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We all want a thriving fan page! We are always looking to get more fans, more interaction, more traffic, more leads, and more sales. Below are 11 proven techniques you can implement that will help your Facebook fan page thrive!

11 Ways to Help Your Fan Page Thrive


We all want a thriving fan page!  We are always looking to get more fans, more interaction,  more traffic, more leads,  and more sales.

Below are 11 proven  techniques you can implement that will help your Facebook fan page thrive!

1. Don’t Forget Multimedia Content

These days, so much of what is posted and shared on Facebook is multimedia content in the form of images or videos. It’s no secret that search engines have a difficult time crawling this content because it isn’t text-based, but luckily it still can be optimized for the search engines.

This is most easily be accomplished by simply appropriately naming any images, logos or videos that you post on Facebook with a filename that is descriptive and, if applicable, uses keywords. Since the titles of videos hare more heavily weighted, it is the easiest type of multimedia content to optimize. Once you’ve got SEO-worthy names, you can add more content to your photos and videos, such as captions or comments, that will also attract search engine bots.

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2. Start Conversation With Relevant Content

If you’ve tried asking your fans for input but you’re still hearing crickets, it’s time to look back over your status updates andevaluate your posts. Are you posting more about your company or your community?

Facebook users want—and will respond to—relevant content. A car company that posts nothing but advertisements in their status updates won’t get nearly the response they would if they posted information about tire recalls, car seat safety test results and tips to improve gas mileage. Give your fans a reason to chime in by creating status updates that discuss issues they care about.

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3. Listen & Reply To Comments

It’s no good inviting responses unless you’re willing to listen and reply to the comments that are made as a result. Keep a close eye on what is being said and respond to people’s comments in a timely fashion. The more people you have visiting your page the more comments you’ll have to respond to, but it’s this ongoing conversation that will keep people engaged and coming back for more. Being constantly ignored soon grows tiresome.

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4. Optimize Your Photos

When you add photos to your Facebook Page, always add a caption describing the photo that also includes your relevant keywords.

Whenever possible, include a link in the caption to the most relevant page on your blog or website. This builds links and also moves more fans that important step closer to your website to become a customer.

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5. Use Custom Tabs and Tab Images

Facebook also allow you to include up to 12 custom page tabs on your fan page displayed below your cover photo. Each tab, that includes an icon and title, is a link to a particular app or sub-section of your page. The first tab is always for photos by default. The remaining (a maximum of 11 more) can be customized as per your needs.

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6. Master Facebook Insights

For any time period you so choose, Facebook allows you to measure reach through its Insights dashboard. First, you can get a breakdown of reach by gender, age, and even location. Insights shows you how different types of posts — organic versus viral — perform and even categorizes that data by frequency. Facebook Insights offers a report on Facebook page views and referrers back to your page, such as from Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Facebook’s Insights dashboard should be a daily visit for web marketers. Frequent analysis of this data will help you to spot trends, and those trends will help you create better content and capitalize on improving your EdgeRank. This data is very powerful.

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7. Share Quality Content by Others

What’s nice about Facebook is that when you share an article of another individual, you can create a notification and alert them about it.  Just write their name in the status, and Facebook uses the “mention” functionality to alert them.

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8. To ‘Not’ Only Post During Peak Hours and Weekdays

Update your page during peak hours meaning more eyeballs, right? But don’t forget the amount of noise you need to break through (and the competition)! While you are strategically posting all the good stuff at selected time-slots, try different timings, even during weekends! But of course, find out WHEN your target audience will be online is vital.

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9. Add a call to action to your cover image

Facebook has now abandoned all rules regarding what goes on your cover image apart from the rule that you’re not allowed more than 20% text.  The text limitation obviously puts a bit of a brake on what you can do, but think laterally. Now you can promote your latest offer, put your website or contact details on there, have an arrow to the Like box (or to an app you have in the top row) asking people to take action.  And so on.

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10. Filling out your about/short description

In the “About/Short Description” section, type in a summarized text about your website. If it is art related, mention it, if it is within a different field, then address which one. If you prefer adding a unique point of view or what makes your site special, you can add that instead.

Also, place your website URL (e.g. at the end of the description. It seems like an obvious addition, but many bloggers forget to add it, and for those who remember to, they still forget to place the http:// which results in a non-clickable link.

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11. Grow your fan base with targeted fans by using fan gates

How do I get more fans?  This is one of the most asked questions from fan page owners. The best way to grow a targeted fan base is to create fan gates. Fan gates allow you to present your fans with coupons, and other incentives that non- fans can’t access.   You can easily create custom fan gates with Fanpageology’s drag and drop tool!

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  1. I’m about to go on a short family vacation, so when I get home I have loads to do! I’m already in the midst of brainstorming a new branding idea, so I’ll have to add in all of these things as well. (I’m so glad you guys keep on top of these things; I get lost!)

  2. Hey Tim, lots of great info here. I hope some of your guest poster read tip #2, I can’t tell you how many times I see questions in the comments that I think “I’d like to know that too” but the questions go unanswered.

  3. Great tips! I always forget to title my pictures properly…I will remember that from now on :)

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