Sunday , 19 September 2021

What We’ve Learned After 5,000 Etsy Sales

Made In Germany 12 Gold Foil Dresden Butterflies

Made In Germany 12 Gold Foil Dresden Butterflies

32NorthSupplies says:

We hit 5,000 sales a couple days ago and wanted to share a few of the things we’ve learned along the way. Some things are tried and true, others surprised us and made us wish we’d done them sooner…

Not only does it keep your store fresh and full, but listing/renewing a few things every day keeps your listings closer to the top of search results. Being at the top means buyers see your items sooner.

Most of us have heard it a million times but it couldn’t be more true: good, clear photos taken in natural light that are accurate representations of how items look are photos that make sales happen. There are tons of sources and tutorials if you’re not sure how to set up your shots that are all worth looking into (search the forums and the storque to start).

Taking advantage of being able to add multiple images to listings also helps sell items. Different angles and detail shots add to your listing and help give your customers an idea of what they’re really looking at.

If you sell multiple colors of the same thing, consider including a color chart as one of your photos to show customers available options.

Customers appreciate prompt responses. It shows you value them and their time and that you take what you’re doing seriously.

We ship orders out within 2-24 hrs, the only exception being Sundays and holidays. Customers appreciate getting their items fast. It lets them know their business is valued and that getting purchases in their hands is a top priority. Quick shipping tells your customers they can count on you and increases the likelihood of building a repeat clientele.

We’re all about recycling packaging materials, and encourage it, but we never send out purchases in dingy or inappropriate packaging. For example, we recently received a purchase packed in a used food box. What should have been an exciting moment was instead became “Eew gross!” It’s important that when a customer opens their package they’re as excited as when they first saw it on Esty.

Charging for postage supplies is more than fair, as is accounting for things like standing in line at the post office to mail international orders. But charging an exorbitant amount on shipping turns customers off. From the beginning, we’ve offered overage refunds for combined shipping on multiple items purchased. Customers appreciate and recognize fairness and will come back to shop again.

Read more here.

Giving important Etsy forum threads written by the Etsy community a second look, so Etsy sellers can Read, Learn, and Apply! 

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  1. Great article and thank you for the information. I do follow 32 Northsupplies on my blog. Tips on taking good pics is something I try to use all the time but still working on them.

    Have a great Day!

  2. Thanks alot for giving information……

  3. Thanks for the solid info!

  4. That is really impressive!!!! I wil ltry and follow your direction and advice. Thank you.

  5. Ok………now I have heard everything……a used food container…..takes recycling to a new low!!!!!

  6. Thanks for a great article. Love your shop! Just heading over to find your blog!

  7. Oops – sorry! Misread the first comment. It’s not you that has a blog, it’s someone who blogs about you!

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