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Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part II

If you own an Etsy jewelry business, then you’ll need to create good product descriptions for your shop listings.  You want to write copy that gets the customers to land on your page in the first place and to write descriptions that clinch the sale.

Write a title or headline for the description that catches the eye and uses terms that customers might search for, such as “Purple Jade and Howlite Silver Swirl Drop Earrings.”

Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part II

Specify exactly what is being sold in the listing – for example, a single set of earrings, or a necklace-and-earring set.  “Handmade Necklace and Earring Set Blue Glass.”

Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part II

List what the necklace, bracelet, anklet or earrings are made of and the names of the beads, stones, and/or pendants (for example: ceramic, horn, abalone shell).

Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part II

Include details about the jewelery’s size. Give the length of the strand from end to end or the earring length (and specify where the measurement starts–such as “from the bottom of the earwire.”) Specify the sizes, in millimeters, of the major pieces that comprise the jewelry, including the primary beads, any dangles or pendants.

Describe what kind of clasp is used, such as lobster claw, box clasp, or toggle clasp. This helps customers who may prefer one clasp type over another.

Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part II

Specify the state of the materials–that is, whether they are natural or synthetic or reconstituted or, in the case of turquoise, stabilized, or, in the case of pearls, freshwater or natural.

Include any interesting details about the provenance of the materials in the jewelry description.

Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part II

Add interest to the jewelry description by describing any challenges or inspiration sources you experienced in the making of the jewelry. Anecdotes and stories about the handcrafted pieces for sale can engage customers in jewelry items.

Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part II

Include words that people search for, so your jewelry product listings turn up in the search engines. Describe in detail as much as possible about the jewelry, in the title, in the description, and the tags. Think creatively. Your customers will never find your citrine earrings if they search for “chunky citrine earrings” and you never include the word “chunky”.

Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part II

I hope these two articles will help you in writing your titles, descriptions, and tags. Take a look at my shop at JacquelineJewelry and contact me if you have any questions.

Writing Jewelry Descriptions That Sell – Part I 

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  1. Tim—
    God love ya! What would we do without you?
    Thanks for all of your help and support!

  2. Tim: Thanks again for publishing my blog post. I hope everyone gets a lot out of it.

  3. Very helpful article, thank you!

  4. I loved this article and sent it to a friend who is very critical of herself and her descriptions. I even took notes when reading this piece. Thanks for going to all the trouble of writing it up. Now I will have to read the first on. LOL

  5. Am new to this site and even though I work in marketing I’m not so good at marketing myself so thanks for this article. Will share it with some beading friends of mine who might be interested.

  6. Thank God for the authors! I have had a jewelry store open on Etsy since June….the sad part is that I haven’t listed ONE SINGLE ITEM due to complete mental block when it comes to the description and relevancy! It’s ironic..i have lived with ADD my whole life and jewelry design is the only area of my life where I’m not affected. But crossing the chasm of writing copy is my Dante’s inferno and the only thing keeping me from sharing my designs with others. Thank you so much for this info!

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