Friday , 10 July 2020
2 Simple Ways to Customize Your Facebook Posts

2 Simple Ways to Customize Your Facebook Posts

Today I want to share a few simple tips with you that I have talked about many times on webinars. Many of you have heard these tips, but each time I mention it I always hear ” I never knew that”!

When you share a link on Facebook, Facebook automatically populates the image, title, and description.  This info is pulled from the site page you are linking to.

Below you can see what a post looks like when you first share it.

2 ways to customize your faceboko updates

Tip Number 1

You can change the image that goes with the post to any image you want.  The specific size for this image should be 700 x 366.

Below are some examples of images with borders that have been getting great results for the Handmadeology fan page.





Tip Number 2

You can change the title and description by simply clicking and editing.   The title is larger type and bold.  You will only have two lines , so make sure you grab the attention of browsers in the news feed.

2 ways to customize your faceboko updates

 Tip Number 3

After Facebook does it’s thing and populates the info, you can delete the link and add in whatever text you want.  Here you will want to add hash tags and even tag another fan page if it makes sense for the post.

2 ways to customize your faceboko updates

We have a tool available that will help you design all of your Facebook graphics.

Click HERE to check out more details!



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