Monday , 30 November 2020
Today, we're going to discuss how to introduce your business to people and perfect your elevator pitch.

31 Days to Build a Creative Business: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch {Day 28}

31 Days to Build a Creative Business: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch {Day 28}

You guys, it’s Day 28! Can you believe it?! Only three days left of this 31-day series! Today, we’re going to discuss how to introduce your business to people and perfect your elevator pitch.

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How do you introduce yourself?

Personally, this is a lesson that has been shouting at me from all angles lately. Nearly every book I read and speech I attend tells me to refine my introduction, and I thought it was about time I heed the warning. Ideally, your introduction should be streamlined into two sentences, and those two sentences should clearly summarize your vocation so that somebody who doesn’t speak your career language would still fully understand what you do. The introduction is usually stacked with a lot of information.

For example: “Hi, I’m Lisa Jacobs. I own the Energy Shop where I design gemstone bracelets. Because gemstones are of the earth and have long been revered for their positive, healing attributes, I use Reiki to charge them accordingly, and then I provide the intended use of each piece for my customers.”

But that feels pushy and passionless to me. In what circumstance is it going to be natural for me to say my name and then spiral into two extra-long sentences that describe how I earn an income? It seems overboard as a response to “What do you do?” and I’m not in all that many round-table conferences where I need to introduce myself to corporate big-wigs.

I have, however, stumbled on my introduction when I’m not following any guidelines. In the past, I’ve gotten coy and cutesy with new friends, down-playing what I’m not sure they’ll understand. I smile and say, “I have an online jewelry shop, and I work from home.” The Energy Shop means so much more to me than that, but even though spirituality and the metaphysical ideas I use are becoming more mainstream, most of my friends don’t get it. The Energy Shop represents positive affirmations and best-life reminders, but I tend to lose people at anything more than “bracelets.”

So, what do you do?

Here’s my response, with feeling this time!

I own the Energy Shop and I make jewelry out of gemstones, which are powerful minerals of this earth. I charge them with loving, healing Reiki energy, and then I design them into gorgeous affirmations that you can wear on your wrist. I create these bracelets so that every time you drive your car, or reach into the refrigerator, or bathe your children, you will remember your greatest promises to yourself.

How about you? Please offer your introduction in the comments, I’d love to read them!

P.S. Tim and I mean business when it comes to helping you build yours.  In fact, we’re launching a course to help you do just that: Build a Better Creative Business. Join us in this live classroom where proven experts in the field provide one-on-one coaching and shop critiques!  Click here to learn more.

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  1. Below is the intro on my Etsy site – but you’ve now got me thinking about how to reduce and define it in fewer words. I too am passionate about what I do and create things from the heart. THANKS for getting me to re think this!

    “Welcome to OM for your home by Art That Moves. Everything I design & create is meant to bring OM or calm to your home. I design and hand print original screen print textiles, letterpress and lino block prints. I often use words and inspirational sayings in my work because I believe inspiring words can elevate the energy in our home. My line of inspirational sayings digitally printed is also designed to bring uplifting, positive energy to all rooms in your home.”

  2. Yay! I love it! I recently read a copywriting bio article that simplified into this:

    I help [target market] to [benefit] by [feature].


    I help soul-centered individuals remember their true intention by creating positive affirmations for their wrists.

    Clean + simple! Try that one on for size.

  3. Here’s mine…

    “Hi. I’m Vanessa. I create jewelry using copper, crystals, and natural gemstones for trendy, upbeat women who like a dash of the unique. Using materials with natural healing properties, I strive to create beautiful designs that just might help you to feel better too!”

    Not sure how to fit in about selling through my online shop. Any suggestions?

  4. Thanks so much for another awesome post. I struggle which what I call shameless marketing my hubby on the otherhand likes to brag no end about me, I just can’t do it myself. :/

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