Saturday , 15 May 2021

2000 Etsy Sales in 157 Days

Red Turquoise

Red Turquoise

stonesforcozumel says:

Today is my 157th day on etsy and I have finally hit the 2000 sale mark. I know there are people with far more experience than I on etsy, but I felt it was worth sharing a few tidbits of my own that may help others in their etsy business. I sell jewelry supplies, so i realize that the volume of business will be different for handmade goods, but these thoughts are good for all etsy businesses. Some of these ideas you hear all the time, but this is because they do work and others well I go against the group on abit, so take them as you may and hopefully you will find something that helps you in some way

- List new items…List lots of new items! If its not in your store you cant sell it. If you only have a few items then you will only have a few sales. I currently have over 700 items for sale and I need more! I want to have over 1000 items for sale very soon. I continue to try and try to get to this 1000 item mark, but it seems every time I get close I sell out of several items, and of course Im not complaining about sales, but am continually striving to be able to keep 1000 items for sale in my shop. If you sell handmade items I would strive to have a minimum of 100 items in your shop, if you already have that many try to get to 200, etc. Continually add new merchandise to your shop, this gets you to the top of the searches and gives your customers more options

- Relist items as soon as they sale…that is of course if you have another one or can make another one…if you sell one of a kind, but can make something similar, make it and list it

- Renew if you have nothing new to list and no sales to relist. I always have new items to list and relist my sold item. I list/relist 20-50 items every single day. If I happen to only have a few new items or items to relist then and only then will I renew…I much prefer to list new items and relist sold items only. Make sure that you are listing/relisting/renewing everyday, this way you dont get buried

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Giving important Etsy forum threads written by the Etsy community a second look, so Etsy sellers can Read, Learn, and Apply!  Find more Etsy Tips Here

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  1. I purchase a great many supplies, and have been on your site quite often. I might have even purchased some! What I like about your shop is the affordability of your products, and your photography is great. I am confident that I will get what you are advertising.

    2000 sales! Wow! great job!
    going shopping…

  2. With respect. I am sure it is much easier to sell supplies than finished handmade items on Etsy. I know my regular suppliers have thousands of sales. Supplies sell well – especially if, as in your case, the prices are often quite low.

    Of course you can have 1000 items for sale. We’d all love to be making and listing 1000 pieces of jewellery or quilts or whatever. It is, however, much harder to balance making. photgraphing and listing individual items than just listing and re-listing supplies.

    Even working flat out most people cannot do as you do, especially if their items are all unique. Listing and relisting is the main driver that gets suppliers to the top of the Etsy ‘food chain – supplies come ready made in packets or boxes ready to go. Sellers must bear this in mind when reading these ‘To do’ posts.

  3. I just visited your site. Great shop and great prices!

    Thanks for the selling tips.

  4. Hate to be negative but 50 items a day times 20 cents…$10 a day…no can do!

  5. I don’t renew 50 times a day but I try to do it up to 10 times and I must say it is DEFINITELY effective not only for traffic but I seem to make the majority of my sales from Non Etsy (new) users which are finding me easily through google searches and probably at the top of etsy searches too. It’s a lot of money to renew so often BUT if it makes you sales it pays for itself I think. You’d only spend the money elsewhere on advertising which in my experience only brings a tonne of hearts and not necessarily sales.

  6. Great tips, OP! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your sales.

  7. Some very good advise, not sure about the 1000 items, where would I store this.

  8. Both these shops are closed.

  9. Also found a link on etsycallout that this shop titled their items as sterling silver, but if you read down the listing, the items were silver plated. not cool.

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