Tuesday , 25 June 2019

What does the Fox Say? Handmade Edition

‘What Does The Fox Say?’ by SarahBeIIe


Le Red Fox Fat-Fat Totem – M…


Fox jacket knitted baby jack…


Adjustable Wrapping Pink Ros…


Plush Fox Pillow in Yellow. …


Miss Fox says Hello – 8×10 i…


Woodland Nursery Art – Owl F…


Crochet Fox Pillow


Fox Locket Necklace


Lil’ Foxes, Post Earring…


Fox & Rabbit Mug


Fox Brooch .. Woodland Fox …


Fox Head Keyring / Keychain


Fox nursery decor. Wood baby…




Fox Print Polka Dot Fox Wood…



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  1. I hear that the Fox is the next big thing and will replace the Owl in home decor, kids clothes and accessories. My artwork is all about animals and birds but I haven’t painted a Fox yet.

  2. I love foxes! Great round-up. I hope to add a fox embroidery hoop art to my shop very soon.

  3. Foxes are incredibly cute!! And i love the fact that they’re all individually handcrafted. I’m currently running a campaign called ‘Bead the Change’. Its aim is to support independent jewelry designers and their handmade products!
    You can check it out here: http://www.beadthechange.wordpress.com

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