Thursday , 19 July 2018
Need help getting a treasury to the front page of Etsy? Here are a few tips I have come up with from my experience.

Tips for Getting Your Etsy Treasury on the Front Page

Yellow Warbler - 8x10 Bird Art Print

Yellow Warbler - 8x10 Bird Art Print

Need help getting a treasury to the front page of Etsy? Here are a few tips I have come up with from my experience.

  • Watch the front page and see what is being featured. That will give you an idea of what to do. Another way to do this is to use the CraftCult Vault tool. You can scroll through and look at the first four items for every treasury that has made the front page. It gives you a quick look.
  • Follow the Etsy trends. The trends are what Etsy has deemed hot right now so it only makes sense to use them to make a treasury.
  • Pick a theme. This will give your treasury a cohesive feel and give you an idea of where you want the treasury to go.
  • Use some common sense when selecting your items. What will people be purchasing right now? Reading the trends helps with this. For instance, most people will not be purchasing heavy scarves and hats. They will be purchasing garden items and wedding gifts. Think about the season.
  • Choose the absolute best images you can find that fits the theme.
  • Try to keep the backgrounds of the photos that you choose all the same color. It makes the treasury flow.
  • Have a variation of items. This is what I tell a lot of people. The front page is a snapshot of what Etsy has to offer. Try to incorporate something from every category if you can. The more variation of items you have, the better chance of getting on the FP.
  • Mix it up! Don’t put a row of one color, the a row of another color, then a row of another color. That gets boring. Make it one color for each row and column. You want people’s eyes to move and see everything. The same thing goes with items. If you have 2 bracelets and 2 shirts, put a bracelet in one row and column and put the other one on a completely different row and column.
  • Fill up all 16 slots, very important. Etsy won’t put a treasury on that won’t fill the FP.
  • Be sure that your bottom row still fits with the rest of the treasury. I’ve seen a lot of treasuries that have the last row just thrown together. If something sells, those replace the items that have sold. They need to fit, too.
  • Use trending tags if they fit your treasury. This is also very important. Trending tags are what is trending right now. Use them to your advantage.
  • If you are doing a team treasury, be sure to use ‘etsyteam’ as one of the treasury tags. That’s how Etsy finds team treasuries.
  • When you have completed the treasury, look at the top three rows. Do they ‘pop’? Does it say ‘I want to shop here!’?
  • Think about it from an outsider’s point of view. Not everyone who comes to Etsy has been here before.
  • Choose a creative title. I use song titles and those help inspire me. I’ve seen song lyrics and lines from movies.
  • Have fun! Making a treasury is a creative outlet for members. Don’t make it a chore.



Realize that everything that is about the FP is random. Hotness levels, first page, and all that jazz, although helpful at times, doesn’t make the FP. All we, as creators of treasuries, can do is just do our best and hope it makes works. It’s an amazing feeling when you do have a treasury on the front page.

Handmadeology just released two new tools to help you keep track of your treasury’s views and hotness. They  can be found here: Handmadeology : Etsy Business Tools 

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  1. Very awesome post! Thanks for this great info!

  2. Thank you for this priceless info :) It’s an art and a science!

  3. Most definitely Karen.

  4. Mandy’
    Thank you for the tips ! I recently madea treasury that went to FP and it’s a great feeling ! I would REALLY love to be featured in a FP treasury. One of theshops I featured in my treasury was a newbie (like me !) that went from 10 item views to something like 400 !

  5. Very glad to help Chaya!

  6. Wonderful tips, thanks a bunch!

  7. Great advice! I often have trouble coming up with a title; I like the idea of using song titles!

  8. This puts it all together, I knew a few of those key points, but not the others. Thank you again for all this wonderful infomation.

  9. Thanks for the info about the teametsy tag. I had no idea.

  10. Great info! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Some great reminders and some great new ideas — thanks!

  12. Great advice! It’s time to get back into the treasury makin’ mode.

  13. Hi,
    Thank you for the really sharp tips. I’m going to give it a shot. Peace, elizabeth

  14. I have been having a ball with treasuries. Thanks so much for the great tips. It would be really fun to “make” the front page of Etsy.

  15. Thanks so much for the team tips.

  16. It always seems so elusive to get on the front page, however, the tips you have listed here make it seem a bit more attainable. Thank you for this really comprehensive post.

  17. Great tips! Thank you!!

  18. I love this blog and thank you for the great tips.

  19. Thanks a lot! Very useful information.

  20. Excellent information! I am off to make a treasury with those lovely Pantone colors :)

  21. Will definitely bookmark these tips.. very helpful. Thank you!

  22. “Fill up all 16 slots”

    While I agree that a complete treasury looks better, Etsy will consider any treasury with at least 12 items. Perhaps this has changed since the article was originally written, but I just thought I’d mention it.

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