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Before I get into too much detail on the course, let me share with you a few of the reasons we built it and how to determine if it's a good fit for your creative business.

31 Days to Build a Creative Business: Build a Better Creative Business {Day 31}

31 Days to Build a Creative Business: Build a Better Creative Business {Day 31}

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It’s time! Today we’re  announcing the September 3, 2013 LAUNCH of the Build a Better Creative Business Course co-hosted by Timothy Adam (your friendly editor here at Handmadeology) and myself, Lisa Jacobs (Marketing Creativity). Before I get into too much detail on the course, let me share with you a few of the reasons we built it and how to determine if it’s a good fit for your creative business.

Why we made this for you:

Tim and I created this because of an underlying frustration we feel just below the surface in the handmade community. People desperately want to build a successful online storefront, thriving business, or popular blog, but they’re just not sure how it’s done.

We deeply understand that frustration. We’ve both been in the business for a number of years, and we have simply refused to accept ceilings and plateaus. In order to grow and expand, we’ve had to do a great deal of research, and then translate and apply that into our own successes.

This is for you if …

The title suggests it all: This course is for people who want to build a better creative business. It’s for people who are all in and looking to turn their passion into profit. It’s for people who have given their heart and soul into business, and are ready for that business to give a little back.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Lessons and experience from those who have paved the way, in one form or another. In fact, we have such a diverse collection of experienced creative business owners that you’ll see business models you may have never known existed before. You’re going to learn how to create the results you want, and you’re going to enjoy a supportive group, personal coach, and experienced mentors while you do it.

You’re absolutely going to love …

The personalized attention: there’s simply nothing else like it in our industry. While other informational courses, classes, e-books, and websites exist, no other is going to sit down with you for an unlimited number of live one-on-ones and group brainstorming sessions the way we do.

You’ll be surprised + delighted by …

The community inside: people just like you! Everybody involved is willing to invest in themselves and their business, and that makes this a group of open-minded, eager, friendly, and welcoming business owners.

Let’s be honest. In free forums and groups, everyone is clawing for a turn in the spotlight and desperate for attention. A paid course and membership like ours simply doesn’t operate like that. Everyone gets PLENTY of attention, a turn to speak, acknowledged by the mentors, and applauded for a job well done. Tim and I have created an open, friendly, and safe environment.

The other great thing about our group is that it’s always a fresh crowd, and we’re all on a level playing field. There are no know-it-all’s or opinion-oriented “helpful” people running the show. Sometimes people who are too familiar with each other inside a community can make being unfamiliar that much more vulnerable.

There are no head starts here. We’re all at the beginning of an amazing journey.

You want proof? We’ve got testimonials.

In the spring of 2013, Tim and I conducted what we called a “soft launch” for the Build a Better Creative Business course. By soft launch I mean that we wrote a few blog posts and sent an email invite out to our combined email lists. We weren’t expecting much of a response because the course itself was still being built, and we were still reaching out to expert contributors.

At the time, we weren’t sure how many other contributors were going to get involved, but we did know that the course wasn’t dependent on them. Any outsider input would have been bonus material in addition to what we already had.

Every single expert we asked said, “Absolutely!” It made the course that much more special, and we couldn’t believe what a diverse and thorough amount of material we had to deliver.

The first round of participants were blown away by what we had to offer. We exceeded their expectations and made some life-long friends in the process. But that’s just from our standpoint. Our members were very vocal with their love! Here’s just a sample of what they had to say.

Why we’re the perfect fit for your business …

What qualifies us to lead you through the Build a Better Creative Business course? On paper, our answer is typically: experience. Tim and I teach what we’ve already done with our own creative businesses. We share our wins and losses, as well as any and all insider information we have … which is a *HUGE* learning curve in itself.

But, there’s something bigger going on behind the scenes. Our experience is what makes us both qualified, but our teamwork, our different styles of marketing, and our ability to understand our members from a number of perspectives is what makes us absolutely unique.

Let’s talk turkey.

We charge $149 for the two month course, which is a phenomenal value. You will not find another qualified business coach or shop critique expert that will give you ongoing, unlimited training for two months anywhere near that price.  We want our members to invest in themselves and their businesses, but we do our very best to keep it affordable for all.

It all begins:

September 3. Save the date! This is going to be epic.

But right now, all you have to do is …

Click here to sign up for our waiting list! And boom. We’re on our way.


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  1. will you be offering this class all year long – so if I couldn’t afford the $$ now but later can, will I be able to sign up? My wife found this on pinterest and I am just starting Day 1 and she’s pretty much read 75% of it. We do ok but need to tighten our belts real hard because we both just gave up our jobs and the income we make on the store front may seem nice but doens’t cover our living cost and such. My wife works 8 hours a day promoting our store just to survive so this class could cut that by half I’d hope.

  2. I signed up for the waiting list sometime ago and really want to pay to book my spot – but I still haven’t received anything! when should I expect to hear news of when I can pay!?

    (A pic of Fry with “Shut up and take my money!” springs to mind here lol ;) )


  3. Hi Lisa,

    Awesome series of posts here! Stumbled upon just a few moment ago and haven’t been able to stop reading!
    Will definitely use this as an outline to reorganize my etsy strategy! I wasn’t expecting it to take off as it has been. Now that I have to re-strategize while keeping up with customer orders, help guide and keep me organized so that I don’t loose my mind (lol)!!
    You think I would know better having a bachelors degree in business.

    Thanks for all your helpful and encouraging articles. Your work and time taken from your business to help other is deeply appreciated and has not gone un-noticed!

    Thanks Again,

    Lori M.
    Creative Desires:
    Bows Galore & Kid Couture

  4. September 3 is the official launch date. Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned for details.

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