Sunday , 20 September 2020
An ultimate guide to increase your etsy shop traffic. Real tactics. 7 actionable tips!

Ultimate Guide: 7 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Etsy Shop

Checking your Etsy shop’s analytics everyday can be just as depressing as weighing yourself every day when you’re tryna lose weight.

Completely counterproductive.

Not to mention discouraging.

It’s almost a guarantee that when your traffic is moving at a snail’s pace, slow moving are the sales too.

Stalking Google for ways to increase your Etsy shop traffic

Kinda doesn’t work.

Okay, in all fairness a Google search for “increase Etsy traffic” will present millions of results. So yes, technically is works.

Search results though, do not an answer make.

You don’t do a search for million little pieces of advice.

By the time you’re searching for something online, you expect to find an answer. A solution.


Too many tips, too little action

I’ve got news for ya, your problem isn’t low traffic.

Your issue is “how”.

How do you bring in more traffic without spending a fortune on ads?

How can you leverage free content to bring in actual sales?

How-is the problem.

Introducing: The Ultimate Guide: Increase Traffic to your Etsy Shop


(Shortly) following is a simple guide to increasing traffic to your Etsy shop using what you already have in your arsenal.

There’s nothing to buy, I’m not pushing a product here.

What follows is the “how”.

It’s time to take control over your Etsy shop traffic.

And. Make. More. Sales…Period.


First, the Guide Key

Gimme a sec to e’splain what the deal-e-o is on a phrase that will recur in the guide.

The 5-10-5 rule of social media engagement. In order to stay consistent with your traffic, you have to follow, share, and post/curate content every day.

Post 5 times/day. Post and curate content 5 times a day across your networks. You may only post 2 of your own pieces a week. The rest of the posts in this category need to be curated. Find something interesting? Cool post it to your wall, pin your board, tweet it and always add your own two cents to the description to make it your own.

Follow 10 people/day. That can include all of the networks you’re active on. For this posts purposes let’s say Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. For instance, follow 3 people on Instagram, 4 on Pinterest and 3 on twitter. 10 in total, every day.

Share 5 times a day. Sharing is not the same as posting guys. Sharing is retweeting, repining and reposting other peoples statuses. This helps you build a relationship and keeps you from spamming people with your own content. Major turnoff!

So that’s the 5-10-5 rule of social engagement, get used to it!

Now, the guide.

1. The traffic Goldmine that is Pinterest. Of course, you may use the 5-10-5 rule per network. Meaning, 5 posts-follow 10 new people-and share 5 updates, across each of the networks you’re active on.

Another super important action tip is to join 5 collaborative pinterest boards, which gets you all important visibility baby! And if your Etsy listings are awesome, they’ll get repined!

Bonus: a great tool to make your images pinnable is Pinstamatic. This online tool lets you create images or add overlays to existing images. Perfect for the graphic design challenged!

2. Write a Guest Post already! Yes, I too am edging you to write guest posts.  And no, I don’t want to hear any excuses. Before you even get a chance to naysay lemme answer the top two objections many Etsy shop owners have about guest posting.

a.     “I don’t know what I’d say to someone’s audience. My product is so specific.”

Are there blogs, conferences and magazines covering your niche? If there’s a large enough market that your Etsy shop has visible competition, on and off of Etsy, you can and SHOULD be guest posting.

b.     “I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m not a writer. What if I get rejected? I don’t have my own blog.”

Horse radish and pickled onions! None of that matters in today’s content based society, having a blog or website isn’t only way to be seen as relevant.

Keep up with the 5-10-5 rule and in a month or less you will have more followers and engagement.

If you don’t wanna get rejected write like your life depends on it! Write an awesome post and edit it til all the wrinkles are out. Don’t forget to starch!

Be aware that most top blogs may request revisions. But that’s okay. They just want to make the post the best it can possibly be. Accept the insight and make the post great.

How do you even request to write a guest post? Spend 2 weeks being active on the blog. Make sure it has prominent placement in your 5-10-5 daily social marketing.

Comment on the blog’s posts. But don’t leave lazy ol’ comments. Just write what you felt about the post. It’s that simple. Make it valuable by adding your own tip or resource and get the blog owners attention.

You’re also investigating the blog, the audience and what posts get the most traction. So when you’re coming up with your post idea you already know how to tailor it to be accepted.

Write the guest post already!

After 2 weeks of sharing and commenting, submit your guest post request. Maybe the host blog has a page set-up with rules and guidelines. Maybe all they ask is that you email them your post idea.

Simply submit your post how they request you to and wait for the response. The host site will tell you what the typical waiting period is. After it passes, and you  don’t hear anything back, follow up.

Guest posting  is a sure way to get exposure for your shop and your brand. So stop making excuses. Just do it (in my best Nike voice).

3. Get your community on! Sites like BizSugar and SocialBuzzClub make it easy to become friendly with top industry peeps by voting for and sharing their content with your networks.

Here’s how it drives de traffic. Whenever you leave insightful comments, both on bizsugar and on the original website, then and share it generously the publisher of the post will likely head over to your profile. 7 of 10 times they’ll click on your content and engage with you on your social profiles, guest post or site as well as bizsugar.

Social Buzz Club is a bit different. There’s no voting or commenting. This site is all about sharing. You can use this site to curate content as well. Plus the built in scheduling feature means you can choose the day and time the content you want to share is posted to your profiles. BONUS!

You can start posting our own buzz(content) after you’ve racked up 5 points. 1 point for every piece of buzz you share. Post your videos and guest posts to get traffic straight to your content. Do it right and you’ll have folks flocking to your Etsy store too!

4. Comment on blogs and build a relationship! I already alluded to this one so I’ll be brief. Choose 5 blogs to comment on within your area of expertise, but not a direct competitor.
Comment on the sites every day of the week. You can space this out by choosing 1-2 blogs that post daily, 1-2 that post once a week or more and 1 that posts 2-3 times a month.

Be honest. Be insightful. Be valuable. Or else this won’t work.

It drives traffic because you usually get to link back to your Ety shop within the comment. Both the blog readers and the owner have the opportunity to visit your shop. So make those comments count!

TIP: You can link back to a video, a pin or other social update you wanna promote from the comments you leave. So you really don’t need a blog or have to write a guest post. BUT it is advised *smile*.

5. Tweet tweep…tweet! Twitter can send a flood of traffic your way. Seriously, tons. We’re talking targeted traffic. Folks that actually want to see what chu got goin’ on in your Etsy shop.
5-10-5! Tweet 5 times a day (curated posts directly from a site/blog), follow 10 people (find targeted twitter profiles using twitter search), and retweet 5 awesome tweets a day.

Bonus: use a service like JustRetweet to make finding sharable tweets much easier than sifting through your feed. Use Buffer to schedule your tweets days and days and DAYS in advance! Oh, both of these bad boys are FREE!

6. Gather thy Content. Curating content just got stupidly simple. makes finding the best blogs and articles online easy-peasey!

Don’t rack your brain trying to scour your wall and feeds for content. Head ova to and start browsing subjects. Create your own topics and scoop your own content there.

5-10-5…use to find the content you’ll share on social media. Just click the title to go the original website and use the Buffer chrome or Firefox extension to schedule it to go out to your feeds.

Bonus: To use to drive traffic, submit your own scooped content directly to the wall of a blogger you’ve connected with. Once they accept it your content will be seen by their big raving audience! More visibility=more traffic!

7. Instagram your process. Do you have a stationery shop? Show off your crazy work station, your beautiful office, some finished products or your team if you have one via Instagram

The 5-10-5 rule works here as well. Add commenting to that mix. Leave a quick comment on the best stuff you curate and share from Instagram. Engage, engage, engage!

Instagram pictures quickly go viral and can easily create a nice little following for you. You’re not just interested in traffic. You need an audience. So make sure you engage!

Okay, that wraps up the guide to increase traffic to your Etsy shop.

This post is full, I know. I wanted you to have everything you need to move forward. No “do what I say, cus I said so” guidance here. Only actionable stuff that gets you results…as long as you’re consistently persistent.

Do the work, don’t give in. To your Etsy Shop’s success (Cheers!).

Hey, are there some awesome ways to get free Etsy shop traffic that I missed?

Share with us in the comments. Like my guide? +1, share and tweet it pleeeeaaaasssse! ‘Preciate cha.


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  1. WoW! Lots of take charge actions to get me going! Thanks for sharing :) Definitely need a boost for the quote unqoute slow season, so this is all on me now. Thanks again!

    • Thanks bunches! I’m so glad you can take these tips and rock your shop with them. It’s how I do it and how I help craftypreneurs do it too! You’re so welcome. Enjoy your weekend okay!

  2. Thanks so much. Great tips.

  3. l used to like this blog, but now l see it as one big marketing tool for getting creative people with little business savy to buy more and more apps, online books, forums, online marketing classes. l think l will find myself a mentor and enroll on some practical classes in my local area.

    • Well Laura you know what I’ve learned? You cannot build a business by yourself. There’s only so much you can DIY. I personally prefer to buy from sites that have proven their value. So I’m really sorry to read your disdain but you can’t do it alone. I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for reading my gp anyway. Lata!

  4. Hey, I’m new here, but it looks really good to me. I am gearing up to start my shop and need all current help I can get. Writing SEO articles for internet businesses is my day gig, but laser-focused advice for an Etsy shop is what I’m looking for. Thanks!

    • Hiya Mia! I’m an internet biz gal too so I know the grind all too well. Congrats on your upcoming launch I’d love to support cha when you’re finally open. Take this know-how and run with it girl. So honored I could help!

  5. Excellent information! It really has me motivated to use some of these sites and the 5 rule is great.

  6. This is terrific information and just what I was looking for. This is a “MUST READ” for creative people with or without business acumen who would like to drive traffic to their shop resulting in increased sales AND all of the information and tools ARE FREE!I’m going to start my 5-10-5 daily routine right now and pin, tweet, share, and post this great article! Thanks a million Mys Palmer!!

    • WOWZA Michele,

      I’m blushing and doing a little happy dance. I’m so happy you’re excited about the info and what it can do for your shop. It’s amazing what time and some free resources can do isn’t it? Go get ‘em luv!

  7. Just what I needed this morning. I was aiming for a mix of what to be sharing, and your 5-10-5 makes it more concrete.

    Love having a Plan! Thanks for a great article….sharing!

  8. Hi!

    I really enjoyed this article. It was very informative and I love the fact that I can begin taking action immediately.

    I have 1 question, though. You didn’t mention anything about having my own blog (at least I don’t think so).

    Would you suggest that we start our own blog as well?

    • Hiya Barb,

      Well blogging is a serious commitment and a lot of shop owners already have 9 to 5′s and so on and so forth. So they eventually leave the blog to the wayside. But yes, if you have the time and resources to blog I highly recommend it. But it’s not the only way to drive traffic and get exposure.

  9. Wow I love this article
    Now I need to get a movin’ and implement the 5-10-5 plan
    Wish me luck

  10. Good input. Can’t wait to put some of this into practice

  11. I really appreciate this article and what an awesome advice! Just when I am getting discouraged, here it comes a new way to raise my hopes high! Thank you!

  12. This came at a good time as I haven’t had any sales on Etsy since mid January. I will give your tips a try! Thanx

    • Ugh Debby I know that’s nerve racking! I haven’t had any new clients because the holiday rush had me booked solid. Which is a good thing. But now that I’ve gotten my clients all squared away it’s time I put my own 5-10-5 plan back into play. It works every time. In conjunction with the other 7 tips you should be just fine. Stay consistent and don’t give up after a week okay?

  13. Great tips! I also love the writers creative style of writing. Very engaging.

    • Hey Tieast,

      Thanks so much! I do tend to have a very specific style of writing it’s my personal branding ya know. Anyhoo glad you liked my rantings I’m happy Tim let me return to this awesome community. Have a good weekend!

  14. OOoooh these are all really good tips. Lots of things that I really didn’t know about, is there a difference between and stumbleupon or digg? I’m a newb when it comes to sites like that, but the 5-10-5 rule is great, I’m going to schedule it into my google calendar so I don’t forget.

  15. Hay Kat!

    Okay so first things first, thank you!!!

    Now down to biznaz… is a content curation site. What that means is you can use to be a thought leader and stay on top of industry news.

    Stunmble upon and digg are social bookmarking sites. You can submit your own articles to get relevant backlinks. Backlinks are links on another site that when clicked, take the viewer to your website/article/post.

    So they are similar but is much more engaging and you can make relationships by interacting with the members who post topics.

    You can even post your own posts to other people’s topics. Once you’ve built the relationship of course.

    Did that help?

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This post is fabulous, not just the post but the whole blog, I’m about to open my Etsy shop and I’m using all your tips from this blog as a handbook, I had no idea where to start when I first decided to open my shop, but you are simply giving me all the step by step that I needed!!

  17. Great post & not just relevant to Etsy Shops! I probably already do the 5 10 5 on Twitter but, am just getting to grips with better blogging, so think the guest blogging is a great idea!
    Thanks for all the useful links too :0)

  18. Holy crap! When do people have time to create the items for their shops? Obviously, I’m new to this because all of it seems overwhelming. I loved the tips about Scoop It, Retweet and Buffer; thank you.

  19. Wowser, this is jam packed full of wonderful tips and great instruction, yes, I need telling what to do, when and how many times! Thanks Mys,

  20. Hi, Mys!

    I was re-reading this guide and I have a question.

    You wrote:
    “Post and curate content 5 times a day across your networks. You may only post 2 of your own pieces a week.”

    What does this mean exactly?

    • Hey Barb,

      It means that out of the 5 posts per day (and if you’re posting 7 days a week) 35 posts per week, only 2 of these should be self promotional. Your blog, your pictures, your products. Is that clearer?

  21. Wonderful article! I know I’ve heard this stuff before but it’s nice to be reminded of it. I’m often guilty of slacking on this stuff and definitely need to keep up on it!

  22. Great article! I know I’ve heard this stuff before but it’s great to be reminded of it. Now to get back into that routine!

  23. Hello :-) I really like your post but I have a problem identifying my target group. I sew e.g. placemats, bags, pencil cases, home decoration and so on. But I don’t really know how the people are buying my items. That’s why it is hard for me finding relevant sites to follow and relevant content to share. Can you help me with that? :-) How can I figure out which people are interested in my items? Thanks :-) Katharina

  24. Hello Mys! I like your post very much :-) Nevertheless I have a problem: I think your guide only works if I know my target group ;-) (Of course, that’s logical.) But I don’t know my target group :-( I sew lovely things like bags, pencil cases, baby quilts, placemats and so on and I have absolutely no idea which opinion leaders I have to follow at Twitter, Pinterest and so on, because I don’t know which people to address. Do have any idea how I could figure out my concrete target group? :-) Thanks a lot! Katharina (from Germany)

  25. Thank you so much for this formula! It’s just what I needed to read, as I have been drowning in information and lost in how to apply it to real life business practices. This is such a simple way to organize my daily goals and I will certainly be trying it out! Thanks again!

  26. Thank you so much! I finally got brave and opened my Etsy shop in January and then just waited. Nothing happened but I was posting only on Facebook. I was starting to think it was just another silly idea of mine and nothing would come of it. The first week in March, out of the blue I made my first sale! I couldn’t believe, I was so excited! Then, she loved it so much she bought another one and her friend bought one! But, then nothing but I got encouraged so I started making more and listing more. Today, I decided to do some research on how to be successful and I found this! I am so excited to try these things! Even Twitter which, honesty I have been afraid to try, not sure why, just seemed overwhelming I guess. But, after reading all you’re tips, I am going to do it and start living the 5-10-5 rule immanently! Thank you so much!

  27. Thank you so much for this information. It definitely came at the right time as I want to start my business off on the right foot instead of mucking my way through trial and error :D (though that is a productive way, its much less efficient) Thanks again!!


  28. Well I don’t have much traffic to my new website or my Etsy shop yet so ill give this a shot! Why not its free right?!?!

  29. wow. this is by FAR the most helpful thing i have seen on using social media to improve traffic. thanks for the advice!

  30. I have just opened up my shop and found this article to be really helpful. I knew it would take work and didn’t really expect a lot out of etsy from the start. I knew I would need to be doing things on the back end the whole time. I just wasn’t sure what that would be.

  31. Wow! Amazing information. I’m a bit overwhelmed, but I can’t wait to get started! One question: how does following/favouriting/admiring etc… help with boosting your shops profile and SEO?

  32. Thank you so much for this posting. I am having some success on Etsy, especially with the Holiday season approaching. However, I am concerned about after the holidays and how I take my business to the next level.It appears that I was on the right track on some of the things I am doing, but not to the level that maybe I should be doing. Thank you again!

  33. HI, just looking at this hurts my brain.. I am quite intimidated and shy about posting things, or know what is really relevant to post. I Have a Pinterest account and an Instagram… I noticed you didn’t talk about Facebook… As I don’t really do twitter, what would a 3d platform be to implement the 5-10-5 that you would suggest? and any other helpful tips..thanks!

  34. I am happy I stumbled upon this post. Will definilty be trying this hopefully my traffic gets better and it can’t hurt! :)

  35. This is a great article. I like how it has many tips you can implement right away.

  36. Mys,

    Thank you for the great information. I’ve been thinking about guest posting and am doing a half baked job of social media. This post is very easy to understand and has good logic. What I love is that so many of your strategies can be implemented immediately. Thank you for the push!



  37. I had often wondered about a good ratio for posting my own stuff : sharing others. I hate the idea of spamming but at the same time am keen to get noticed. Always a tricky one. Cheers.

  38. We recently opened up shop with niche, faith-based items. Knowing the market is specific, we expected to have a smaller audience than a more broad product offering. With that, we were left scratching our heads with how to reach our targeted audience. This guide seems super helpful! Thank you so much! Looking forward to putting these into Acton and reposting when we see results! Thank you again!

  39. Great article! Just the push I need to embrace social media as a business tool :)

  40. Amazing advice , I will work with all your recommendations and if you need a guest post let me know.
    Thank you for the free advice!

  41. Great advice, and something to take to heart especially since I have started a blog recently too and want to increase traffic/visibility to all my platforms.

  42. Great info relating to a lot of the social networks out there and a great strategy! Will definitely be using this in the next months leading up to the Holiday Season- thank you!!!

  43. Mys-
    Of ALL the info I read,this is fantastic- a bit overwelming but fantastic-My problem is it takes so much time for me to create things/ whether its sewing or using my embroidery machine- Yes- even if I have a fancy schmancy multineedle embroidery machine it still takes time to get things finished. So, I dont know how to “balance” bringing traffic to my shop and or Facebook Page and making things to have them see.LOl.

    I’m not sure where to begin when it comes to connecting to someone in a blog who embroiders.
    I value your opinion and if you can help get me to the right direction would be great! In the meantime I’m going to check out BizSugar & Socialbuzz Club- I have never heard of them.
    Thank you!

  44. This is great information!! I have written 5-10-5 out on a piece of paper and stuck it on my computer to motivate me! Thanks so much!

  45. Brb printing and pinning this aricle to my wall! (actual wall, not a social media one)

    Thank you! This is great!

  46. Hi some useful information here, I needed some help to get my blog abit more traffic and interests. I have made notes of this 5-10-5 tips ^-^going in my studio and everywhere else I am about! Thank you

  47. Wow, this was a really solid article with a lot of great information. I have two Etsy stores that I’m promoting for myself, but then I’m also doing social media stuff for a few other entities, NOT Etsy related. All of these tips apply to everything, even beyond e-commerce. Very cool. Thank you!

  48. Thank you so much for an incredibly insightful article. One thing that has helped me to gain more exposures is I love scheduling my posts. I’m definitely going to try the ratio you suggested and I can’t wait to see the results. Wahoo!

  49. Thank you so much. Wonderful tips!

  50. Timothy.
    Thank you for this article. Very informative for my generation who didn’t grow up with computers. I know. You have no idea what it’s like for us older people..Perhaps you can write an article for all of us baby boomers who have to work extra hard and figuring all this out. Seriously.
    I love your message of persistence and consistency.
    Even though I would not claim to be an adept at social media, I do work my social medias every day, and now will work them even more. There’s always more to learn.
    You definitely remind me of my kids who are in your age group.
    Thank you for your help.

  51. we appreciate your information. God Bless You. Vedka

  52. My friend has just sent me this link and I feel like my head will explode in a second! :) Tons of information. Absolutely love it! I will read, and reread, and reread it again. And use it. Thank you so much!

  53. Hi, thank you for this article. I am very happy that I got here, because I am thinking all the time how to get more traffic to my website and my Etsy shop. I ‘m going to try now what you have suggested. The only trouble for me is how to find time for everything: designing, drawing, sewing, taking photos and managing my website, my Etsy shop and all social media. The amount of time I need for all those things seems to be overwhelming.

  54. I love this. Actual tips I haven’t heard and make so much sense. Finally detailed advice that I’ve been searching for! Thanks so so much <3

  55. Thank you for this guide! I opened my etsy shop about a month ago and am learning as I go! Since I work full time the time I have to devote to the shop and learning to be successful is limited. However, I committed to completing certain tasks each week! One of my tasks is to read one helpful article or blog each week in an area that I need help in developing! Even though I was getting out there each day, this guide provides structure that I needed be most effective!

  56. Great tips! I think I’ve come across these before, but re-reading gave me more insight. I will definitely follow them with hopes to bring more traffic to my shop! I greatly appreciate it!. Vick

  57. Great info! Plan on using all these tips, thanks so much.

  58. I appreciate this post so much as I am starting to build my brand and get more exposure for my etsy shop. I agree that it takes people helping each other in order to promote a business as I definitely have tried doing it on my own and have not gotten anywhere.

    Little did I know that I have actually been implementing the 5-10-5 rule to my instagram and have gotten positive results so far. Therefore, reading the 5-10-5 rule here, to be used on all social media seems sound to me. I didn’t even know that I was already doing this!

    Now it’s time to spread it across my social media platforms! Why didn’t I think of that before?!

    Thank you for taking the time to write this guide! Very grateful!

  59. Awesome Article, you just educated this old school photographer, thank you so much!!!

  60. Thanks so much! This stuff is GOLD! :*

  61. This is just the kind of information that speaks to me. Specifics. Can’t thank you enough. I made a daily checklist database to keep me on track. Well done!

  62. Just started my own etsy page (it’s very naked at the moment) and I desperately needed some networking/marketing tips! Thank you so much for your post! Have a great day :)

  63. A million thank yous for this sage advice. I am a very goal oriented person and I love rules so the 5-10-5 rule is a winner for me. I feel like I have been spinning my wheels since the beginning of august when I opened my etsy shop. I have a few sales but I am not getting much traffic aside from the teams on etsy. I love facebook, pinterest and even twitter but so far I have only used them for personal stuff. My ‘audiences’ are mostly friends and relatives who are not my etsy audience. I have been posting like crazy but its just my product listings I am posting and clearly that is not working. This is good advice. I cannot wait to put it to work. thank you.

  64. So I see that I am not the only one searching for advice on how to drive more traffic to my Etsy shop. Looks like I am going to have to figure out this 5-10-5 social media strategy but am definitely willing to give it a try. Has anyone tried this and seen either great results or no results? Thanks!

  65. Amazing post, thank you!!!!

  66. Love the actions steps shared here. Although I am doing pretty well on my Etsy traffic, I need to jumpstart my traffic on my own ecommerce site. I get amazingly good conversion when you look at the number of people who visit my site. But I need a lot more people to find me.

    Thanks for your insights.

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