Tuesday , 17 September 2019
The Road to 1000 – MB Paper Design

The Road to 1000 – MB Paper Design

Tell us your CREATIVE story!

Started small but dreaming BIG! MB Paper Design started out as CindyBlue Designs back in Spring of 2012. My original focus was and has always been…paper! I love paper!

My mom is very artistic and has received compliments on her handmade cards and canning labels for years, so I thought “why not?” She already had a following, an Etsy shop seemed like the next reasonable step. I started selling handmade cards, posters, and canning labels. Struggling to tap in to the market and expand the shop, I decided to make a BIG change. I wanted growth and I wanted success to back that growth. That was when MB Paper Design was launched. Changing my shop name and my niche focus, I started to create wedding favor tags, die cuts, and all things paper.

My love for paper never changed, I just needed to focus on a more poplar niche, where I could reach more people. The first month I switched things up, sales were insane. I finally felt like I had figured it out. I’m not gonna lie, having an Etsy shop is a continuous learning experience and I am so happy to be on this ride. Nearing 450 sales, I am ecstatic and cannot wait to see where things go!

Tell us 3 things you learned this year about running your creative business.

1. Change is good
2. You need to adapt to the times. Etsy makes changes, you need to go with the flow and constantly be wanting and willing to learn.
3. Read. Magazines, books, internet articles, Pinterest…anything that has to do with what you sell. Again…be informed! You can only succeed.

Why do you create what you create?

I love paper. I love people. I love the thought that my paper tags are going to be at someone’s wedding. My product is making that special day…special. I love that. I love to create custom orders and receive the response that it was everything they had hoped for. A creative business makes that all possible. I am able to be home with my kids and still do what I love. Who could ask for more? No, seriously?


MB Paper Design

MB Paper Design


road to 1000



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