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Etsy has become an incredible outlet for home-based crafting businesses, and exploded practically overnight several years ago. Since then, it’s becoming more and more common to find something that you love and be told that it was purchased from the popular site.

Why Your Etsy Shop Needs a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Propaganda Poster  by: Justonescarf

Facebook Propaganda Poster by: Justonescarf

Why Your Etsy Shop Needs a Facebook Fan Page

Etsy has become an incredible outlet for home-based crafting businesses, and exploded practically overnight several years ago. Since then, it’s becoming more and more common to find something that you love and be told that it was purchased from the popular site. That being said, as popular as Etsy is, there are always ways to increase your business. Adding a Facebook fan page to your Etsy shop is one such way that will help spread your business around like wildfire.

1.      Allows you to interact with people easily

Facebook reaches billions of people every single day, and having a fan page on there can almost guarantee that you’ll get a spike in your traffic because it’s so easy for others to share your page with their friends. Plus, you are able to alert people to sales and promotions on a social medium that most people interact with every day.

2.      Free advertising

Because you don’t have to pay anything to start a Facebook fan page, you have an inexpensive way to advertise your products. You will be able to upload current pictures of your items and get direct feedback from customers since they can leave comments on individual pictures and on your wall letting you know what they are interested in and what they aren’t.

3.      Facebook Pages Insights

This tool allows you to analyze the different analytics that occur within your fan page. It can help you gauge how successful your site is and figure out where you might be able to improve.

4.      You can compete with the competition

If all of your competitors are on Facebook then you would be doing your business a disservice by not also having a fan page. Conversely, if none of your competitors are on Facebook, you have an opportunity to get a head start on them by being launching a fan page and creating a strong online presence before anyone else. Plus it allows you to monitor what they’re doing, what works for them and what doesn’t, and apply that to your own site.

5.      It helps with SEO

Because Facebook is so prevalent, you’re going to be found much easier if you have a fan page in addition to your Etsy shop. This will help to improve your SEO, especially when you link the both your shop and your fan page together. Increased visibility means increased traffic and increased traffic will hopefully lend itself to increased sales!

Considering how many positives there are to having a Facebook fan page, it would be silly not to create one for your Etsy shop. Plus it’s free, and you can’t beat free, especially when it relates to free advertising and promotion! So if you’re looking to expand your Etsy shop’s presence, Facebook is a great way to do so.

Author Bio

This Guest post is by Christine Kane from internet service providers, she is a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects for different blogs. She can be reached via email at: Christi.Kane00 @ 

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  1. I am very new to social media. So my questions is what is the fan page? I have my Etsy shop linked to my facebook account, is this what you are talking about?

    • Karen,
      Linking your Etsy to your personal page is a good way to reach the people that you know, but if you “create a page” with your business name and network, you can capture a whole new audience of people that you would never come in contact with. It’s a good time to do it, get your friends to “like” the page and share it with their friends.
      Good luck!

  2. Although your article makes sense and can help to promote your work, I do have to put in my two cents on this.
    Many people have told me that they “unlike” pages because there are some people/pages that share too many listings on FB that it becomes obnoxious. I’ve also had feedback from some crafters that they have lost fans after posting several items back to back. Therefore, my advise (take it or leave it) is to consider how often you post/list your Etsy items on Facebook.
    One way to keep from over-stepping is to create a photo album of the pieces you have for sale and then include the link in the description area. You can add as much as you want and use the option to “publish” or “skip”.
    What do you think?

  3. Its true to many posting gets annoying. I try to not post on my page more than 1x per day. I follow others pages and most are considerate but there have been a few that abuse the postings, they eventually get hidden.
    I love the feedback that facebook generates and there are times that I use my followers to determine what may or may not be a good idea. :) Also by following me they get perks that aren’t available to other customers like discount coupons.
    I have noticed that I seem to have hit a wall around the 300 mark for followers though, can’t seem to get beyond that.

  4. Do the fans on my Facebook page have access to my personal Facebook?? I am not interested in sharing all my personal pictures and info with strangers/customers… Thanks..

  5. Hi,
    When I first read your suggestion, I tried to figure out if I already had a facebook fan page. Can you tell me where to find that info? Thanks for alerting me to fan page.

  6. I made a facebook page for my business but it is attached to my own personal page. I don’t want customers to have access to my personal facebook. How do I correct what I did wrong?

    Thanks for your time,

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