Tuesday , 20 October 2020
So what gets these treasuries onto Etsy's front page? Well, I'm sure it's a combination of a lot of things, but here are a few that I found out from a forum discussion on Etsy.

3 Tips for Getting Your Etsy Treasury on the Front Page – Pt. 1

‘Click Here For Cool Things’ by TheWhirlwind

recycled skateboard bench


amigurumi fat little rabbit


Clock made from a Recycled B…


80′s Vintage Sunglasses-…


Vintage Large Metal Watering…


Soft French Lace Bag with Zi…


Handmade White Wabi Sabi But…


Abacus Sand and Sea origin…


Mommy and Baby Love Birds – …


Nikon F2 Photomic Manual Foc…


Repurposed Bakelite Business…


Abstract Geometric Embroider…


Silver and Resin Riveted Rin…


Busy Bees Honeycomb Brooch


Mini Tunnel belt and buckle


Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.

You’ve seen them. The front page treasuries on Etsy. There’s a new one being featured every time you turn around.

So what gets these treasuries onto Etsy’s front page? Well, I’m sure it’s a combination of a lot of things, but here are a few that I found out from a forum discussion on Etsy.

Treasuries are largely based on these 3 things

1. Seasonal themes {see monthly articles from Etsy’s Merchandising Desk}

2. Diversity among categories

3. Photos

So many people make treasuries on Etsy. It’s practically an art in itself. Have you ever been featured in someone’s treasury? You’d know thanks to the new Activity Stream. It automatically lets you know if you have.

Do you pay attention to the treasuries on the front page? Take the 3 things above & go check out the treasury on the front page of Etsy right now. Did you see each of these things in that treasury? Where the products in season? Where they all the same type of thing, or did they cover a range of niches? Were the photo’s eye catching?

So some of you might be thinking, “Why is it so dang important to be featured on a front page treasury anyway?”

Well, for starters, it’s a big ego boost because it means someone thought your product was worthy to be used, & whoever chooses the front page treasuries also though that every piece of the treasury fit well together. All that being said, you have a nice product with a nice picture. That means something.

Next, it’s free advertising. Tons of people visit Etsy every day, & the first place they land is on the front page. Now granted the treasuries that are chosen for the front page are only up for an hour, but it still gets those shops an increase in views. And more views = more potential sales.

So our focus as online sellers is to make awesome products, get those products seen, & get them sold…therefore doing what we love & making money at it!

So in the next post we’ll cover these areas in more detail & learn how to incorporate them into our shops.

Have any of your shop’s products made it into a front page treasury? If so, leave me a link to the product in the comments section below & tell me why you think it made it to the front page. 

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  1. http://www.etsy.com/listing/66179185/front-page-item-unisex-double-breasted

    Why do we think it made it to the front page of Etsy….honestly??? Photography, Photography, and Photography. Etsy is really just one big photo contest.

    However, we are also a member of a few teams on Etsy specifically that work together to curate and promote their treasuries, so that helps drive the treasury’s popularity up.

  2. Ok I went to part two, but where is #3?

    • There are only 2 parts. No part 3. If you have any suggestions for a part 3, I’d be happy to include them!

      • Oh ooops, I misread the title. slightly dyslectic at times..
        Your article is great and just looking for ways to be seen more. Treasuries are so fun to make and be in.
        peace n abundance,

  3. http://www.etsy.com/listing/59500023/smores-necklace

    It made it because it has a great photo (yay cloudy day natural light!), and it’s quirky. The tags are 100% the reason they made it into the camping-themed treasury that made the front page.

    I definitely think good and creative (while still relevant) tagging could be your third part of the article. You can have fabulous photos and great items, but if I can’t find them as a curator, I can’t include them in my treasury.

  4. Hhhhmmmmm – not sure I totally agree here, although that is what Etsy always tells us…..

    I’m lucky enough to be in several Etsy teams with some incredibly talented team mates who produce all sorts of gorgeous goods with fabulous photos, and consequently they are always in lots of treasuries. But why is it that those treasuries never seem to appear on the FP?

    Yet – no names, no pack drill – there is at least one seller that Etsians have been complaining about since I joined who seems to be on the FP almost every day, yet whose photos are always so out of focus it is never obvious what the item actually is. But time and again this seller appear, with the same photograph of virtually the same products. I just don’t get it!

    • I haven’t noticed the situation you mentioned, but I don’t always pay a lot of attention to who’s actually on the front page treasuries. I do take note of the photos, but not always the shops.

      Either way, my point is that if you want your products to be found and used in treasuries, then the above 3 tips are things to keep in mind. It’s worth a shot anyway.

      I can understand how the situation you mentioned would be frustrating and discouraging though.

  5. I think you are right about the photos. But I do get a bit fed up with the same look all the time on the front page. Some times things can be too perfect.

  6. I agree with Pam. It all looks the same on the frontpage. Lately most everything seems to be really dull colors, like brown, beige, black, etc. I quit looking at the front page treasuries. When another color does pop up. It gets my attention and I look.

  7. LOL! I did look at the front page this morning and the color was green. They did have some brighter greens though.

    Have any of you thought about contacting Etsy and letting them hear your concerns. They seem to be open to what Etsy sellers want. Of course I know they can’t make everyone happy, but it never hurts to voice your opinion in a nice way.

  8. My Crystal Raindrops Wristlet Pouch was on the front page:


    I would say it’s because the photo is close up and in soft colors, and the spring weather was pretty rainy and gross around the US at that time! So the season made a big difference.

    great article! thanks : )

  9. This was on the FP a few days ago- I think it fit in well with the color and theme (St Patricks day which is one of the current seasonal themes) and the picture was good – I am on a Treasury team and it helps alot because of the volume of treasuries made with you in them!

  10. I agree with the color thing- it does seem like a lot of neutrals have been on the FP lately – I really like when they pick a moody and dark or some richly colored treasury – it really stands out!

  11. Yes, the colors on the front page lately have been very muted…a nice look but something different would be great. I think photos are a big plus to getting in a treasury but tags are also important for the curator to find the items.
    I have been in treasuries but not sure if I ever made fp.

  12. Colleen If you go onto the site Craftcult and click on “the Vault” you can type in your shop name and it will come up if you have ever made FP!

  13. High numbers seems to be a big part of getting on the front page. I have observed that lots of views, clicks and comments get treasuries on the front page. Many times I have seen a treasury at the top of the “hotness” list and then its on the front page. That takes support of team members. Some teams are really good at this and that gets them on the front page often.

  14. I really would like to see more colour on the front page of etsy though. I find that there is always that same dull muted colour, which is a shame really.

  15. This item of mine made it to the FP in someones treasury.


    It fitted really well in the treasury and I think the picture itself worked out really nice. I’m still trying to get one of my treasuries on the FP. It’s hard, but I keep trying! Thanks for the suggestions!

    Best wishes, Annemarie

    • Way to GO Annemarie! That’s awesome. As far as getting one of your treasuries on the front-page, practice makes perfect. The more treasuries you make, the better you’ll get! Good luck! I’d love to know when one finally makes it!

  16. Hi! You say in your article “Have you ever been featured in someone’s treasury? You’d know thanks to the new Activity Stream. It automatically lets you know if you have.”

    The only problem with this is that, since the Activity Stream also tells you what people in your circle are doing, the information about what’s happening in relation to your shop can disappear before you ever see it (since there is a limit on the number of items which can be in your Activity Stream – the oldest ones just drop off the end).

    To make sure that everyone knows that you have featured them in a Treasury I’d suggest it’s safer to convo them to let them know rather than relying on the Activity Stream. I like to put Treasuries on our facebook page when we’ve been featured (which is good for our shop and also gives more publicity to the Treasury) but can’t do this if I don’t know about it….

    Thanks for this article – it’s very useful!

    • Thanks so much for the tip Peony & Thistle.

      Anytime you have new activity on your stream you’ll have a little number over the box, so you’ll know what is new. So if someone features you in their treasury you should know.

      My activity stream actually lets me click the “more activity” button on the bottom & so it keeps going. I can unclick the box for my circle so it shows my shop activity only & it just keeps going back. I’ve never noticed anything drop off, but I could be mistaken.

      I think by using the Activity stream feature – it saves you time from convoing everyone. At least it works for me!

      Thanks for the heads up though. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

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