Friday , 23 August 2019
The Road To 1000 – Handsome and Lace

The Road To 1000 – Handsome and Lace

Handsome and Lace

Tell us your story!

Well…I hate to say I handmade neckties and bowties when it’s so much more than that. It’s my mission to give the childhood ‘me’ a chance. What I do is exactly what I would be doing if it was a wish.

I grew up poor. Like really poor. Eating one ‘meal’ a day poor with powdered milk and welfare Christmases. I was tossed from one group home to another with torment in between.

What I do is make it up to that little girl every day by making things that people love. I appreciate being able to make things like I appreciate the air that I breathe. Its my expression of my artistic abilities, my ambition to be different, to make people see that even though you come from an ugly beginning, you can be beautiful. After long affairs with every creative medium I started mens neck wear in 2010 and it brought fire to my belly. Men were excited to have pieces that were distinct to their visual personality and that it turn brought me even more happiness. A click or spark in the universe and ever since I have been living in what I call a dream. A 12×16″ picture of me hangs on my bedroom wall and every night I say “were doing it babe”

Why do you create what you create?

I think it started with wanting to impress my seriously stylish older brother and turned into more than that. Now his style has simmered and Ive only gotten more eccentric.

Tell us 3 things you learned this year about running your creative business.

1.That craft shows do not work for me. Ive paid so much for this lesson but you have to try. My business thrives online and through celebrity networks. For some they make all of their money from shows. It depends on the demographic.

2. Stop relying on ads and magazine features to get you views or sales. Its word of mouth that you should focus on. Even social network word of mouth.

3. Not every month will be epic so take those slows times to do everything else you don’t have time to do. I feel the busier I make myself the more flow there is.

Velvet Floral Houndstooth Neck Tie - Hand Stitched

Red and Blue Tartan Plaid Wool Neck Tie

Raw Mustard Silk Neck Tie


road to 1000 

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  1. Great post! I’m looking forward to hearing the stories behind the shop fronts =)

  2. #3 is wonderful advice, and I myself have tried to do this when things are slow. I like to view any slow periods as an opportunity. Develop your product, revise it, take some new photos, have a content brainstorming session or two.

  3. Wow! Great story. I’m so happy for you. I’m a vintage “collecter procurer” so I don’t make things but I do get great satisfaction from doing my mall space displays. Now I need to work on my etsy pics :)

    Have a great xmas.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I find inspiration in your story. Congratulations and much success to you.

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