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Anyone who has ever started a blog knows that the saying “build it and they will come” is a myth. It's challenging to grow an audience from scratch.

10 Blogging Tips to Increase Sales

Vixen Fox Necklace. Modern Sterling Silver pendant.

Vixen Fox Necklace. Modern Sterling Silver pendant. by: Joannarutter


10 Blogging Tips to Increase Sales

Anyone who has ever started a blog knows that the saying “build it and they will come” is a myth. It’s challenging to grow an audience from scratch. Attracting and keeping readers for your blog, as well as converting them into buyers, requires a strategy. Follow these 10 blogging tips to increase your sales, and you’ll see a positive change in your blog traffic and conversions.

Business Blog Strategies That Increase Sales

  1. Post your picture and tell your story. Put your photo above the fold on your site, because people want to know, like and trust you. They want to see you, hear your stories and understand why you do what you do. If your story or reason “why” resonates with them, they are more likely to become a loyal customer.
  1. Make videos. Post them to your blog after uploading them to YouTube. Why? YouTube is the third largest search engine. Plus, video is better at engaging your customers than the written word. Posting to YouTube will increase traffic to your website/online shop and convert lookie loos into buyers. Remember to optimize your videos for SEO in the title and description. Include your URL as text in the video and in the description.
  1. Make your blog readers’ lives better. People want to learn new things and be entertained. As a creative business person, posting your inspirations and creative processes are a given. Now, consider what you could teach people. If you’re a jewelry maker, you might post about the qualities of different gemstones or how to shop for quality handmade jewelry.
  1. Have an e-mail newsletter opt-in. An opt-in is a form you put on your blog where people can enter their e-mail address to subscribe to your newsletter. Sending a weekly newsletter is one of the best ways to stay fresh on your customers’ minds and get them coming back to your business blog/shop. Newsletters and opt-ins are other areas of your business that require a strategy, but are well worth the effort and don’t have to take much time.
  2. Use your blog’s opt-in to understand your customers. Test various opt-in headlines and free information guide offers to entice them to subscribe. Using your newsletter provider’s tracking tools, you’ll know which headlines and free info speaks to them. Then you can use that knowledge to better craft your product marketing messages, which will lead to more sales.
  3. Use Google Analytics. This allows you to track your daily, weekly and monthly blog traffic. It might not be fun, but it’s one of the best ways to understand what your readers and customers are most interested in. With analytics, you’ll know which pages/posts on your site are most effective and which ones need sprucing, as well as a host of other helpful information.
  4. Display logos. Has your product been featured on a website? Create an “As Seen On” area of your site where you post logos from all sites that feature you. Don’t worry if they aren’t high profile blogs. Logos of any sort will give your brand a sudden boost in credibility.
  5. Post favorable comments. Upload to your blog screen shots of Facebook and Twitter comments from happy customers and fans. This is solid proof to others that the testimonials you gather are genuine.
  6. Befriend your community. It only takes one devoted fan to bring many more to your site. Reach out to the people who comment on your blog. Show a sincere interest in them, and let them know they are appreciated. Your first 100 fans are the core of your business. Turn them into friends, and you’ll have a small street team of marketers for your products.
  7. Brand your business. Use your blog as an extension of your online shop to solidify your brand image. On your blog, repeatedly use the same colors and fonts used on your packaging, stationery and in your shop’s banner. A seamless look conveys that you’re a true-blue professional.


Monica Crowe helps creative, passionate women make more money doing what they love by leveraging their websites. She writes a blog and consults on blog installation/design and market research, as well as newsletter marketing campaigns. Crowe’s mission is to give business-minded women the knowledge they need to liberate themselves from the 9 to 5. Learn more about how you can free yourself to do what you love at

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  1. I have read countless times about “the story” (item A), about half the time it’s *your* story and half the time it’s the story of the piece.

    I honestly, don’t understand what the story should be…is it: I spend hours scouring the sand for beach glass, listening to the waves, feeling the sun on my back and letting my mind wander while I sift through the sand and pebbles…

    Or is it literally a story e.g., she sat on the beach waiting for him to come home…

    • Karen,
      The story I referred to in the post is about why you do your handmade business. What is your driving motivation? This is what people connect with when they really love a brand.

      For example, my “why” is this: I’m passionate about helping women small business owners leverage the Internet so they can escape the 9 to 5 and make more money doing what they love.

      This is my “why” because I dreamed for years about starting my own meaningful business before I actually launched it. Had I known what I know now, it would’ve happened sooner.

      • Thank you Monica for clearing that up for me.

        Speaking strictly about {Etsy} on-line sales…where do you tell the story? in the listing? on a blog? shop announcement? all of the above?

        Thank you again for sharing what you know…kh

  2. As always, very informative post Monica!! Valuable tips even for those of us who aren’t selling a product!

  3. I LOVE these tips!! I’m headed over to my blog to post about sites where my work is featured. I’m also going to spruce up my colors to coordinate w/ my etsy shop!

  4. I’ll have to read this when my brain is completely engaged… Sounds like great advice, thanks.
    Now I just need to be able to figure out HOW to do it all!

  5. I have fallen off the blogging train…
    I need to get back on.
    Sally Anne

  6. Very good post. I tend to promote my blog on twitter, pinterest and facebook fanspage, and from there people have direct links to my etsy shop – more interesting approach I think than going directly to the sales outlet.

  7. Ah ha! I see that I now have a picture when leaving a comment on Handmadeology! I think this must be because I am in the process of moving my blog from Blogger to not finished yet.
    I think there are definate advantages in this move (and a few problems). Anyone else had the same idea?

  8. I am on Yes there are a few problems but overall I am satisfied.

    I am going to work on the 10 tips. Thank you so much for laying it out for us.

  9. I have absolutely fallen in love with blogging. I am slowly but surely gaining e-mail subscribers who actually like to read my somewhat quirky somewhat snarky posts about random shyte.

    My tip would be to let your own voice show through. Don’t write like your a business, write like you’re a PERSON. Your readers actually want to get to know YOU, and your products will be promoted as a result of that. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty, by that I mean, down and personal. :-)

  10. Great tips and going to be a big help. What I really need is how do I go about setting up a blog. Any tips, pointers and advise is welcome.

  11. My problem is my knitting & sewing skills far surpass my tech skills online. :)
    I get a few baby steps into each online area, and then hit a wall. Old dog, new trick sort of difficulty I’m sure.

    I need a live in techno savvy person, who is interested in room/board & a lifetime supply of knit hats in exchange for guiding me through everything that isn’t knitting!

  12. I’ve been blogging for a few years now – and keep starting new blogs – I think I’m up to five. There are really good strategies that I’m going to reread more than once.

    A couple of things I would add – I love Sitemeter for analyzing traffic and tend to look at it much more often than Google. You get to see the term that brought each visitor to your site which is very helpful. Also, a good way to encourage interaction on your new blog – it can be mighty quiet there in the beginning – is to pose questions in every post. It can be an effective way to get conversations going.

  13. These all sound like great tips but as a new blogger I find myself asking, ‘how do you do that’ There’s a lot of the little technical stuff left out here.

  14. I have had a blog for my business but have had a hard time finding my voice. I will use this to try and get my act together

  15. I am a new blogger and really appreciate all your insight. I will try some of your tips. Thanks again!

  16. Great post, thank you for sharing these ideas. I’ve had my business on Etsy for just over 6 months, and although it’s ticking along OK (I work full time as well), I would like to make it more of a business. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog as well, and have some ideas for this, but I’m confused about what are the best platforms for blogs. I looked at Tumblr but felt lost. I’d be interested to hear what other people have used.

  17. Wow — so many things to aspire to. I really want to make a video, but can’t help thinking that it would be a bit boring. Perhaps I should set my teens to work on that. I wouldn’t have enough materials to do a whole blog — wish I could find someone who wants just one post that I could guest blog on!

  18. What do you put in the newsletter – tip#4? Same as on the site (post announcements)? Does it really work?!? Or you rewrite titles and post “descriptions” to make it more attractive to your subscribers? Or you put some other info in newsletter that never goes to the site?

    I still don’t have newsletter myself. Don’t have time for rewriting and do not see the point of just copying whatever goes to homepage… Am I wrong?..

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