Thursday , 9 July 2020
3 Critical Changes to Your Fan Page Timeline

3 Critical Changes to Your Fan Page Timeline

If you have not heard, Facebook is making changes to your fan page timeline once again.  The changes started to roll out back in March.  There are 3 critical changes that you can prepare for now before your page switches to the new layout.

#1 Make Adjustments to Your Cover Image

This is the biggest of all the changes you need get ready for.  The over all height and width of the cover image will remain the same.   Your profile image will also be the same size, but will move up a bit further into the cover image.  The title of your page and the category you have chosen will also appear next to your profile image.

As you can see from our example below, the like, share, and other buttons are positioned right on your cover image.

new facebook cover template peak

Thanks to Clare for letting me use your fan page as an example!  Peak 313 Fitness

#2 Changing Your Page Category

Now that your page category will stand out more, you need to make sure that you have chosen a category that properly reflects what your business is/does.

Editing your category is super simple. Go to Edit Page, Update Page Info , and change Category.

new fb1

#3 Choose Your Apps Wisely

Your apps/tabs will be displayed in two places. Under the More button and on the left sidebar.  Make sure you have most important app first.  You will still be able to display 3 apps and the app image size will remain the same size at 111 x 74.

new fb2

I know that any changes to social media sites can be annoying and you may not agree with them, but we just have to roll with what they give us!

Here are a few cover images we have used in the past few months.

hm cover


hm new fb


When you are designing your timeline cover, profile pic and even your custom app pics, it can be a pain and time consuming.   You can even spend a ton of money paying designers to design graphics for you.

We have the perfect solution for you!!  Creative Fan Page Designer

cover macs



We created this software when we saw how many people were actually failing to take advantage of Facebook marketing.

Now you can  unleash your own Facebook cover graphics, coupons, Facebook ads and fangates…

Start designing graphics for your creative business  with this  drag and drop software today!!

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