Sunday , 29 March 2020
The “Who made this?” Game – Fall Etsy Finds

The “Who made this?” Game – Fall Etsy Finds

Ok, so here’s a fun game I hope you enjoy!  Can you match the product to the Etsy seller that made it?

If you are correct, you will see the matching product for sale on Etsy.  If  you are incorrect, you will discover a new Etsy seller’s shop home page to browse other awesome handmade goodness!

All 3 right or all 3 wrong . . . you always win, because you will unearth new treasure on Etsy!

Please share this game on Facebook and post your score.  Help the world discover the treasures of Etsy!

1.  Who made this?

2.  Felt Balls Necklace

A)  Garden of Spyria

2an.  GardenofSypria

B)  TraLaLand

2by. TraLaLand

C)  OdPaAm

2cn.  OdPaAm


2.  Who made this?


1.  Orange Red Circle Fall Necklace

A)  Triptophonic Studios

1ay.  TriptophonicStudios

B)  Tmarr

1bn.  Tmarr

C)  Fibers of Being



3.  Who made this?

3.  Fall Wreath

A) Roseflower48

3ay.  roseflower48

B)  Adorabella Wreaths

3bn.  AdorabellaWreaths

C)  country prim

3cn.  countryprim


3 correct . . . You’re an Etsy virtuoso!

2 correct . . . You’re an Etsy voyager!

1 correct . . . You’re an Etsy apprentice!

0 correct . . .You’re an Etsy cadet!


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  1. I don’t know the sellers well enough to play properly – but I wanted to say that the selection is gorgeous – especially that wreath!

  2. Great game! Thank you for choosing us to be a part of the fun!

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