Thursday , 16 July 2020
The Last Branding Touch Point: How To Make The Most Of It

The Last Branding Touch Point: How To Make The Most Of It

The Last Branding Touch Point: How To Make The Most Of It

There are many benefits to selling on Etsy. One of them is the opportunity for great personal interaction with your customers which can leave a great impression and increases the chance that they will think of your store for future purchases.

I do think that the buyer of handmade products expects a higher level of personalized interaction/service than the average consumer, it is part of the mystique and draw to this type of purchase.

I have made many purchases on Etsy and the level of engagement has ranged to no contact at all to very friendly interaction. I find that with no contact at all, particularly if it is a larger purchase, I tend to wonder if the seller has actually received the order.  It is a welcome courtesy to receive a brief acknowledgement.  That goes a long way.

Below is a great engagement plan that shouldn’t take too much time:

1. Upon seller confirmation of purchase, it is great to send a quick email that thanks they buyer for the purchase along with an estimate of when you will ship the item out.  Even if you have stated normal production and ship times in your shop and or the item description, it is good practice to confirm this so the buyer is sure what to expect.

2. When you do ship the purchase, it is nice to send a quick email that lets the customer know that their purchase has been shipped.

It is nice to add a small branding touch with the shipment. I have received everything from beautifully wrapped packages with decorative papers, ribbons and accent materials to an item that was shoved in a previously used package with no indication of who it was from other than on the shipper itself.  The latter example left me with a pretty poor impression of the seller with little inclination to purchase from them again.

Sellers shouldn’t think they have to go overboard with decorative packaging materials. Simple packaging is ideal, something that can be replicated consistently over time.  It is great to have some type of brand identifier on the inner package: it can be a branded stamp, a hand-written note card or a business card.

On the topic of business cards and how many to include, I personally think 1 card is enough. The number of people who actually take to the time to distribute your business cards to their friends is pretty low, so you are likely wasting your resources including multiples. I am sure there are those who will argue that it is better to be safe than sorry and include more, but the reality is people just don’t often go to the trouble.

A simple, well thought out package will leave a great impression and hopefully will encourage a lasting relationship with your clientele.  Ultimately, these last few details can mean the difference between the customer remembering you and making another future purchase, so it is worthwhile to make those extra few moments to encourage the best result.


Fox shaped ceramic planter/ vase – caramel/gray  


Black Moleskine notebook


Unisex WAXED CANVAS Messenger bag


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. It almost worries me when I place an order and don’t hear a word from the seller.

    I consistently send a small note for each of my own orders letting the buyer know that there is a human on the other end of their transaction!

    To go along with my vintage items, I wrap each order in recycled papers and string to add a thoughtful but eco-friendly touch to each package.

    Great tips!

  2. I don’t mind reusing envelopes, but certainly not for new purchases! Small touches do make a big difference; I completely agree!
    Thanks to the new set-up at Etsy, it is so easy to email a customer when an item ships, with very little effort. So happy about that feature!
    A simple thank you goes a long way, just like Mom said! :0)

  3. Definitely good advice! From a customers perspective, there’s an unease that the order was received & beyond that, they are afraid that it won’t be shipped & their money will be lost. You can add a note that customers receive when they’ve ordered & Etsy now has a shipping notification function that you can send, pretty much with a click of a button. It’s easy to forget, when life gets in the way, but Etsy has now made this pretty easy to do.
    Packaging is a nice extra that adds a professional touch. I once received a jacket rolled into a ball, with an envelope taped around it & I’ve received items that were just placed in a plain envelope, no note or business card only the return address on the label to indicate where the item came from. It really creates a better impression to add the little extras, some wrap, a thank you, a business card…I know shipping is expensive, I’ve lost money on it, myself, but think about it from the customers perspective. There’s nothing wrong with re-using materials to cut costs & help the environment (note this in your policies, some customers only want new packaging), but keep the little extras that make the package looking professional, something that goes with your brand.
    Great thoughts & reminders, thank you!

  4. I have been worried that I am inconsitent w/ my branding, but reading this shows me that I am branding w/o even realizing it! I send a confirmation of sale, and again make contact when shipped. I also include a handwritten note (the type is always different as I use repurposed paper & cards) & i ship in a new biodegradable poly mailer. I don’t have business cards but am planning on getting some.
    Thanks for the article!

  5. As a buyer these tips are all things that make me feel special. Buying from Etsy is ALL about the personal. A handmade item has soul. It’s not dead plastic. When I get an item that has been wrapped with care I feel ‘loved, appreciated, acknowledged’. My efforts to buy from small mom and pop business is appreciated. But when my purchase is thrown in a box…I’m not interested in purchasing from that seller ever again. If the seller doesn’t appreciate their creation it’s like being gifted a broken toy. Not a good experience.


  6. Great article and information. I include a business card in each purchase as well as a coupon code for a future purchase. I also have a trifold brochure providing some history and background on our soy candles. The final touch is a customized matchbook. All these little things help with getting your brandname out there and help to increase sales.

    • A branded matchbook is a great small gift to include with a candle purchase! I usually dislike getting surprise free gifts with my purchases because they are rarely something I actually want, but that’s a nice touch and useful too.

  7. This is a great article. I do recycle padded envelopes, but I wrap the envelope with a particular kind of contact paper consistently and always send the purchase in a beautiful box tied with a pretty ribbon with my business card. I think sending more than one business card is tacky. Also I have my store name and web address printed inside the box. I try to make my customer feel special and it always helps when I read these kinds of nice posts. Thank you.

  8. With pottery, it’s a little difficult to wrap a large bowl with just pretty paper and expect it to arrive unbroken. I do wrap with care, bubble wrap and packing peanuts/material and include a handwritten thank you note with a business card. Sometimes I send more if I sense multiple pieces are going to different people.

  9. I wondered what people thought about sending emails versus sending convos in etsy. I have always done etsy convos – to me it seems a point of etiquette to communicate through the forum in which the buyer has initiated contact. However, I can see that it is inconvenient to them to log-in in order to respond. I put links to my fb page and email list in the package and in the dispatch message so that that can initiate contact through another medium if they so choose.
    I always wrap with care and even co-ordinate the raffia tie and pink plastic postage sack with the colour of the cushion I am posting!

  10. As a consumer I am reassured to receive updates from the seller. If I don’t I am looking for them. Thoughtful packaging is always a plus and certainly stands out. I am soon to open an Easy shop. I’ll heed the wise advice of 1. confirming the order and 2.confirming it’s shipment.

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