your expertise! Thanks Tim!


  92. Can’t wait to start reading! Thanks, Tim!

  93. All signed up. Thanks for the opportunity to learn something new!

  94. Looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing.

  95. A SQUILLION thanks for sharing this, Tim! :)

  96. Thanks! Great Site! Great Info! I count this Blog to be my absolute favorite, useful, interesting, and always a joy to visit.
    Looking forward to the class!

  97. Tim – your ecourses are perfect and exactly what I need – thank you so much for making these available – no, wait, make that a million thanks!

  98. Hoping I’m signed up. I clicked on the link 3 times….Looking forward to this…

  99. I just clicked the confirmation link on the email, and it brought me here. Hope that is enough of a confirmation!!!

  100. Thanks so much Tim. Signed up and confirmed. Can’t wait to get started!

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