Tuesday , 22 May 2018
Facebook has just released it's new Fan page layout. Everything that the old layout had is still there, and there are some improvements. Here is a walk through of all the changes.

Upgrading to the New Facebook Fan Page Layout

new fanpage layout

Facebook has just released it's new Fan page layout.  Everything that the old layout had is still there, and there are some improvements.

If you want to upgrade and you have not been promoted to yet here is the link you want use:


This link will allow you to take a tour of the new layout or upgrade. Below you will see what this page will look like.

new facebook fan page tour

Once you hit upgrade you will get a notice like the one shown below.  Once you upgrade you can't go back , but everyone will be upgraded on march 1.

new facebook fan page tour

Here is a quick tour of what your new Facebook Fan Page will look like.

Pictures are now going to be displayed at the top.   This area will not include pictures posted by your fans.

Facebook fanpage tour

There will be two wall filters just like before.  You wall can be posts from just the admin or from admin and fans.

Facebook fanpage tour

Navigation is moved from the tabs form to the left hand side.

Facebook fanpage tour

Using Facebook As:

For the longest time when you commented on other Facebook Fan Pages your comment was left by you – your profile.  Now Facebook has changed it up and instead of leaving a link with your avatar from your personal profile, you can change it to your Fan Page/Business page.  This is going to allow you get more exposure to your fan page

Facebook fanpage tour

Get notifications as “your fan page”.  My Fan Page is Handmadeoly, when I switch using Facebook as Handmadeology, I will see all the notifications from my fan page.

use facebook as

use facebook as

Use this search to find other pages to like and leave comments on them as your fan page.

Your newsfeed will change as well.  You will see updates only from the pages you have liked.

You can switch back you using Facebook as your self at any time.  This will allow you to see all the updates from your fan page and personal profile.

Stop by our fan page and let us know what you think about this new layout!

Handmadeology on Facebook 

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  1. Ability to communicate with your page fans as a Page, but not from your personal Facebook account is a huge improvement.

  2. Wow This is awesome!!! Thank you Facebook for recognizing the sellers’ pages to receive more acknowledgment!

  3. I hate the newsfeed. Can we change that? The fact that it sorts out of order doesn’t bode well with my OCD. ;) I want people to see updates in order. Not by most popular.

  4. I’ve got may five top photos static by tagging them, is there any way to keep them from random positions? Not a problem on regular pages

  5. I agree with Sandy and Elena. Sorting by popularity and not by chronological order befuddles me.

    I love being able to easily switch from my personal profile to my Craftstravaganzaa page. I can post to other pages and profiles as Craftravaganzaa when I pop in on Craftstravaganzaa business.

    Plus!! Posting comments here and there as your Fan Page might get you more fans. It certainly puts you out there more.

  6. Finally a facebook upgrade I am HAPPY about!!yay!

  7. I think I am loving this new page!

  8. I love that I will now receive some kind of notice when someone interacts with my page – hoping that includes photo comments.

    You can now like other pages as your page now too. I think numbers on pages will jump due to people liking them and their store liking them too.

  9. Thanks for the heads up and the lesson. I look forward to hearing from Handmadeology every day!!

  10. Thanks…. I think it will take some getting use to..but I love the fact you can now be your fan page if you wish

  11. Thank you – as usual you’ve explained a few details that I was missing with the face book walk through!

  12. Thanks for showing the changes in detail. I received my upgrade email last night, but was unsure about upgrading so soon. It will be a welcome change now that I know exactly what has been improved. Thanks again. :)

  13. I absolutely love that I can comment as Orange Cat Art now!

    Did I miss something, or is there an easy way to designate which 5 photos show up?

  14. I think I love my new Facebook page! So happy to comment as Off The Wall Expressions!

  15. I appreciate your posting this info! I hadn’t had the time to check it out yet, and your summary is very helpful. Thanks!

  16. I took a tour of the new layout and switched my fan page to the new layout yesterday. I REALLY love the five photos at the top which I can use like my own little showcase of products. Good stuff!

  17. Oh wow! I didnt know you could switch which page you want to use. Thanks

  18. I really like being able to “like” and post things as my page. I was wishing for that when I was in a “fan drive” and had to post my link to their walls as myself.

  19. Picturize.Me let’s you Revamp your facebook Profile’s Look,
    picturize.me lets you revamp your facebook profile’s look in a creative way. give your profile picture that extra edge, and extend it to cover the top images of your profile. try it, and take full control!

  20. I hate the icons on the side and I want the tabs back. They were MUCH more visible!

    I also hate the sorting of the wall. Please put it back to chronilogical order or give the option to chose which order you want.

    Pictures on top are good. Ability to comment elsewhere with the page identity is good too.

  21. I agree with sodacreekpizza. The tabs across the top were much better. Can you change the order and move items up so that clicking “more” is not required to view “My Etsy”?

    I get frustrated that Facebook changes things so often. Their “help” pages don’t even keep up with the changes!

  22. This is good news! I hope it works as well as it sounds like it will. I updated my page today.

  23. We’ve been playing with the new layout. We’re using the five photos featured at the top of the page to host a game for our fans. They appear in random order after every ‘refresh.’ The goal is to get three of the same image in a row. Try it, and possibly apply it to your own page!


  24. I miss having a little blurb “about me” showing on the page. And I hope there will be a way to sort the newsfeed to show the current posts first, like someone mentioned earlier! Thanks for this post.

  25. Thanks for the info. I will be upgrading in a few.

  26. I love it, just one tiny snag.

    Pages can’t join groups :( I have a few handmade groups that I use and would love to interact with my page rather than having to post on my like page and just tag the posts.

  27. Pretty stupid move by FB! Not having the comments in chronological order pretty much KILLS the specific fan-page I have (as it relies on proper continuity), and unless they change that, I’ll have to delete the fan-page. At least give us an OPTION to do so. Don’t they think these things through?

  28. Thanks for the reminder.
    Tim, have you chosen to use facebook as you or as handmadeology?

  29. Thanks, for the response, Tim.
    As I was waiting, I figured out that we had the option to switch back & forth. :)

  30. Not having a correct chronological order of posts is a grave error, and is ruining many a fan page. There has even been a facebook fan page set up to try and get the essential feature of a chronologically correct wall brought back. For any business or organization correct chronological order is essential, and random order is detrimental. Order by relevance may be applicable to social interaction, but not interaction in business. Facebook may begin to instruct people to change the wall default view to just show posts from moderators, which makes the page chronologically correct. The problem there is you then eliminate posts from outsiders, which are essential to the healthy functioning of many pages. There is no reason it should be either/or. Correct chronological order with outside input allowed should be an option, an option 99.9% of facebook moderatos would likely choose.

    If you don’t like what is going on with fan page changes here are some places to complain…


    …and more formally, here…


    …and here…


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