Thursday , 18 July 2019

The Handmade Top 10 Etsy Team Challenge Results

The Handmade Top 10 Etsy Team Challenge has come to an end. Check out the amazing numbers that the 29 Etsy Teams manged to rack up!

etsy team challenge


So now for the news you have all been waiting for, the winners!!!

In second place Fire Divas Team.  They had a total of 10,644 votes and 97 Facebook likes.   The Fire Divas Team is a small team and due to our scoring system they still pulled of second place!

First place goes to the Promo Frenzy Team .  With 657,534 total votes and 806 Facebook likes, they were unstoppable!

Thanks to all the teams that participated.  Be on the look out for our next team challenge with even more awesome prizes!



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  1. This was a wonderful contest that really showed what a team could do when they work together. We saw lots of beautiful handmade items.

    Thanks for allowing us to showcase our crafts!

  2. Thank you, Tim … WhaaaaaaHooooo!!!

  3. Thank you Tim! This was a GREAT contest! So much fun! The Promo Frenzy Team is excited to have been in the competition!

  4. Hooray for the Promotional Frenzy Team! We put the “team” in “teamwork”!

  5. Thank you for hosting! This was a fun contest, and I found a bunch of great shops! Great job to all the teams that entered – there was some tough competition out there!

  6. Kudos to the Fire Divas … well done ツ

  7. This was a Brilliant contest! Thanks so much Tim!

    Wooot Promo Frenzy Team!
    Great Team… Great Friends :)

  8. Woohoo!!! Promo frenzy team rocks!!

  9. Wooo Hooo Promo Frenzy Team!

    The Best Team Ever!

  10. YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaa!
    We won!!!!
    I am so excited!
    It was a lot of work, but worth it!

  11. Yay for Promo Frenzy Team!!! WE ROCK!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity. Thanks to the team and galla for all the teamwork.
    And congrats to Fire Divas for that STRONG second place. They made us work for the win!

  12. So exited for Promo Frenzy Team!

    Thank you Tim!

  13. I have NEVER been so excited in all my life to win a contest! Definitely the most exhilarating one I’ve ever competed in. Thank you Tim!

  14. P.S. A huge round of applause to the other teams who participated! You all ROCKED! =D

  15. Congrats to everyone! So glad we won, but great job Divas!

  16. Thanks so much for an awesome contest. And soooooo proud of the awesome team I am part of.

    And thanks so much to the other teams for working sooooo hard, you made the contest so much better.

  17. Thank you thank thank you TIM

  18. Congrats Fire Divas on 2nd place! You guys sure did deserve it :D

  19. Thank you so much Tim! Thanks for running the contest, and being the great help that you always are!

    Congrats to the winners–( *my* team! ;>) ) and to ALL the participants–all great creations and great creators!


  20. Thanks so much Tim for giving us the opportunity by hosting this competition!

    Firedivas and all other competitors who entered, you all did a fantastic job!

    So proud of the Promo Freny Team for our accomplishment!!!

  21. Symbolic Imports

    Thank you for holding this amazing contest! What a wonderful opportunity for our Promo Frenzy Team!!!! WE Rock!!

  22. Symbolic Imports

    Congrats to Fire Diva’s for coming in 2nd place and everyone who participated!

  23. woot woot, go team!
    Congrats firedivas

  24. Hooray for everyone who participated! This was a fun event! :)

  25. Thank you Tim for this amazing challenge. It really pulled our team together in a big way! I love promo frenzy team!

    Also want to contatulate Fire Divas on second place!

  26. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful contest. I am so proud to be a member of the Promo Frenzy Team. It’s amazing how a big group of people can pull together for a common cause

    Congrats on second place Fire Divas!

  27. Name (required)

    HURRAY for the Promo Frenzy Team!!! Congrats also to Fire Divas!!! Thanks Tim, for this opportunity, great idea and it was lots of fun… :)

  28. It was fun taking part – well done to the winners :)

  29. Yeah Promo Frenzy Team!

    Congrats to Fire Divas on second place!

  30. Congratutatios to the winners, great team work!!!
    Maro from Etsy in Spanish in Spanish.

  31. Wow! This was a great contest! I am really proud to be a new member of the Frenzy team!!! This team is a wonderful example of teamwork and great leadership.
    Kudos to the Divas. They Rock!

  32. Thank you Tim for organizing this incredible challenge! It was so much fun and I am soooo proud to be a member of our amazing Promo Frenzy Team!!

    Congratulations to the Fire Divas as well as all the other teams who participated. Great competition and so much beautiful talent!

  33. Tim, this contest has given us such a great opportunity, thank you. It really pulled our team together as a cohesive group. The Fire Divas did an amazing job as well and I congratulate them. What a wonderful venue for our teams.

  34. Woohoo, our Promo Frenzy team really pulled it together and worked so hard for this. I’m so excited.

    Congrats to the Fire Divas on 2nd place.

    Go Promo Frenzy – Galla, you did it, woman!


  35. Sending a huge “Congratulations!!” to the Promo Frenzy team for their great win! As Admin of the Fire Divas team, it’s a honor to win 2nd place, especially considering the amazing talent and competition from the other 27 teams. We had a lot of fun rallying our friends and fans as a team and thanks to my fellow Divas for their fantastic efforts, and to everyone for their congrats to us as well! *Ü*

  36. Yeah!!! So excited to be part of the Promo Frenzy Team. An amazing group of artisans. And a shout out to the Fire Divas team. For a small group, they are unstoppable! Thanks Tim for this opportunity!

  37. Congratulations to the Promo Frenzy team!

  38. What an amazing team to be a part of. We really worked hard and pulled together. Thanks Tim for such a great forum for us all to shine. Congrats to The Fire Divas, you really worked hard as well!!!!

  39. so thrilled to be part of such an amazing team! Congrats Galla & the entire Promo Frenzy Team!!!

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