Friday , 23 August 2019

The Power of Three : Relevancy Matters

Filmstrip “3″ Buckle by Bmused on Etsy.

Three, a number to remember.  I’ve gotten into the habit of rethinking three key areas of my Etsy shop, and it has helped me dramatically. So I’m giving you a three point checklist of things you should double check before listing or renewing an item.  They may seem insignificant, but they do work!

Funamals has lots of pet related items including magnets, portraits and cards.

1. Titles
Every word counts, and should be relevant.  Here is an example. I recently was browsing in Funamal’s Etsy shop. Amy has adorable whimsical work, much is watercolor and pet related. She had some listings for “Custom Pet Portraits.” Now in theory the two top orders for custom pet portraits will be of dogs and cats. So, I suggested that she change the title to “Custom Dog or Cat or Pet Portraits”. This subtle change could actually help her with relevancy and placement.  It hits three key words “Dog + Cat + Pet ” and of course Portrait is the item word. Apply this principal to your shop before you list or renew an item, can you be more specific?

Repeating or using the strongest words in your first line of description and title does matter!

2. Description
The very first few words and first line of your description is important.  This is because when your item is listed in Google shopping, that first line is “seen” as shown in the example here. Note the yellow as I have outlined the words I used in the title mirror the keywords used in the first line.  Note again, relevancy matters and is actually the first way to search in Google shopping. If a customer goes there to look for a product, it auto-sorts by relevancy. Therefore, you must be on point with your listings.

The first line or so is what’s pulled. You can see it here in this example. I have repeated four key words “Vintage + Porcelain + Glove + Mold” in both the title and the first line. Note that now I’m 2nd in Google shopping if you search for “vintage glove mold.” You can change up the search combinations and I’ll still be there, somewhere.  This is because strong words matter and help in relevancy. Depending on what combination you search by, it still comes up in different placement.  Be sure to rethink your first sentence on your descriptions.

RetroBabs has this nifty vintage cookie jar, a big tin apple!

3. Keywords
Recently Barb from Retrobabs and I were talking about keywords. One thing I’ve learned is this area requires the most work, at least in my brain, and sometimes exhausts me. In using the example above, the Red Aluminum Apple Cookie Jar, it’s easy to use those keywords but beyond those you really have to think. So we were thinking up red delicious this, mid century modern that, and a touch of canister.  Then we decided to go with the whole “Mad Men” style, add in some tin, metal, aluminum and went from there….bouncing words off each other.  I think we came up with enough keywords for ten apple cookie jars. This is where the buddy system comes in handy or the Etsy Marriage, so that you can help each other think about these tiny things that really mean a lot.

So, before you say your shop sales are low, or perhaps isn’t performing just right, try these three things for a bit. You’ve been told them all before, probably read them a million times by now, and relevancy is something we talk about again and again here on Handmadeology. They key is now you have the tools, so go and apply them.  It takes a bit of work, but the results may surprise you. Better planning makes more visibility, more views make more sales, and so the ball starts rolling.

Etsy Relevancy Strategy  

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  1. Sales are very, very low for me since relevancy took a stand. I have tried all of the above, but 100 items means very big changes on my part. Discouraging to say the least. Thanks for the tips put quite simply and easy to understand.

    • I’m with you Karen. I have gone through all my listings and changed tags, titles, descriptions etc. to include “Relevant” words. While my views have still been pretty good, my sales have been way down.

      I think Etsy has the right idea of changing the searches to relevancy, but I’m having a hard time understanding how they are doing it. I have 41 silver charms listed in my shop. I have the word charm everywhere including first 3 words. When I search for “charm” I get results for charm bracelets, necklaces, etc. My charms are buried deep in the pages. I have even relisted all my items. Frustrating!!!
      Tim your ideas are great, and very easy to understand. But, what do you suggest here? Help!!

  2. I agree with the above comments. Since Etsy changed to relevency, my sales have been in a total slump. I’ve tried changing my keywords, titles & descriptions & still October was so slow! I’m hoping its the quiet before the holiday storm.

  3. I echo all said above. My shop views have plummeted since relevancy started. I’ve changed my titles to be more relevant, checked by tags, etc. But still everythign is low. No sales AT ALL in my shops through September or October!

  4. I am with all of you. October was the worst month for sales, hearts, and views, I have ever had since I started on Etsy. I am in the process of changing everything, but it’s a job. I have almost 130 items in my shop and it is a lot of work. I hope it pays off in more sales this month. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Hi guys,

    I hear you loud and clear.

    In fact truth be told I’m feeling it a bit too. It is a big wake up call and I have to second guess every listing. The ones I do the above tips on, get more views and hearts than the ones I don’t.

    So not only must we find time to rethink our strategy on new or renewed listings but now we must tailor the existing. The time factor having over 200 listings is what’s killing me. I know once I get it down, it’s smooth sailing…

    Hang in there!

  6. RetroBabs here- This advise has helped me have more views of the Red Apple Canister and it has also been selected in more treasuries since I changed the tags. It was also suggested that I lose the Team tags unless they drive many sales to my shop. It is better to stick to the facts and descriptions when tagging items. Thanks Cindy for the good advise.

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