Tuesday , 19 November 2019
The balancing of motherhood and work alone is enough to need an outlet, but then you take your creative work and turn it into a business and where did your outlet go?

The Delicate Balance of a Three Job Mom: Finding a Stress Release

The Delicate Balance of a Three Job Mom: Finding a Stress Release

For many of us as creatives, art is our release. It is something that we love to do and it helps get our nervous energy out, or clears our head. I still feel this way even though my creative work is one of my current jobs, I find the printmaking process and the sewing focus therapeutic. The thing is, I’m not always strictly making; I’m accounting, photographing, editing, designing, doing web work and marketing. It can be overwhelming when you’re starting out or growing (and have a huge list of things to accomplish).

The balancing of motherhood and work alone is enough to need an outlet, but then you take your creative work and turn it into a business and where did your outlet go? I absolutely love all three of my jobs, and I don’t regret turning my creative work into a business (quite the opposite actually). Yet, as I strive for balance and calm in my life, I have to make sure I am finding ways to release stress.

A large part of my calm equation is exercise. I need to do something active and lose myself in the physical side of my body. I push myself to look at exercise not as weight loss but part of my overall mental health. Exercise puts me in a spot where I’m forced to slow down my ticker-tape brain and focus on being in the moment. I find that on the days I take the time to work out I actually make up for that time in my productivity and efficiency throughout the day. It clears my head and helps me to see that everything is manageable, and then I can move forward doing one thing at a time.

‘let’s be bright & crafty’ by elSage

summertime fox – art sticke…


Minimal volcano art print in…


Pocket notebook


The Headhunter – womens tshi…


Future Pixels. Original coll…




Bright Pink Felt iPhone, iPo…


Pinback buttons, badges – B…


Wooden Pencil Holder BUSY CL…


Recycled Fabric Earrings bez…


Le Solitaire jornalito – han…


Crocheted Potholder, Crochet…


Hot Pink Necklace Wire Wrap …


Neon Lime green art print, b…


Arrows Set of 5 in Bright Co…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

The other release I turn to when I’m feeling overwhelmed is treasury making. If you’re not familiar with Etsy this might not resonate with you (but you should totally try it). Making a treasury is curating your own little collection of Etsy items. You could make a blue sky inspired treasury or a treasury all about stuff for guys. I recently made a whimsical neon treasury (above). The treasury making process helps me zone out a little and be inspired by others, it’s a low stakes activity (not much stress involved). I am on an Etsy team that requires one treasury a week, I love this requirement because it gets me to sit down and make a treasury when otherwise I wouldn’t make time for it. The treasuries we make have to have fresh shops (under 50 sales) in them. I love seeking out new artists and supporting people just starting out on Etsy (P.S. if you’re a fresh shop tweet me your deets and I may include some of your items in my next treasury).

Exercise and treasury making are two things that help me to relax, breathe, and clear my head. These things may not work for you, so take note of what does make you feel calm and clear headed. It may seem counter-intuitive, but taking a break might just increase your productivity, it will definitely help your mental state. Here’s to working hard AND finding a way to blow off steam. I’d love to hear how you relax in the comments.

Phoebe CarpenterEells is the founder and one woman show behind elSage Designs. She is also a middle school teacher and a mama to two boys. She lives in the Skagit Valley in Washington State with her amazing husband, kids and their dog. She thinks that balance is relative and that life is for living. She urges you to jump in and enjoy. You can find Phoebe on etsy, her blog, shop, twitter and facebook (as well as library story time and the local middle school).


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  1. Totally understand where you are coming from. Art/craft is an outlet, but sometimes I do feel like it is more work than necessary. Thanks for letting us other mothers out there know that we are not alone!!

  2. i destress by being a mystery shopper/auditor. I pick the days I want to work and enjoy the looks on the faces of the shops I visit when I enter. They simply make my day :D

  3. Thanks so much for the great recommendations and the different perspective! I’ve always wanted to open up my own shop, start a blog, etc. But I’ve never made the time. It’s very motivating to know that there are moms who work a normal day time job, run a creative business and take care of their little ones while keeping their sanity out there. There has to be balance, I just couldn’t see it. I’ve been pushing it ALL off forever, but I’ve made it one of my goals this year.

  4. Enjoyed reading this post. I juggle being a mom and wife with being a finance manager and owning an etsy shop. Balance is possible…as long as I pace myself and make time to play music. Some time on the piano or the guitar, and hugs from my family – and I’m ready to conquer the world :)

  5. Exercise, Pinterest, yard work, and my husband are my sanity savers.

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