Thursday , 27 February 2020

Trending Design – Empty Vintage Picture Frame Decor

Empty vintage picture frames are a hot trend in design.  They are inexpensive, easy to paint, and add a geometric element to a space.

Empty vintage picture frames

Here are some empty vintage picture frames I found while browsing Etsy.  Makes creating an instant collection is simple!

Empty vintage frames on etsy

{1} Seaside Shore Wooden Frame Collection

{2} Upcycled – Terra Cotta – Turquoise Punch – Picture Frame Collection

{3} 20×24 Black Distressed Wood Picture Frame / Tuscan on Empire

{4} 13 Blue Distressed Picture Frames

{5}Upcycled – Victorian Chic Ivory – Vintage Picture Frame Collection

{6} Tangerine Happiness Ornate Frame

{beginning photo credit: CasaSugar , Life and Style

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  1. Actually, this is a classic interior design idea that has been and remains a visually interesting and, as you pointed out, inexpensive way to create “flow” cohesion from one room to another room or wall (or small or awkward space). Good article.

  2. love the chartreuse all hung on the wall!

  3. I love this idea, frames can be beautiful all on their own.

  4. Vintage and retro decor

  5. How do I buy them? It says they don’t exist…???

  6. Where do you get frames to make your own?? You say they are inexpensive but I can’t find them! haha

  7. tracy and lynsie brunt…you can pick them up any thrift store…they always have cheap older vintage frames…and paint or spray paint them your self and it looks great!
    or even the 99 cent store..except those arent as sturdy as the actual older ones you’d find in a thrift store..hope this helps..

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