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The Handmade Top 10 Etsy Team Challenge – $450 In Advertising Up For Grabs

etsy team challenge



We are excited to announce our very first Etsy Team Challenge. The Handmade Top 10 Etsy Team Challenge is designed to give Etsy Teams more exposure and give them an opportunity you win our largest advertising package worth $450. The winning team will also be able to purchase our Social Media Bundle worth $24 for a deep discounted price of $5.

How to enter your team?

Team Captains must fill out our contact form HERE. Give us the details about your team, links to your blog and team page on Etsy, and your official team tag. If you are not a team captain , and you think your team is a good fit, send your team captain a message letting them know about this challenge.

How will the winning team be decided?

There are a few factors that will go into deciding the winners:

1. The largest number of votes at the end of the challenge

2. The largest number of items added to a list.

3. The greatest number of times a teams list is promoted across the web.

These factors will all come into play when we pick the winning Etsy team.

To make this challenge fair for all team sizes we have come up with the scoring details below.


Etsy Team Challenge Scoring Details

How to promote your teams list.

Each list will have it’s own unique url that can be shared on any social media site.

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Blogs (using our unique top 10 list widget)

4. Social Bookmarking sites


What is exactly up for grabs?

1. The winning Etsy Team will get Handmadeology’s largest advertising package.

This will include:

  • 3 month 250X250 ad space right on every page of the blog
  • 1 spotlight feature article that will go out to our 150k+ readers per month
  • 10 Twitter blasts across our entire network (50 total)
  • 10 Facebook shares on our network of fan pages (30 total)
  • Backlink Building Package (exclusive to top Handmadeology sponsors)

2. The winning Etsy Team will get special access to our top selling social media bundle in our Etsy shop. This bundle sells for $24 and every team member will be able to pick it up for only $5.

The Handmade Top 10 Etsy Team Challenge will start on Wednesday the 22nd so get your teams registered! The Challenge will run for 2 weeks.


Here are the teams that are already signed up:

European Street Team

The Trans-Canada Etsy Team

Eco Etsy

Posh Nursery

Fire Divas

We are excited to get this challenge rolling… Etsy teams play a huge roll in the Etsy community! 

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  1. I love the idea of this contest, but I do think that small teams are at a huge disadvantage. My main team has less than 200 members but we try to promote like crazy. There are Etsy teams with almost 10,000 members- how do we compete with that? I think it would level the playing field if you took the numbers listed above and divided them by the number of members on the team, giving a percentage.

  2. I also love the concept, however our team was registered less than a week ago and we only have 23 members and as we are new we have no blog, or social media sites corresponding to our Etsy Team.

    This competition doesn’t allow for new or smaller Etsy teams to compete on an even playing field. Please consider teams such as ours and perhaps create a competition that allows our teams to compete fairly!

  3. Etsy Marketing Made Easy

    Peta say’s

    P.S Our new team is Etsy Marketing Made Easy!

    • Hi Peta,
      I would love to become a member of a team and because I have so much learning to do I wondered whether your team would be good for me and if so, how to apply.
      Have a wonderful and creative weekend,
      Kiki x

      • Etsy Marketing Made Easy

        Hi Kiki,

        I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you – I just found your message! Thank you for your interest in our team; you can visit us at to view the current threads and marketing information.

        We offer Etsy shop owners marketing advice and we remove all the marketing mumbo jumbo and cover topics such as:

        1. Creating a successful business name;
        2. Effective business planning;
        3. How to compete successfully in a competitive arena;
        4. How to promote your shop for FREE;
        5. Branding and how to creating brand awareness;
        6. The best shop layouts;
        7. Effective pricing strategies;
        8. Product placement for effective selling;
        9. Email marketing strategies;
        10. How to increase your sales;
        11. Shop critiques;
        12. Effective tagging;
        13. How to be listed in the Treasury;
        14. Creating professional imagery;
        15. Customer loyalty;
        16. Shop competitions;
        17. Using shop discounts and coupons effectively;
        18. Social media and blogging advantages;
        19. How to create a successful blog and FB page; and
        20. What’s hot and what’s not, and more!

        I hope you have found this useful and we hope to see you on our team shortly!

        Warmest regards,
        “Etsy Marketing Made Easy”

  4. Hey there! I am part of the Etsy Greek Street Team and we are thinking about entering the challenge.
    Could you be so kind to tell us who has to do the choosing for the list formulation? Is that the captain of the team or all members are free to list in the list?

    Thanks in advance

  5. I just entered through the contact link. I hope this is the correct way to enter.

    Thank you. I am looking forward to figuring out how this contest works exactly.


  6. This is awesome! I will share this with my team, Etsy Artists of Color!! So excited, thanks for the opportunity : )

  7. The Fire Divas are fired up and ready to go!! What a wonderful way to have some fun and promote each other at the same time! *Ü*

  8. Hello ,I’m the Captain of the Etsy Vintage team we Have around 250 members,about half of our members also make handmade but the other half just sell vintage,are we welcome to advertise vintage or is this just handmade?? respectfully jul ann

  9. Hey Tim!

    Can Vintage selling Etsy teams apply? I know you feature vintage categories in the Top Ten lists, and our vintage team would love to participate. Thanks!


  10. Tim, I know I’ve seen the link to the Top 10 blog widget, but now I can’t find it. EEK! Can you please post it again so I can add it to our blog?

  11. Very good job on the point systems. Very fair to the smaller teams.

  12. Checking on the status of Etsy Promotion Forum Team


  13. looks like we missed the deadline. looking forward to seeing the outcome!
    Hudson Valley Etsy Team

  14. sounds great! Russian Artists Team on Etsy just entered the Challenge through the link provided!

    - TonyaUtkina

  15. This is a great idea and opportunity, The Etsy in Spanish team is on the move !!!
    Esta es una gran idea y oportunidad, el equipo Etsy en Español esta incluido. No seremos miles, pero como dicen “en la unión está la fuerza”…

  16. Hooray! for Etsy in Spanish team!
    El equipo de Etsy en español está presente!

  17. Waiting for results…who won?

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