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Packaging is the first thing that a customer sees. Shouldn’t it blow them away? I would argue yes.

What Does Your Packaging Say About Your Product? Does Your Packaging Inspire?

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How yummy is this packaging? Frankly, I’m not even sure what it contains right now. I haven’t been able to move past the outter shell. It’s just lovely. I just stare…

and stare…

and, you guessed it… stare. [but I've always been a little odd.]

This simple packaging has somehow managed to become the inspiration behind our May-wedding color palette [ok, I promise this will not turn into a wedding blog. but maybe I will start a separate one.]. Colors 2-5 in the above picture have made their way into our theme. Don’t they just look so lovely together?

Packaging is the first thing that a customer sees. Shouldn’t it blow them away? I would argue yes. True, elaborate packaging can become an added expense, but it can be done brilliantly while still being cost-effective. Take the little lovelies above, for example. A simple colorful bag that has been folded down and secured with a logo-ed clothes pin. But look what it has evoked in me! It’s shaped one of, if not the, largest events of my life.

So how can you pump up your packaging design so that it’s not merely a barrier between a customer and your product, but rather a gateway to your product that the customer can also enjoy? What does your current packaging convey? If it’s difficult to open, it will communicate that your product is either difficult to use or not well thought out. If it’s run-of-the-mill, the customer might not think that your product is not much different from the competition, which might offer a cheaper alternative, and thus is not worth investing in.

I challenge you to evaluate your current packaging and improve it in 2011. Even if you think that your packaging stands out in the crowd, ask your 5 best customers how they think you can improve how your items are packaged. 

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  1. Great article! For 2011, I ordered supplies to make my packaging more cohesive with the overall look of Simple Joys Paperie. I’m hoping customers will enjoy receiving packages from me.

    Here’s a question for anyone reading and commenting ~ would you suggest adding a photo of your packaging in your Etsy listings?

  2. I think adding a photo would be a great way to show off that extra touch that you put into your products, especially if your packaging is something that you’ve worked hard on and are proud of. Assuming you have solid pictures of your product and if it blends with your overall style, it’s worth using the valuable picture real estate on it.

  3. ohhh my. i spend hours packaging, i’m always trying to improve because I totally agree with what you’ve writen above. If your package is gorgeous people’s expectations become higher. I had a few customers that confessed me that they had a hard time destriyng my packages because they loved them so much. Some bought for gift giving & at the end they keep the pieces for themselves.

  4. I sell vintage, which means a wide variety of shapes and sizes, plus lots and lots of bubble wrap, as well as plain boxes and flat rate priority boxes. I’ve been wanting to create packaging that’s cohesive, but can’t really figure out, with the wide variety of stuff I ship out, how to do this.

  5. My packaging is very simple, but effective. I put my jewelry in a small plastic bag and wrap it in tissue paper. Then I wrap that in bubble wrap and finally I use some ribbon and tie a bow around the bubble wrap. It’s functional and pretty.

  6. I think the importance of your packaging depends on what you are selling. In some cases, distinctive packaging is essential for making sales.

    I’m currently focusing on making garter belts and waist cinchers, which in a way, are packages themselves, displaying you and your body. When I prepare a garment for shipping, I want it to be protected and nicely presented, but I do not want this packaging to overwhelm the garment its self.

  7. I try to keep my packaging simple and enviro-friendly. I promote my gift bags as being trash-free so I don’t want my customers to have to dispose of a lot of excess packaging. I wrap my reusable fabric gift bags in pretty blue (yet recycled) tissue paper and seal with a label or two with my shop name. Then into an Eco-enclose reusable (has a 2nd sealing strip) and compostable envelope for protection from the elements.

  8. I love design & packaging is no exception. I have several different ways of packaging, depending on the size & type of item. For instance I’ll often, on smaller things, like headbands, I’ll fold the piece into pieces of colorful tissue paper & ‘seal’ them with a few embroidery stitches. There are so many creative ways to package work. Thanks for the article!

  9. we had a graphic designer friend work on our jewelry and business cards in trade for some of our eco silver jewelry. Good design doesn’t have to cost a lot!

    We then package our pieces in recycled tissue and an organic, reusable jewelry pouch.

    You can see the results here:

  10. Corina – very nice packaging! As an eco-business, I struggle with this as well. I will be putting some serious thought into packaging now. Great “food for thought” article!

  11. Ahhh…this is a topic which I have been thinking about for a while now! Like many others trying to be eco-conscious, my packaging is usually quite simple, but still pretty (an important thing for jewellery I think).
    Lately I have been trying to stand out a little more from all of the other jewellery stores out there, so have been upcycling vintage books and music in my packaging. Feedback so far has been really positive, although I did worry if my packaging was a little hard to open…

  12. Well….my efforts went on trying to secure my jewelries as I can not send my orders in a box. It has to be a flat envelope. The only option I have is to have a nice support ( a beige/ivory/silver cardboard) on which I put my jewelry, that has my logo, a nice design/drawing on it. I put a short description on the back (materials…) and how to instructions.
    The final touch are my links….
    All this in plastic bag, extra-bubble wrapped :-) and always a “Thank you note”.

  13. I agree, its what does it for me so we do it too! i spen a long time packing our hair art, and we send goodies and notes, handwritten too! and sometimes coupons for next purchases ;P

    this makes us be repeat buyers too!

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