Tuesday , 16 October 2018


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I also want to share with you another great opportunity to grow your blog.  I know a ton of you read Scoutie girl.  Well, Tara has put together another 52 week blogging course.  Tara puts together amazing ebooks and this is one you should add to  your desktop! Click here to view more details


  1. This is wonderful news. I do need more sales. Thank you. I find I am 3 years in etsy but i am really a newbie. I bumble unto these wonderful “things” every once in a while. I am sooo appreciative. Marilyn

  2. Congratulations on your blogging successes. You certainly have made gigantic strides. Thanks for your support.

  3. Congrats from me too, a great achievement and a great help to people still trying to make it on Etsy. Thank you.

  4. I look forward to reading your book. I think I can make a go of it on Etsy with your help!

  5. Wow! This is great! Can’t wait to check out the link :D

  6. Thanks!! Can’t wait!

  7. Ive always found your information to be right on target. Thanks for this offer.

  8. thank you, look forward to reading your knitting blog tips

  9. I can’t wait to see what else you have to teach me!

  10. Thanks so much … can’t wait to read your tips. My blogging definitely needs improving! :)

  11. Hey Tim! I was just thinking I needed to email you about the new book. Thanks SO much for highlighting it here!

  12. Looking forward to reading your thoughts, Tim. Congratulations on a landmark hurdle!

  13. Thank you for the tips, it is all about sharing your experience and success with others. You must have a big heart and desire to help.

  14. I am glad I found you as a reference. I sometimes feel like I have to figure out how to succeed as an Internet Artist, but really, there are folks like you who have much to share. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I can focus on my folk art!

  15. Thank you for all the work you do to help us Timothy. What I want to know is how you manage to find the time to make lovely things AND do all the writing? I can never seem to pack everything in and I work until midnight most nights.


  16. Thank you, Tim. I loved being able to download your blogging blueprint. Paper is really good for making comments in the margins, which is my learning style.

    Hope the 3 of you are getting a few hours of peaceful sleep with your new baby at home.

    Thanks again for the free download.


  17. Thank you a million! I appreciate the tips very much. :)


  18. Thanks for your wonderful tips! I am always learning new things – such joy!

  19. Thank You!! I need all the help I can get!

  20. Thanks, for the help I need it :)

  21. Thanks for the blueprint documnet. I’m looking forward to reading it

  22. thx a bunch! I need some help 4real!!!

  23. Thank you. Definitely in need of some assistance. I’ve tried by my etsy views remain basically non-existent.

  24. Wow! I can’t tell how much I have learned with this blog!

  25. Tim, I just wanted to tell that I think that your blog is excellent.

  26. I look look forward to this, thank you

  27. I just love the photographs. Where or how do people get such quality pictures?

  28. Tim, your tips are so helpful to all of us on Etsy! I’m really looking forward to reading more. Thank you!

  29. Tim thanks again for more info and will be reading more of the helps you send our way. Have a great day,Doris

  30. Thanks for this neat resource. I need all the help I can get.

  31. As always so much help. It has been awhile since I stopped by…you have really stepped it up! Good job and thanks for the help.

  32. An awesome resource, Thank you!

  33. I appreciate the encouraging emails. There is so much information out there. Your info is more to the point. Thank you.
    Check out my new website http://www.bib4brides.com…pretty unique and useful don’t ya think?

  34. WOW! You are a wealth of information. Do you have an article on How to find more time to read all your articles?

  35. Thanks!!

  36. Cool! I am glad I found you! I appreciate all the work you’ve done. handmadeology is a great website name! How did you come up with it?

  37. Perfect timing! I’m just starting to get together a Facebook fan page and a blog, and know NOTHING about blogs! I’ll read this as a blueprint. Blogging for Dummies! Hahahaaa!
    Thanks for making the info so easily accessible!

  38. Purchased your fabulous book the other day! I’m gaining a wealth of information! Can’t thank you enough for providing all of us with these much inspiring and truly informational tips. This is a must read for any serious Etsy Seller.

  39. Looking forward to this… here’s a scattered gal who can certainly use some tips–appreciate it!!

  40. First,congratulations on your amazing success !
    Second, I can not even start to tell you how grateful I am to have people like you around to help ‘dunces’ like me !!! x

  41. Congratulations on your amazing success! I know it’s a lot of hard work! Look forward to reading your tips! Thank you Tim! Helen

  42. II just joined and I am hoping to use your tips since my sales are really slow.

    Thank you for your help!

  43. Look forward to your tips

  44. I’ve been working hard on my blog but definitely could use some expertise!
    Thank you so much!

  45. I can really use the information, THANKS!

  46. You are a very talented being and kind also.So glad you are here for us.

  47. Yippppeee! Thank you.

  48. Hey Tim,
    I heard you talking about your book with Alison Lee on the Caftcast podcast. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to what I’m sure will be a lot of great information!

  49. I am so new at this so forgive me. Does your service offer posting Etsy items at peak times when I am not able to? Thank you in advance. Jennifer

  50. Looking forward to reading your work.

  51. Mucho mahalos for the great info.


  52. Thank you so much ………… looking forward to learning and earning

  53. Glad all your hard work has paid off and now we are fortunate to benefit from your insightful brilliance.
    thank you,

  54. Very useful, as all the articles here! Thank you so much for sharing!

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