Monday , 21 May 2018

Top 10 Bags and Purses from Etsy

Handmade Top 10 is designed to showcase the very best items from Etsy.   Here are the Top 10 Bags and Purses from Etsy.   176 bags and purses were submitted and 70,667 votes were recorded.

MIMOSA GRAY with spring flowers

MIMOSA GRAY with spring flowers

Handmade Top 10 is still in beta stages and we are adding more top 10  lists every week.  Even if you are not an Etsy seller you  can add your favorite items from Etsy.   If your items are in a list tell your friends to come vote!

Current are a few of our  lists that are currently open for submissions and voting:

Best Under $10



Ceramics and Pottery



Looking for more exposure?   With our unique sponsor system your ad/item is guaranteed to be seen.  Sponsors are  seen on on our front page and throughout the voting.

Right now we are running a special on sponsor spaces.  $20 for 1 item for 1 month or $35 for 2 items for 1 month .

If you are interested in more sponsor information click HERE

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  1. WOW!!! mine is on the 6th! :D what a nice morning surprise :D thanks Tim!

  2. Yeah, my clutch purse is on the 7th!!!!

  3. Beautiful bags. We will be sure to check these shops out!

  4. Interesting group, one of my favorites was number 1 & another #3…

  5. I love the knit one! how cozy!

  6. My very own LizzieCaye on my Recyclers Team is #3 she will be so happy wait til I tell her I LOVE THIS THING

  7. I have selected Michelle (#7) to be featured in an interview at Look for her interview later this week.

  8. Hi Jenny

    You are my first follower on Digg – many thanks. Can’t see how to leave message. Nice selection of bags though. Takes me back to my youth when I used to make bags out of old curtains and the like.

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