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Ever wondered who the top jewelry sellers are on Etsy. Here are the top 100 Etsy sellers in the jewelry category for 2012. These rankings are by sales numbers .

Top 100 Etsy Jewelry Sellers

Jewelry is a huge on Etsy.  There are thousands of sellers creating and designing and trying to compete.  Ever wondered who the top jewelry sellers are on Etsy.
Here are the top 10o Etsy sellers in the jewelry category for 2012.  These rankings are by sales numbers .
Each shop link is clickable, so have fun checking out all these great shops!

Top Seller
Handmade – Jewelry
Rank Name Sales Country
1 HomeStudio 27282 United States
2 birdzNbeez 26754 United States
3 TribalStyle 22125 United States
4 LuxeDeluxe 17722 United Kingdom
5 classicdesigns 15972 United States
6 MadisonCraftStudio 14988 United States
7 tinytokensdesigns 14859 United States
8 nicholasandfelice 14697 United States
9 ccvalenzo 14307 United States
10 dangsworld 13631 United States
11 mrd74 13603 United States
12 MDsparks 12922 United States
13 roundabout 12761 United States
14 edor 12761 United States
15 FreshyFig 12639 United States
16 Lana0Crystal 12316 United States
17 veryvintage 12267 United States
18 wickedlymodpendants 12097 United States
19 ItsAllAboutThePrint 11518 United States
20 UntamedMenagerie 11420 United States
21 caughtredhanded 11411 United States
22 PiecesOfMePendants 10962 Canada
23 grandbigdog 10940 United States
24 esdesigns 10730 United States
25 edmdesigns 10623 United States
26 briguysgirls 10466 United States
27 onelifejewelry 10383 United States
28 CuteAbility 10233 United States
29 beadediris 10200 United States
30 billyblue22 10167 United States
31 polishedtwo 10129 United States
32 BAYMOONSTUDIO 10056 United States
33 shlomitofir 9984 Israel
34 thependantemporium 9823 United States
35 adorapop 9812 United Kingdom
36 sudlow 9746 United States
37 phoebestreasure 9735 United States
38 surly 9624 United States
39 spiffingjewelry 9620 United States
40 jessejanes 9593 United States
41 qacreate 9425 United States
42 BragAboutIt 9389 Canada
43 ImagesUnderGlass 9306 United States
44 CosmicFirefly 9142 United States
45 Lizix26 9085 United States
46 hotwired 8909 New Zealand
47 KathrynRiechert 8619 United States
48 morganprather 8529 United States
49 3sweetpeasjewelry 8516 United States
50 lulubugjewelry 8479 United States
51 oliviamoon 8475 United States
52 tamar 8403 United States
53 lizhutnick 8354 United States
54 5andUnder 8278 Canada
55 soradesigns 8249 United States
56 StephieMc 8233 United States
57 gamiworks 8130 United States
58 thelovelyteaspoon 8084 United States
59 titaniumknights 8058 United States
60 KeysandMemories 8027 United States
61 jlynncreations 7964 United States
62 ERMoriginals 7933 United States
63 brasslady 7863 Thailand
64 JustJaynes 7671 United States
65 polarity 7633 United States
66 muyinmolly 7398 United States
67 charms4you 7388 United States
68 RockYourNose 7366 Canada
69 martin1206 7366 China
70 quecraft 7338 Vietnam
71 ERiaDesigns 7281 United States
72 verabel 7232 United States
73 beautyspot 7063 Ukraine
74 LisasLovlies 7019 United States
75 LillyEllenDesigns 6927 United States
76 michellechangjewelry 6924 United States
77 cinnamonsticks 6773 United States
78 frostedwillow 6665 United States
79 TillyBloom 6660 United States
80 wickedminky 6636 United States
81 Luluka 6615 United States
82 BirkaScandinavian 6590 United States
83 TheEnchantedLocket 6539 United States
84 jcjewelrydesign 6510 United States
85 dillondesigns 6486 United States
86 laralewis 6440 United States
87 plasticouture 6363 United States
88 BlondeChick 6320 United States
89 madebysam 6216 Canada
90 MiaBeads 6204 United States
91 LingGlass 6197 Singapore
92 lovespelljewels 6066 Philippines
93 truche 6054 United States
94 360Jewels 5985 United States
95 tigerlillyshop 5961 United States
96 kateszabone 5890 Canada
97 time2cre8 5759 United States
98 jonikay52 5740 United States
99 luccicare 5715 Netherlands
100 dankartistry 5702 United States

This list was generated from on February 4 2012

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  1. Wow! That’s a ginormous list! I’m being partial! I live in Canada and checked on the Canadian jewelry designers first!

    But Congratulations folks! Such awesome designs and each unique in style and design.

  2. Thank you so much! I’m about to have me some fun!

  3. Impressive list. I wasn’t surprised to find that I’m not on the list since it represents sales numbers. I wouldn’t even be able to make enough jewelry to hit the number 100 spot in a year’s time. Congrats to all those listed, and may they have continued success on Etsy.

    • Yeah I started checking for mine although I doubted I’d be there, and then I realized it was a sales number list. Makes sense for “top sellers” but I guess I was just thinking “jewelry sellers” and since there’s 100 mayyybe, but the jewelry section is (I’m pretty sure) the biggest category on Etsy so I’m probably number 5083 or whatever.

  4. I think it would be awesome for Handmadeology to contact the Top 10-20 and ask them to write an article about the secret to their success! (If one more person tells me it’s all about blogging and social media, I’ll scream!) I’d love to hear from the ones who did it and how.

  5. I love this ! as a jewelry maker this is great! I can look at what successful folks are doing and apply some of these things to my shop. Thanks much.

  6. Thanks Tim!
    It is good to look to the best and see the level of their success. Very motivating!

  7. I did this research a month ago. The top sellers all have one thing in common. Well almost all of them do. They have a ton of items in theirs shop.
    The other thing you can see from most of them is their backgrounds are all the same.

    Some of the shops look more like assemble jewelry than handmade but it takes talent to do that too. Even on a good day I can only usually finish 2-3 pieces a day start to finish. I hope when I get to 150 things will change.

  8. I would love to see a top 100 hand stamped jewelry sellers list.
    Thanks for this, I was pleasantly surprised to see my shop on this list.

  9. Wow! I just barely made it! How exciting;)

  10. Interesting footnote is that #50 often tweets that she’s not making enough money to make it all worthwhile. Number of sales sure isn’t everything.

  11. Only two in the UK? That is very sad!

  12. It just shows it is possible! It is interesting how many are from the US. I wonder what the ratio of US shops on Etsy versus other countries is.

    I do also wish it was possible to see top sellers per year, just based on that years data.

  13. Congratulations! Look and learn from the best!

  14. Wow! How fascinating!

    Thank you!

  15. Kiyya's Kreations

    Had a look through the list for research… Hmmm, no wire wrapped or chainmaille (like what I make) anywhere on the list. Don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

  16. There is no beadwork on any of this list like what I make. Makes me rethink my whole line of designs. Seems like people that make personalized items are the most successful.

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