Tuesday , 17 July 2018
According to studies, a reader is more likely to stay on your page if you have appealing big illustrations. What is more, providing a visual break of your passages helps your readers digest what you have to say and the beautiful pictures adds to the experience.

The 5 best places to find free photos for your blog

The 5 best places to find free photos for your blog

Having a successful blog that keeps on attracting new visitors and makes the old ones come back is so much more than simply writing great articles! The eye candy plays an important role for us humans, because admit it, we are very much influenced by what we see – colors, forms, shapes…

According to studies, a reader is more likely to stay on your page if you have appealing big illustrations. What is more, providing a visual break of your passages helps your readers digest what you have to say and the beautiful pictures adds to the experience.

I recently talked about about how important illustration is for achieving qualityblogposts and attractingmoretraffic to your blog and in case you are wondering where to find those lovely pictures that will miraculously help you, without getting you into the “all rights reserved” trouble, I have come up with a list of the 5 best resources on the net, which provide lovely photos, graphics and images FOR FREE.

They are usually shared under CreativeCommonsLicense, which allows you to use the photos sometimes even for commercial purposes, as long as you attribute the work to their real author, i.e. to share the author’s name and to link back to them.

1. Flickr

Flickr has an ever growing amount of free images with different sizes. To search for them, in “Everyone’s Uploads” type in your keyword and under Advanced search click on Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content. Of course, you should ALWAYS credit the artist, link back to them and, when possible, send them a link. This is the best and easiest way to thank someone who has been so generous as to offer her creative work to you for free.  Those of you, who follow my blog know that I usually do that in the caption of the photo.

2. EveryStockPhoto

EveryStockPhoto uses numerous Internet sources to find free photos that are license-specific, currently searching through more than 10 million of photos. You can view a photo’s license by clicking on the license icon, below and left of the photos. The Membership is free and allows you to rate, tag, collect and comment on photos.

3. Stockvault

Stockvault offers over 25 000 free amazing photos for personal and non-commercial use by various photographers, both professional and amateur. You can rate photos, see their EXIF, see the date they were taken and much more.

4. Stock.xchng

This is undoubtedly one of the best resources of free images online. The site has developed a lot since its start in 2001 and currently offers about 400 000 high quality photos from amateur photographers from around the world. The photographers establish the use terms, and most images are available for immediate reuse.

5. FreeDigitalPhotos

FreeDigitalPhotos offers free images for use in corporate and personal projects. Downloading is made easy by instant download and lack of registration requirement. Of course, you need to credit the person who created the image and instructions for publishing credits can be found to the right of every image. If you don’t want to do that, you can purchase a license, starting at just $3 per image.

Are there any other resources that you normally use? I would love to discuss them with you in the comments below. If you are looking for more blogging ideas to increase the traffic and following of your blog, make sure to check out the topratedposts on my blog, KanelstrandOrganicLiving.


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  1. Those are awesome resources! Thanks so much. This will definitely come in handy.

  2. I have quite often turned to Wikimedia Commons…

    Robyn Hawk
    The Daily Jewel

  3. Great stock photos that are free – the best ever! Anotehr good site is MorgueFile.com Free to join and browse, download and use. You can add photos there as well. Thanks for the added resources!

  4. Also, if you start an image search from CreativeCommons.org, you can choose to have them also show license-free images from Google and Wiki and Yahoo right from within the Creative Commons site – makes searching much easier.

  5. Warmpicture.com offers a new set of free images weekly. Prices for licensing photos are much lower than iStock, etc.

  6. Just because a photo (on flickr, or anywhere else) has a creative commons license doesn’t mean you have permission use it. Creative commons license is the umbrella term (I guess is the best way to describe it), and within that are variations. So once you search the way described in the article for photos with a creative commons license, you have to click on the license for that photo to see what the terms are. Please be sure to do this! I’ve found that my photos have been used on people’s blogs without my permission because they found them on flickr, and saw that they had a creative commons license–they didn’t bother to check what type of license I had. My license doesn’t allow for that. But even so, if they had ASKED, I might have said yes, depending on what they were going to use it for.

  7. dreamstime.com sells stock photos but also has a free image area.

  8. I’m really confused by the share feature for photos on flickr. Why does flickr allow you to share photos from flickr with a link back on blogger if the owner doesn’t want them shared? Shouldn’t they disallow sharing if they don’t want them shared? My understanding was you could share the photos on your blog if the share option was there with a comment on the image being shared – and it would fall under fair use as you’re remarking on the photograph in some way. I thought the creative commons license was reserved for use of a photograph for commercial purposes. A blog is like a news source, not commercial. You’re not putting the photo on your labels for a product you are selling or selling the image. Anyone have clarification on this?

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