Friday , 23 August 2019
These 3 Etsy Sellers Made Over 1000 Sales Just On Black Friday Alone

These 3 Etsy Sellers Made Over 1000 Sales Just On Black Friday Alone

 These 3 Etsy Sellers Made Over 1000 Sales Just On Black Friday Alone

Can you imagine an Etsy shop receiving a sale almost EVERY minute of the day for a consecutive 24 hour period?

Well it happened for three Etsy shops on this Black Friday, according to stats from

Etsy Shop Name

# of Reported Sales on Black Friday








Did you make any Black Friday purchases on Etsy?  If not, make sure to shop unique.  Shop Etsy for the holidays!


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  1. Two of these shops are not selling handmade goods. One of them looks like an emporium. It’s not encouraging to see shops that are buying wholesale in vast quantities and then reselling shown as examples of success. A true artisan cannot compete with that. To sell a thousand of anything in one day you’d have to be mass producing. Etsy has become a giant warehouse of world wide junk, although the real art is still there, just harder to find nowadays.

    • Well said Joy! I completely agree!!

    • This just makes me sad. Is this really the kind of stuff people are searchingfor/desire on Etsy? No wonder sales are down for a lot of art and handmade sellers.

    • Joy, I am with you. I sell antique/vintage, however as much as I am hoping I do well on Etsy, I am always rooting for those that are makers! Outside of Etsy, I am an artist, so I see the difference. To laud resellers for having the highest sales on Etsy – a site built on ‘hand made’ – on Black Friday, just seems…like applauding the big box store sold the most.

    • You are absolutely right, Joy. It’s sad what Etsy has become.

    • Ditto on being “well said.” It is becoming increasingly time consuming to find THE GOOD STUFF!

    • I do agree that yes, sadly there is a lot of mass produced products that Etsy cannot actually prove is not in fact “handmade”. And it does stink for us and for Etsy since their hands are tied. And we can’t compete with these mini Walmarts!
      I do have to this:
      Printable products doesn’t mean it’s not handmade. (I don’t know what methods this particular shop uses, and I don’t want to assume that they aren’t designing these graphics themselves.)
      99% of what I sell is a physical product, but I offer a few printables of my illustrations, but I assure these were designed by me and quite literally by hand. I hand draw all of my illustrations whether I print it and ship or my customer prefers to print it themselves doesn’t take away from it being handmade. I know, that many people consider it a fine line.
      What do you guys think?

      • Debbie, to me selling patterns, prints, or designs that you have created is different from buying wholesale and reselling just like any other retail venue. Even if your work can be purchased more than once it is still something YOU created, like the graphic artist with sales over 1000. What is baffling to me is why two resellers would be lauded on HANDMADEology.

    • Totally agree! Handmade on Etsy not so handmade anymore, very sad!

  2. I totally agree with what Joy wrote. This is just sad. It’s a shame how this has evolved from handmade to cheaply made overseas and resold. Etsy/eBay, there’s just not much difference anymore.

  3. I’m more interested in knowing their strategy for how they had such good sales. I think that is impressive. I’m always at a loss for how to really promote my Etsy shop, and spend more time on my own website because I understand how to promote that.

    If anyone has some updated advice, that would be great.

  4. I agree with both Joy & Jeannette. I thought there was going to be something about their strategy in this article which is why I opened it in the first place. AND I am distressed to see that these are not true handmade artisans. I’d be more interested to know how some actual artists did on Black Friday/Cyber Monday…the best sales and what their marketing strategy was. I’m starting to feel just a little embarrassed to tell people I am an Etsy seller now, as I don’t want to be lumped with all of the people selling their manufactured goods. And how does one compete?

  5. For me, black friday was a dissapointment, i really hoped i would make my first sale, but despite the low price tags, i haven-t sold anything. Keep on trying, right?

    • Alina,

      It is not uncommon for shops not to have any sales for the first few months. It is really exciting when the first one comes. In the mean time, ask yourself some questions- Could my pictures be better, clearer. Do some research on the Etsy knowledge base about assigning tags. I notice your seem to only be one word. Having a tag like “green” probably won’t get you on a prime page. You are limited to 20 characters- but you could use green malachite, malachite bracelet, in other words, make your tags more descriptive.
      Can you do more to market the shop- are you set up on Pinterest, Facebook, Wanelo, Flickr or other social media outlets?

      I hope this helps a bit!

  6. I totally agree with Joy.

  7. Woah. Sad to see snobbery in the works here . Bottom line ? Yes you need to promote but if you make unique products your items will sell. Let people get on with their biz and congrats if they do well. You focus on yours and see how you go :)

    Kowala Beads

  8. I am sad and disappointed by how Etsy is more and more like eBay. I really don’t see etsy as a place for handmades anymore

  9. I’ve always read that success on Etsy depends on how well you can drive traffic to your shop. I use search ads, pay someone to do social media marketing for me cause I don’t have time, and pay attention to the tags and titles of successful shops. While I didn’t have 1000+ sales cyber Monday I did sell 23 pins which I considered a success.

  10. well said Joy. Etsy became just like e-bay. My black Friday was not a success . It is getting increasingly difficult to be noticed on Etsy.

  11. I can understand TheSageGoddess because there are many people searching for something to make them feel secure now but the other two? I guess the last one, every wants to be creative and that’s not a bad thing, but it is disappointing that really beautiful craftsmanship isn’t recognised so much in the high stakes.

    However, maybe this isn’t the best way to represent crafts people’s success? It’s probably better to find out how many people doing real, hand made work from their own designs manage to make a full time living off their Etsy shop.

  12. And here I was hoping that so many sales meant that they had sold downloads of patterns or similar digital items (prints of their own artwork or photography, for example). That would have been acceptable, imo. But no, reselling of cheap, not handmade by them stuff.
    This wasn’t news-worthy, Handmadeology!

  13. Reasons for high sales all shops in a position to be able to discount heavily because they are resellers or sell digital downloads. Sadly what this show is that etsy becomes more and more like ebay every day. However as a business etsy needs to be able to go where they can make income, and maybe successful shops like these give them money and time to promote handmade and indie design

  14. I stopped looking at craft counts list at #10. It appears that instead of designing and creating jewelry I should be importing jewelry findings from China if I want to make their list. Interesting thing is I’ve never shopped at any of the top ten shops on their list.
    I’d just like the magic formula for getting noticed…sigh…

  15. I do not think there is any snobbery intended by anyone. Kudos to everyone who is out there trying to sell anything. However, since ‘handmade’, ‘vintage’ and ‘supplies’ are technically very different in so many ways, I think the best way to measure highest # of sales for BF would have been to do the top sellers for EACH category. Otherwise, you are lumping apples, oranges and artichokes into one category, to measure who had the largest number of sales.

  16. The sale of 1000 items in a day says nothing about handmade shops. Those of us who hand build each piece don’t have 1000 items in our shops. Yes, it is frustrating that there are resellers on Etsy, [insert long rant filled with curses here] but these three shops are not my competition. I am 100% sure that my pottery shop did not lose one view, let alone a sale, to these shops.

  17. Congratulations to the 3 top sellers. Whatever Etsy is or isn’t, I believe that is a great accomplishment for any shop.

  18. Hi, Tim… :) Thanks so much for your post! I’ve been getting all kinds of emails and convos from many Etsy Sellers congratulating me on my success and seeking advice. I wondered if I had been featured somewhere and after doing a few searches, found your website and article. Thank you for highlighting my shop’s recent success, I appreciate it so much! I’ve spent most of the afternoon on your site reading and soaking in many of your articles, this will be a new favorite spot for me to follow. Thank you!

    I was a little bit sad to read through some of the comments on this post. To each his own – and I do understand how the term “handmade” is a broader term on Etsy than it used to be. Etsy has grown and encouraged their interpretation of “handmade” to evolve. It has diversified on many fronts and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to be part of that.

    It hasn’t come easy, it did not happen overnight – but after 5 years of hitting the pavement every day… I’m working a full time dream job that supports my family. Do I have any secrets? Maybe a few.. but I doubt they’ll surprise anyone:

    I spend hours upon hours (upon hours) at my computer designing items for my shop. Every design is creative, original and designed on my canvas (which is my computer)… thus the name of my shop. :) I also spend hours and hours and HOURS researching trends in colors, patterns and graphic design styles. Through trial and error I’ve learned what’s hot AND what’s not – and I’ve learned to deliver what gets my followers in a frenzy and avoid what leaves them silent. I also spend a huge amount of time each day promoting my shop via my blog, social media channels and by networking with others – bringing the vast majority of my customers to Etsy from those channels. I don’t rely on Etsy SEO for my sales – and what is generated that way I consider gravy. :) Etsy is not an “if you build it they will come concept” – many, if not all, successful shops bring in most of their own customers. Some by the dozens, some by the hundreds, some by the thousands. I’m super proud that many of my customers are new to Etsy – and have since become loyal Etsy shoppers after having a positive and repeat experience with me. I am lucky to have a very dedicated following of fans and customers who have supported me, my creativity and ultimately my shop for years.

    I’ve gotten many questions about what I did to create such a buzz in my shop on Black Friday. Honestly, I started planning for it MONTHS ago. I released several new designs, I ran a well advertised sale, I sent out a special newsletter announcement… but most of all, I listened all year to what my customers want, I read my analytics like it’s my shop’s bible and those two main factors influence how I design my game plan. I also remain as nimble as I can – so I can shift immediately if something isn’t working.

    Ultimately, I am very proud of the artistic collection I’ve created – even though it sounds like some don’t agree that what I do is art – (again, to each his own). I am thrilled with the following and loyalty I have, I’m proud to have converted many, MANY people to become Etsy shoppers and look forward to continued success on an amazing platform. I am a huge fan of Etsy, of all Etsy Sellers and wish all of you the same success with your shops.

  19. Sage Goddess does not list any helpers! How did she deal with over 1000 orders?? And there’s the deceptive advertising: everything is ‘magical’, melt & pour soaps are ‘her own blend’ and everything is scented with essential oils (like magnolia, that does not exist as an essential oil!). Amazing sales but ugh I hate the spin.

  20. The first shop (my computer is my canvas) does look like a handmade shop. She seems to sell printables of her own graphics.
    The other 2 are supply shops. And we all know that supplies do better than other shops.

    But either way, these look to be small sellers. I have no problem with their results.

  21. Bohemian Findings is a supply shop. I buy from her and she’s a super nice lady. I actually bought some things from her on Black Friday and less than a week later she sent me a link to another supply shop she thought I might be interested in because of what I had purchased from her.

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