Saturday , 15 May 2021
For those of us working out of our spare bedroom/basement/living room table those office meets home boundaries tend to get a little blurry. You never really leave work as you are always just a doorway away.

4 Steps to Home Office Harmony

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4 Steps to Home Office Harmony

For those of us working out of our spare bedroom/basement/living room table those office meets home boundaries tend to get a little blurry. You never really leave work as you are always just a doorway away.

I ALWAYS wanted to work from home–until I forgot to go home at the end of the day. As much as you WANT to believe you can have the computer open at the dinner table (tsk tsk!) there is something GREAT about calling it a day and tuning into your other needs. (Yes, I know you have other needs!)

4 Steps to Home Office Harmony

Step #1: Build a schedule and hold yourself to it
 You have the luxury (or curse) of building your own schedule. Make it one that you LOVE working within. If you are not a morning person don’t start work at 8! If you are not a night owl, leave the office around 6. If you have a burst of inspiration every day at 10am don’t check your email or make phone calls–use this time to do awesome work for you business.

Step #2: Do intentional work–every day Have a plan for your day! Create a theme for your workday (products, clients, networking, marketing, organizing) You will get more done within a concentrated theme then if you set out and do arbitrary tasks.

Step #3: Take two days off a week
 This is usually one I get challenged on. BUT when you are in the business of YOU where your brand relies on your vision and your creativity taking a break is vital! Create goals for your week that come with nice little rewards (a new book, a bath, a long walk, game night, etc.) and use your time off for YOU to refuel.

Step #4: LOVE your workspace
I am in my home office about 30 hours each week. This space has to stimulate, inspire, and motivate my work! Does your space do that for you? If your workspace has become the place where boxes of receipts go to die or your workspace doubles as the spare bedroom/play room/storage room how can your business and brand breath?  Carve out a space all YOUR own–and fill it with things that make your day feel great.

Really, this is all about YOU   -



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  1. I have a day job, but I think your points still apply. Definitely gotta work on making the home office more inviting and inspiring.

  2. thanks for a great article! My tendency is to work all the time, and forget to give myself time off, or have a schedule, etc. I found the tips here very helpful!

  3. Great reminders! Definitely some stuff to think about – thanks!!

  4. Great tips :) I have some sort of schedule, but for some reason I tend to break the rules here and there. An d the worst one is working 7 days a week, every spare moment is about work. I think it’s time to take some breaks.Thanks for that reminder :)

  5. Love this advice! The hardest for me is the two days off rule. I don’t think it’s happened yet!

  6. NIce reminder and great ideas , mahalo !

  7. Great tips!!! Not being a morning person, I tend to have the most creative juices flowing in the afternoon and evening. That’s OK, but, I find myself staying up way too late. My biggest problem in making good use of my time that is scheduled especially for designing and creating new lines of Merchandise is that there are so many ideas in my head that I have trouble choosing. Maybe I should put them on pieces of paper and draw one out of a hat.

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