Saturday , 19 September 2020
10 Mouthwatering Craftsy Baking Classes

10 Mouthwatering Craftsy Baking Classes

Since I’ve been “going gaga” over Craftsy courses lately and there is a certain section of classes that I can’t stop looking at . . . the baking classes!

The pictures seriously make my mouth water.  My wife wants to start baking sourdough bread on a regular basis and this class might just be the kick-start to warm bread coming out of our oven with greater frequency!

Enjoy these 10 classes that you can take at Craftsy – an awesome place to learn DIY skills through video.


10.  Handmade Sourdough




9.  Artisan Bread Making




8.  Perfecting the Pie Crust


7.  Simple to Sensational Doughnuts



6.  Secrets of Gluten-free Baking

full_6001_the-secrets-of-glutenfree-baking-1406559194428 (1)


5.  Classic Croissants at Home


4.  Decadent Chocolate Cakes



3.  Brioche Pastries


2.  Savory Tarts, Quiches & Galettes


1.  French Pastry Shop Classics

489_french-pastry-shop-classics-1386784457556 (1)



Want to see more Craftsy classes?  Clickhere.

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