Tuesday , 26 May 2020
Two Etsy Sellers are Finalists in Go Daddy’s Big Leap

Two Etsy Sellers are Finalists in Go Daddy’s Big Leap

Go Daddy just announced it’s finalists for their Big Leap contest.   The Big Leap is where 5 entrepreneurs pitch their business idea to Danica Patrick while at 125 mph around a race track!  The winner will get 6 month’s salary!  Voting all takes place online.

The Go Daddy ad caught my eye on Facebook and I clicked over, after watching a few of the videos I noticed to of the ladies make handmade items.  They both happen to sell on Etsy.

First we have Adrienne Hubbard , jewelry maker!    You can find her shop here : Crafty Little Gnome

Check out Adrienne’s pitch.

More about Adrienne

Second we have Anne Tochka, art toy creator.  You can find her shop here: Anne Tochka

Check out Anne’s pitch

More about Anne


Make sure you head over to the The Big Leap and vote for these two ladies!




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  1. Thanks for the feature! Remember everyone you can vote for your favorite everyday!

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