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The Foolproof Formula to Manifest your Creative Business Vision in 2014

The Foolproof Formula to Manifest your Creative Business Vision in 2014



The Foolproof Formula to Manifest your Creative Business Vision in 2014

Flourish & Thrive Academy

As the year comes to an end, it’s a brilliant time to reflect on what it is that you would like to manifest for your creative business for 2014. You’ve probably been reading and hearing a lot about creating intentions and goals for next year to the point that you may even be sick and tired of hearing about it!

Goals and intentions are important. The key is to set yourself up for success to manifest your BIG Dreams!

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Step 1: Take a Look at History

Analyzing your business history over the last year can give you useful information that you can use to move forward. What were your sales like? What worked for you? What did not work? What made you want to pull your hair out? (you probably want to change that)

Use this information as either a catalyst for change or as a platform to create more (especially if those aspects went really well).

Step 2: Create a DREAM Vision For Your Business

Before you start setting goals, create a DREAM vision or scenario. Yes, this is your business vision board.

While you are going through the process, ask yourself questions such as: How do you want to feel? What sales figures do you want to hit? What is your desired business model? Who is your DREAM client? What is your definition of success? What do you value?

and the list goes on…

Step 3: Get Your Head in the Right Place

Having a positive and aligned mindset is the #1 factor that gets in the way of being successful. You’ve got to believe in yourself to achieve your vision and your dreams.

Remember, like attracts like. Create positive affirmations in alignment with your vision to get your head in the right place.

Step 4: Set Goals to Support Your BIG Vision

Now that you’ve taken a look at your history and created your vision and have the right mindset, it’s time to set your goals.

Your goals should support your big vision so that everything you do is for the purpose of this target. Your goals can include things like sales and revenue figures, number of social media followers, growing your email list, and systematizing your business.

The objective is to create a systematic process for manifesting your vision in 2014. If you would like to get more in depth with this process, download the Flourish & Thrive Academy Manifest Your Jewelry Business Vision Workbook + Receive free training to go along with it.

Now it’s your turn! We want to hear from you.

In the comments below, tell us the following:

1. What does success mean to you?

2. Tell us 3 things you want to create in your jewelry or creative business in 2014.

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About Flourish & Thrive Academy:

Tracy Matthews, a successful bespoke jewelry designer, and Robin Kramer, a rock star independent sales and marketing consultant, co-founded Flourish & Thrive Academy, in order to create an active community of dynamic jewelry designers. Their purpose is to help designers get their jewelry into the hands of their raving fans and DREAM clients.

Check out our FREE training series starting in January: Insider Tips & Tricks




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  1. OK

    2013 was better but $1500 of on-line sales is for crap. Half of that was personal friends. Etsy is does not seem to be geared for up scale items and I have not seen an alternative. My web page has never sold a piece in 8 years. The work is better & better but people seen to seek the cute & banal. My work is terribly underpriced but raising prices by even 15% stops sales. For 2014 I would like $100/week, that would pay overhead. Then we see about profit. Norman R.

    • Norman,

      Online sales is challenging. Take a look at was has worked in the past. Evaluate what worked and what didn’t. Talk about your biz and ask customers, friends and family for referrals. So me of my best customers have come from referrals. The more people are talking about your business the more buzz. And always ask for feedback on your collection, your Etsy shop – the most valuable thing we can do is listen to our customers.

      Wishing you much success.


  2. Another great idea for those serious about making money with their Etsy shop should take classes in Small Business Management or Entrepreneurship! I am almost finished with my degree in Small Business Manage and it has changed my life! Take classes at your local community college for great deals! Or even take a few classes online. You will learn so much about business and this will also add to your credibility with clients!

  3. Success to me would be being financially solvent (making 800+ € a month, which I know isn’t much but it’d be a huge change from now) and living on my own, or at least not with my abusive father.

    I’m working on a photo-printed line and I’m really pushing my graphic design work this year. I’d love to push my portrait and real estate photography, but I have no idea how to market myself locally – that’s why I’m saving up to move to a different country. (From Spain to the UK. Shooting for London, even. Keeping an eye on housesitting opportunities.)

    • Hi Lix,

      Write your vision down along with the goals that will support your vision. Make sure you put your vision and goals in a place where you can see multiple time a day. Have the right mindset is essential. You can do whatever you want, keep putting it out there and let us know when you get to the UK!

      Stay focused and take action.

  4. I believe setting your dream is a great idea!! In my dream success will be real when sales are constant and I gain lots of followers who are going to be future buyers of my product.

    This 2014 I want to let more people around the world to know what SpicyHeart Artisan Jewelry has to offer: my inspiration and unique wirework designs. I will increase my online presence blogging and Instagram (2013 showed increase sales on retail) This time is time to shop online.
    Like me on fbook
    Instagram @spicyheart

    • Alicia,

      Agreed! Having your dream (what we list to call the big vision) is super important as are all of the goals that support and will take you to your big vision. If you want growth of fans as well as sales, start visioning it happening. Next, write your list of goals to support your vision. Know that it will take hard work. Here are 2 quotes I love.
      “Believe you can and you are halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt
      “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

      Thanks for giving us your website and social media information!

      To your success!

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