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Great product descriptions are pivotal to engaging customers and helping them to understand what is so special about your product and why they need to purchase it. I have seen many product descriptions on Etsy that are either much too brief, leaving lots of unanswered questions or are very lengthy with unorganized information.

Writing Expert Product Descriptions for Your Etsy Shop

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Writing Expert Product Descriptions for Your Etsy Shop

Great product descriptions are pivotal to engaging customers and helping them to understand what is so special about your product and why they need to purchase it. I have seen many product descriptions on Etsy that are either much too brief, leaving lots of unanswered questions or are very lengthy with unorganized information.

It takes practice to master the creation of a strong description. Below are some general rules of thumb:

  • Give enough information for the reader so they are able to make an educated decision. Include any information that you think may be helpful: color, size, fabrication, why it’s unique, shipping materials (if fragile), etc.
  • Be as specific as possible – use adjectives to describe features to help bring them to life.
  • Don’t include so much information that the reader becomes overloaded. In general, people don’t like to digest large amounts of information. Multiple paragraphs are often too much and the content can get tricky to organize.
  • Use bullet points to list features, with the most important features at the top of the list.

A good general formula:

1.    Product name

2.    1-2 intro sentences

3.    Bulleted list of features

4.    Brief closing

Below are 2 good product descriptions. These are not for actual products – they are for example purposes only. The style and organization can be adapted to a wide array of product types

Product Description Example #1:

Handcrafted (Brand X) Natural Beeswax Candle

Enjoy the warm glow of this 6″ tall beeswax candle. Candles make a perfect gift for any occasion, as well as a warm, inviting addition to your home.

Benefits of beeswax:

  • A natural, renewable resource
  • Longer lasting than traditional wax candles
  • Emits no harmful fumes when burning. In fact, beeswax is a natural deodorizer and air cleaner

 Your natural (Brand X) pillar candle:

  • Is made from pure beeswax from Southwestern US bees
  • Burns clean and bright
  • Is drip-less and smoke-less
  • Measures 3″ across and approximately 6″ in height
  • Has a cotton wick
  • Weighs approx. 1 pound
  • Is shipped in shredded recycled paper for protection

I hope you enjoy the quality and eco-friendly properties of your (Brand X) beeswax candle! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

Of note for Product Description Example #1:

  • Contains descriptive product name and includes your brand name (Brand X)
  • Begins with a brief, descriptive intro
  • Clearly and simply states the benefits of beeswax. It is helpful to weave benefits into your description wherever possible. Features (what it is) are important, but benefits (why they need it) trump features.
  • Next is the list of clear, descriptive features. Notice the list begins with a possessive adjective (Your natural…). This makes it feel more personal and implies ownership.
  • Ends with a brief personal closing

Product Description Example #2:

Odette Knitted Pencil Skirt

This tailored skirt is destined to be your favorite for work and play. A flattering fitted pencil skirt that will take you from day to night with ease. Cotton-spandex blend fabric for added comfort and season-less style.  Sits at natural waist with side seam ruching at the hip; a little feminine detail that accommodates curves and accentuates your form.

  • Cream and black herringbone knit
  • 95% cotton 5% spandex
  • 3″ waistband
  • Back zip
  • Falls below the knee (23 inches long)
  • Fully lined
  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Dry flat


Size 6

Waist 26

Hips 36 ½


Size 8

Waist 27

Hips 37 ½


Size 10

Waist 28

Hips 38 ½


Size 12

Waist 30

Hips 40


Size 14

Waist 31

Hips 41 ½


Size 16

Waist 33

Hips 43


If you have questions about sizing, please feel free to contact me, I am happy help you :)

Other information:

I accept custom orders, please convo me for requests


Of note for Product Description Example #2:

  • Product is named (Odette) to romance the item a bit
  • Begins with a descriptive benefit-oriented intro
  • Next comes the list of clear, descriptive features
  • Since this is a sized item, includes complete size chart
  • Ends with a brief personal closing
  • Other information: this is a great section to include any information that is not directly related to the item; custom orders, other colors, cross-selling, etc.

A great advantage to your Etsy store is the section for tagging and fabrication, which is just one more area to reinforce critical information.

Simple, organized and informative product descriptions will help your customers and will contribute to a better experience with your brand.

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  1. This is too funny b/c I have actually been dreaming of this very subject on more than one occasion…so it was bothering me. And this just confirms that it is time for a huge change. TY!

  2. Thanks, adding this to my favorites. will follow your suggestions.

  3. These suggestions will be so helpful. I make aromatherapy and perfume oils and it’s a challenge conveying a scent in words. How I wish we had a scratch-n-sniff. Thank you!

  4. This is a great summary. It is also important to remember you are selling to an international audience and it is nice to show any measurments in both American and metric. I guess my new years resolution sould be to work on descriptions.

  5. Fantastic resource, and perfect for any market. :) It also helps crafters who may not have the time to write descriptions for their products, but want this format and can tell their copywriter to create them the way they want.

  6. SEO takes so much of the fun out of writing product descriptions. If you were to ask a self-proclaimed SEO expert to critique those examples, he or she would note that it wastes the first few words, which should supposedly be keywords that repeat in the tags and headline.

    Since I am not an SEO expert, I would leave them as they are.

  7. Is there a way to use bullet points or make the text bold in an Etsy description? There’s no editing tool bar.

  8. The very thing I’ve been working on recently… Thanks for the good, solid advice!

  9. I’m sorry to say that after reading these 5 tips, I must redo my site, again, 4th try.
    I do appreciate this sound advice, but I am beginning to doubt that I’ll ever get there.

  10. Excellent advice. Something else for me to aspire to.

  11. Thanks so much for very valuable info. I think I have maybe too much Info on my listings… Sometimes it’s the ones that are more personal and where I share a bit about myself that get the most attention and sales!
    I also heard that it’s not very good for Google Search etc to repeat the same thing on every listing like for me adding that my items are shipped in “Poly Bubble Mailer Packaging to ensure that your purchase arrives undamaged.
 It’s virtually impossible to tear it.”

    I really appreciate your input
    Thanks again


  12. Thank you thank you! I was looking for a way to make my descriptions more cohesive! I will be using this template.

  13. Very great tips! I think being informative yet concise is key!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information. My shop listings are lacking cohesion and fixing that is top on my list of things to tackle this week.

    Love your shop, btw.

  15. Thanks great article, now going to do some work on my shops :)

  16. Thank you for this great advice.

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