Thursday , 16 July 2020

Work Less, Be Happy!

I confess: I’m a workaholic. Everybody that knows me, knows this about me. But I’ve also learned the hard way how harmful it is for my emotional + spiritual + physical health to put in perpetual hold my extracurricular activities like my pilates class + going shopping with my mom + lunching with my girlfriends + etc. Now, no matter how much work I have piling up in my studio, I know better I must figure out a way to find balance my life.

Here are a few tips + strategies that have helped me so so much to strike a balance between my work life + personal life:


1. Take lunch breaks. This one sounds simple, but it’s really a bit complicated. We all have to eat right? But eating in front of the computer is no eating ethic any of us should be following. Use your 1-2 hour lunch break to really sit back + relax. This is a great opportunity to cook a homemade meal + go out for a short walk + lunch out with your gals or any other activity that gets you to disconnect + vent.

2. Make appointments after work. Doing extracurricular activities outside the office environment is essential to the feeling of balance. Book a yoga class + cooking class + dance lesson + learn a new language + make appointments to see your friends. When we make plans ahead of time we are more likely to stick with them.

3. Establish your limits. Set strict bounds about when you will start + stop checking your BlackBerry messages + e-mails + Etsy convos + etc. Resist the urgency to stay connected 24/7. When we don’t establish clear limits between our professional + private life, we lose sight of balance.

4. Free days. Pick a day of the week to really disconnect 100% from all responsibility. I used to work everyday of the week with the excuse that work was crazy busy. Now I  work harder during the week + organize my schedule so I can take my weekends off to go to the beach with my boyfriend. This has been the single best decision I have taken in my career. I feel happier + less stressed + because I organize my weeks so well to be able to leave for the weekend, I actually get more work done during the week. Listen to me please: get off your computer at least one day a week – you will thank me later.

5. Me time. Pick a moment in the day or week to really be by yourself + meditate + think about your week + write down your goals + dreams + read an inspirational poem + listen to your favorite tune. The time you take for yourself is sacred + extremely important for finding inner peace.

6. Make time for your body. Your body is your temple, nourish it by eating foods that are good for you + exercising regularly + sleeping your 8 hours. A healthy body is a happy body.

What do you do to juggle your work + personal life? How do you find harmony in your life?


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Mayi Carles

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  1. Ah, yes! Words of wisdom, indeed! I can be a dangerous work-a-holic, especially because I LOVE what I do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need to get away from it, take a break, look at the sky for an hour, see friends, and have a laugh or two. Trying to keep a small business alive and well these days can certainly be a challenge, but frame of mind makes all the difference.

    I love all of your suggestions! My husband and I are both the owners our handmade tile business, so these are great suggestions for both of us. I used to give him a hard time when he’d take a whole hour for lunch, and I’d wolf down a sandwich in 15 minutes and be back at it. But these days I see that that hour gives time to decompress a bit and gear up for the next 6 hour shift!!

    And now I’m off to have tea with my girlfriend – one thing that I really make an effort to do every Thursday or Friday morning.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. I definitely needed to read this! Thanks so much. I’m going to print this one out and follow it.

  3. Linda I’m so happy you liked the article. Time management + life balance is one of those never ending projects one has to work + refine + perfect with time. I congratulate you for making time for friends. That is one of the most difficult things for me to fit into my agenda – usually my family + my boyfriend + myself have the priority, but friends are so important to pamper + nourish. I need to follow my own advice + schedule my date with my girl friends ahead of time :)

  4. Kari! Always a pleasure :)

    I do the same – print out inspirational messages + write post it note about my goals + re-read articles that motivate me. It helps keep me in check + on track!

  5. Such excellent reminders! It is so hard to be balanced when you are trying to grow your business and putting your heart into it, but you have to remember what you are doing all that hard work for!

  6. I have been putting these principles into practice over the past few weeks (after becoming so burnt out that I was ready to give up my business completely), and I can testify that every point written here is true for me. It’s almost like being reborn when I am able to keep balance in my life – I think clearer so I make better business decisions and creativity flows better too. Yaaaay! Thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom!

  7. Great point Jenny. We work so hard, but if we don’t share our lives with the ones we love, all the hard work seems a bit meaningless right?

  8. Diane the same thing happened to me! I saw the light only when I almost collapsed from work overload. I”m a firm believer that crisis bring clarity + allow us to rethink our lives in new + creative ways!

  9. What a good article. As a true workaholic (if I am up, I am working), I can attest to the fact that it’s very difficult to break the habit, particularly in such a bad economy. There is a real cycle of guilt…If you are working, you’re not with family, but if you are with family and friends, you’re not making any money or efforts toward doing so, and thus letting them down in another way. Ugh!

  10. I know the tension Jen! It’s a real struggle. I’ve learned that quantity time with family + friends is not the same as quality. I would rather spend less time with them, but the times I do spend I give my 100% + all! This is key! Really committing to not checking the blackberry + sewing + painting… just being 100% with them. That has really helped me + I hope it helps you a bit too.

  11. I soooo need to heed this advice. I haven’t spend spending time with friends or exercising, and it leaves me just feeling drained after a while. Thanks for the timely thoughts!

  12. GREAT article Mayi!! Now I just need to implement your great advice!! It’s almost Noon here, think I will break for lunch and wtch a little news!! No headache for me at 3pm from not breaking for lunch! That will be my first step…

  13. I love this so, so much! Thanks for the reminder about the important stuff.

  14. This is such a great article! I find that when I don’t schedule enough me time/family time/rest I undermine myself in destructive ways, like watching tv during my work day so I get less done all around and feel guilty for slacking when I should be working. So much better to just get the work time in and then go play!

  15. I’m so delighted this article got such an amazing discussion going. I see this is a topic we all struggle with + it’s very close to us.

    En resume, I hope the article serves as a friendly reminder that we are all human + it’s hard for most of us to balance our priorities in life. So don’t be so hard on yourself if one day you are stock to your computer working on a project. As long as you recognize it is not good to do it always you will survive.

    I also hope the article inspires us to be a little more committed to our happiness + not strictly our work!

    And I want to thank you all for your participation in this discussion. I value every single one of your comments + insights so much!

  16. I so identified with your post. I work all day every day and don’t get paid yet and I don’t even know why I do it. Sadly a lot of it is out of pure boredom isn’t that aweful? Then I am burnt out like you said on pursuing my real passions which is just oddly backwards ;)

    Now wasn’t that uplifting :) We were doing Mondays as “no screen days” where we don’t do phone, internet, or television. That was really very nice and now we are looking for something different.

    As soon as we make our move in the near future than I’m going to promise myself days off and days on as well as how to start and end my day. It is so hard as a business owner :)


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