Thursday , 13 May 2021
Don’t hesitate! Treat yourself to this community-wide, LIVE event on Thursday, December 19 from 11-2 (Eastern) . Can’t make the live session? No worries!

3 Hour Live Creative Business Workshop

One-Day, Business-Boosting Workshop!

Segment 1: 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Shop TODAY

Photography Magic. Tim and I have recently discovered the hidden secret to all successful product photography. It’s not white backgrounds. It’s not the perfect lighting. It’s something we’ve never discussed before, and we’ll show you the trick + LOTS of examples to prove ourselves right :)

Word Sorcery. Are you ready for some copywriting fun? When a customer visits your online listings, it’s as if he’s physically walked into a boutique, picked up an item, and turned to the clerk to learn more about it. How well-trained is your clerk? Is your online listing doing your product justice? We’ll give you the verbiage and a simple template to finesse your product details into an invitation to buy.

A Magentic Bio. We’ll show you how to craft your own dreamy bio and fill in your about page. You’ll learn how to make your business, brand and talents SHINE.

Segment 2: Kinetic Goal-Setting

In this segment, we’re going to show you how to take your business from a state of rest to a state of velocity. We’ll do a little Best Year work, and talk about how to gain the momentum you need to exceed your wildest career dreams.

Segment 3: LIVE Shop Critiques

We know it’s everybody’s favorite, and Tim and I love them too! We’ll end with a few live shop critiques. You’re entered for a chance to get your shop critiqued just by signing up (but don’t worry, we won’t put you on the spot! We’ll check with you privately beforehand.). Tim and I will then turn our practiced eyes on your website and give you our best advice on how to build it into an irresistible online storefront that sells. Have your note-taking pants on and a pen and paper handy!

A huge benefit of this segment, in particular: you’ll hear Tim’s best SEO tips and advice (I learn something new every time he talks about how to attract visitors to your site with proper keyword usage). Meanwhile, I’ll lead the entire group trough a solution-generating brainstorming session to help you find new business!

Bonus 1: A FREE Digital Copy of Your Best Year ($10 Value)

My planner has reached the Top 100 in the Time Management category on Amazon, and thousands of creative business owners are already putting it to good use. Enjoy a free digital download of Your Best Year: 2014 Workbook and Creative Business Planner upon sign-up.

Bonus 2: Social Media Marketing Package  ($24 Value)

Get your hands on Tim’s number one downloaded Fan Page Snapshot Report and 40 page Creative Marketing Social Media Game Plan.

Bonus 3:  Lifetime Access to our LIVE WORKSHOP Private Facebook Group.

Don’t hesitate! Treat yourself to this community-wide, LIVE event on Thursday, December 19 from 11-2 (Eastern) . Can’t make the live session? No worries! The recording with ALL of the above information will be available to paying attendees for life! Watch the playback again and again at your own convenience. Let’s get down to business and make 2014 your best year yet!

CLICK HERE to register….  It’s ONLY $15!!!

We are getting our shop critique list together and we want to check out your shop!  Head over to our fan page HERE and enter your shop for the chance for a LIVE critique.

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  1. Hi Sherri,

    Yes… you will have access to the downloads and the full replay for life!

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