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In 2011 Handmadeology saw over 2.5 million pages views. Hundreds of articles were published and thousands of handmade and vintage items were featured from Etsy. Here is your chance to get your Etsy shop in front of thousands of readers!

Weekend Handmade Challenge | January 14 2012

handmadeology weekend challenge

In 2011 Handmadeology saw over 2.5 million pages views.  Hundreds of articles were published and thousands of handmade and vintage items were featured from Etsy.  Here is your chance to get your Etsy shop in front of thousands of readers!

Here is the challenge:

Who can drive the most traffic back to Handmadeology in one week.  Jan 14 – Jan 22

What is up for grabs:

The top 15 refers during the next week will get featured right here on the blog.

The top 5 refers will receive a 125×125 ad for 3 months worth $125

Here are the rules:

1. You must like us on Facebook.

2. Join and leave a comment on the event about the challenge on Facebook  and like it. HERE 

3.  Leave a comment here on the blog with your blog and shop.

4.  Drive traffic!

Ideas of how to refer the most traffic:

1. Write a post on your blog about an article you read here on Handmadeoloy.

2. Share your blog  post on facebook, twitter, Pinterest,  you name it!

3.  You can share , tweet, or like any post on Handmadeology.

4. When you tweet make sure you include @handmadeology.

What if I don’t have a blog?

If you don’t have a blog, that is ok!  You can still promote and drive traffic back to Handmadeology.  Everything is trackable, and we will be watching!


Winners will be announced Sunday  22nd.





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  1. Thanks so much for all you do!!! Always great tips, ideas, activities!!

  2. Tim -

    Here’s my blog:

    And my shop:

    This is exciting…looking forward to see who wins!

  3. My blog, first challenge of 2012 was to make an art journal

    my shop, busy stocking with Valentine’s gifts for him and her

  4. Great idea! Have stumbled, pinned, tweeted, fb’d, +1 and linkedin so far.

    My Etsy shop

    My blog

  5. Why didn’t I know about this last year? I must have had my eyes closed, lol.
    My shop’s here –
    And my (very new) blog is here –

  6. Great idea! Already Like u guys on FB. Will promote the challenge.

  7. Ok, just tweeted, shared on Linkedin to three groups, liked. Social media is so funny, it makes me dizzy! I’ll write a blog post about this and then come back and share the link.

    Thanks so much for all your great marketing ideas Tim. I have to say of all the different marketing ideas, yours always seem to be the most practical!


  8. Sounds all great.
    Here is my shop name:

  9. Just pinned your post on “Seven Tips For better Picture Taking” at:

    And it’s been re-pinned twice already!

    • Renee -

      Thanks for the update….that’s awesome!

      I’m glad to see that the article is helpful. That’s what I’m all about: helping people!


  10. Tim, I’ll be honest….I’m gonna do this because I want to see how it plays out. My blog is at
    and I have had a permanent link there to you for months. For free. If I see something good, I link it.

    I promote your enterprise all the time….not a week goes by I don’t mention Handmadeology or especially your Etsy book. I just joined Pinterest on your recommendation….that’s working out, too.

    Etsy was a win-win for me as a sideline venue to our large stand alone webstore. B’sue Boutiques started at Etsy end of June and as of Jan 1, over 1800 sales.

    That book got me out of Ebay as a sideline venue (all stand alones need a side line venue, it drives more traffic to your main store and provides customers with options—for ex, they might prefer Etsy!) and someplace where I would be appreciated and needed as a vendor.

    Etsy blew out the bugs over the years since it’s inception: for me, it’s a no brainer for use, anyone can do it, you can be up and running in less than an hour w minimal skills. Better still: you can get the hey out of Ebay. 14 years of torture was enough for me. Etsy is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for what you do!

  11. Hi Tim,
    Not quite sure how I put you in my blog, but here it is
    I love the challenge – my challenge will be
    figuring out what I’m doing? peace, elizabeth

  12. Super idea. So appreciate all you do to help us get out there and get goin’!

  13. Thanks again.
    Forgot to put my facebook link:!/pages/Romantique-Punk/118219768245035


  14. This is a great way to promote each other so I’m in! I have almost fulfilled the entry requirements – just need to write my blog entry now and get tweeting! Vikki – Calamity Crafts :)

  15. Thankfully I’m not the only one who has tried to post and then realised they didn’t put all of the criteria in their comment and so had to post again!:)

    So here is my Etsy shop:

    This is my blog:

    And this is my blog post mentioning Handmadeology:

    Will repost via Twitter & FB

    Vikki – Calamity Crafts :)

  16. Hello! congratulations for your work and thanks for the opportunity.

    I will promote your work in these places.
    Good week and good luck for all!

  17. I will give it a shot. I also am thinking about leaving e-bay,no sales. i am going to read your book. I am a big fan of BSue Boutiques, she gives great advise!

  18. So my blog is brand new but I will give this a shot!
    My Blog with the article

    My shop

    I hope I’m doing everything right!
    B’sue says Hi!

  19. Hi, I would love to participate in this challenge.

    I recently started blogging and today I reviewed an article from your blog which can be viewed here:

    Hope you read and enjoy :)

    Craft Brainiac


  20. my blog:

    I don’t have a shop yet. I hope that’s not a problem. good luck everyone! :)

    I joined on fb as Maša N.

  21. Hi! This is my first visit here, thanks to B’Sue. I’d love to have some new visitors to my blog:

    my Etsy shop is

    Now I’m off to Like you on Facebook!

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